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"I'll tel you whats going on
When the thousands of xbots download this 'expansion pack', their 360s will RRoD and they will be crying and getting all angry throwing hissy fits, and Bungie is just telling them before-hand to 'keep it clean', because the whining from the Xbots is inevitable."

Bubbles for speaking the truth #8
Agreed,Resistance 2>>>>>>Gears of war 2. #57
You can wait,the rest of us already know why Resistance 2 will come out on top. #48
Resistance 2>>>>>>>& gt;Tears of Bore 2.

If you can't handle that then woooom! #43
Poor guy
All those xbox flops finally got to his head #6
COD4 took halo 3 to school and back,aaaaaaaaaand it was a multi-platform game. #2
Resistance 2 will do the same to halo 3,no expansion pack can save it from its own mediocrity. #3
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" X-Play sucks.
Just like the xbug 3rd60."

Hell yeah ^! #6
Giantenemycrab is also 'F MY AHOLE',Mods you better ban both his accounts 'cause there kids that visit this website.

edit@Giant/F' My A'hole: You're obviously an angry xbot,cause now you're being a racist :) #2.11
Pigs cant tell time=thats why they cant answer your question! #1.1
I wonder how much it's gonna cost xbots :O ?!?!!!!!!!!?!???

Edit at pp below:You better stock up on gamer points or whatever it is you guys use,your gonna have to pay for tomorrows site update! #10
you'll probably have to pay for the site update! #8
Wasn't it you that messaged PT saying you wished you could play ps3 games on your xbox? #2.1
Anyways,the xbox lineup for 2009 is full of disappointments,so what I'll do right now is put my console up for sale on craigslist.

PM me if you want it,I cant ship internationally though(might RROD in transit) #5
I'm hearing rumors that the next bungie game wont be exclusive to the 360,so I'll wait for that to be announced and probably spend my money on it instead(depending on which platform it launches on,i.e wii/ps3/pc) #4
I already made the mistake of spending 60 dollars on the game,I wont make the same mistake of spending more money on the game #2
Its nothing personal,its just I dont want below average games in my house #3
Meh,I think I'll pass on an expansion pack #1
Since the trailer makes no sense at all,I'll play it safe and label this yet another xbox 360 flop #53
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