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I am excited for this expansion to be getting here. #27
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In GB's defense a few of us from the Sony warhawk forums were fortunate enough to see his new website and he does have actual pic of a Ninja Game and a fighting game on it. I do not know if at this time the pictures of Silhouette are real time or not but Tears for Blood are very real and very impressive.

They both are and that is why I am questioning the validity of Silhouette being real time cause it looks so amazing. #7.2
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I'm sure if he knew how you really were he would not be giving you a look at their website. I find it funny that on Neogaf with all your click buddies you hate on Gamesblow but over here you praise him. It is not uncommon from your console actions though. You sway more than a broken tree in a weather storm.

If it makes you feel any less of a poster he let me and a few others from the Sony forms look at the site too so you are not special. #17.1
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Silogon you have no talent other than being a complete douche and arrogant pr*ck yourself, so why are you so much better? I like Gamesblow and have followed him since his early gamefaq days but him and hiphop gamer are nothing alike. Hip hop gives his opinions and is more of a champion horse for Sony and Gamesblow is more like a news feedfor Sony.

Other than his youtube videos. #13
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He showed a new level in Killzone 2 and also Dead rising 2 pics so I know he is speaking real. #17
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Does anyone here understand that Sony is selling upwards of 600,000 units a month in hardware alone? That is serious stuff. Microsoft can't compete on that level yet. #52
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Gamesblow is back! When can we expect the website and Silogon is a dead ringer for you. Only he is not funny and he is a Sony h8ter. lmao #34
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Savage moon does not sound like a war game to me. It sounds like a horror game or something. Sony needs to stop making all their games center around war and soldiers with guns. They need to come up with other concepts. #26
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The thing about this guy is he never sticks to his guns. Anyone notice this about the guy? He screams Sony fanboy from the roof tops and then when he gets in front of some Microsoft guys at E-3 he's a completely different person.

That is my biggest complaint with him.

P.S. By the way I'm tracking you Silogon cause I don't think you're who you say you are anymore and I'm going to catch you up. #4.4
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I have to agree. Qore has yet to deliver any actual beta downloads for its (qore) users. No pun intended. I do not know why everyone here hates Silogon because he makes good post a lot of the times. #10.4
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I am in agreement with what Silogon has said.

Steven Webber is a great actor & anyone who has seen Late last Night can see this. He also looks very much like the original actor who played him in the game.

Good eye so bubbles for you. #1.3
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This doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Why not add it at the start for everyone and maybe have a hidden garden with actual texture detail and stuff in it? that'd be a shock to me. Having a colorful, bright, vibrant, living garden to play in as a bonus.

Custom music is awesome but if we beat the game will we go back to enjoy the feature? I guess we have trophy support. #2
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Square has been extremely unpredictable this generation and arrogant at the same time. #4.2
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This sure isn't good. What the heck is up with this? #4
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I don't get it. What is it? A game or is this just another site that makes up stuff? #4
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I was wondering where all the role playing games have gone to myself. I don't own a ps3 or xbox 360 at the moment so it really has no direct affect on me but even for the wii there is a lack of role playing games. #6
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I don't understand is this
simply for one console or for all consoles it is coming out on? It seems a little low to me considering it is resident evil after all and many people are still waiting for this installment. #21
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