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Metroid: Other M, Zelda Wii 2 and Super Mario Galaxy 2 should be pretty awesome. I just hope they actually do come out this year... :P #4
So we know whether we should preorder tickets or not? 8D #4.1
Holy effin' crap on a stick. Seems like I'll be buying God of War 3 after all... D: #2
Nice review! Wonder if it'll get submitted to Metacritic... :P #3
@ Nuri
It's actually ”なに?!”, not ”ナニ?!”. xD #10.2
Well, as expected, it's a good game. I'd give it a go, but with Uncharted 2, Bayonetta, Final Fantasy XIII and Borderlands taking up the rest of my year I doubt I'll be able to 'til after January...

At least I'll be able to grab the game cheap, I s'pose. #6
My only problem is that the guy who wrote the article doesn't realise that most games are only published dependant on their possible success as a series... So the acknowledgement of this in-game isn't bad at all, since it means we know there's more of what we liked to come...

Might as well say TV shows shouldn't have cliff-hangers... :P #3
This. Is. AWESOME! :P #1

I bloody loved this beta so DAMN much and I hate most competitive multiplayers. Can't wait to get my teeth back into this again. Still haven't deleted the Closed Beta. #3
I'd rather know why this isn't a DS game... >_<

I mean, those screens show that talking with other people would work brilliantly if done in the same manner as Hotel Dusk. I can't see any reason for them making this a Wii game and not a DS one... #1.1
Oh dear... How will PS3-only owners ever manage to survive without Left4Dead? To be honest, this game looks way more arcadey... Better suited to pick up and play shoot stuff 'til it dies, than survival horror. #7.4
ZOMG! It's Polluted!

In other news, Sony loves me - as Meep pointed out - since they know I'm somewhat stupidly obsessed with zombies. :P #4
That would be insanely unfair... Mac wouldn't last one punch against HIM! #9.3
That's awesome...
I don't get what people seem to have against having a well-known, respected, videogame character making a cameo in a videogame made by his or her creator. >_> #12
I agree... The film is now pretty much self-contained. I loved the greater concentration on Zack, especially after Crisis Core, since he is a major player in the plot yet got practically no recognition at all in the original cut. #4.3
Seen it about seven times now, overall... Seriously awesome stuff. #1
Bah, not very interesting... We already pay for Digital TV, like Sky or Virgin Media, so who would want to pay for it a second time to watch the same stuff on their PSP when you can just download the shows and films and put them on the Memory Stick instead? Considering we already pay for them to be aired on our TVs, I can't see anyone complaining. #14
I would have my own theory, but it's too cloudy. I can't see anything... >_< #2
I'm with Meep... Maybe I need to visit the mainpage more often. :P #1.2
It was on the PS2 first, then Windows a week later, before finally on the Xbox and Gamecube within a month. #43.1
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