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Uncharted 3 looks better than Battlefield 3 on PC. #1.1.1
Battlefield 3 won't look as good as PS3 exclusives on console. Sorry to bring some harsh reality to the usual crowd who cling on multiplatform games as their saviours.

You'll need a ridiculously powerful PC to run what you saw in the Battlefield 3 trailer. Console versions will have no AA and run at 30 fps, sometimes dipping. A lot of people will be disappointed when BF3 is shown off on 360 and PS3 as neither version even comes close to the PC lead. They're like d... #1.1.1
Don't blame CVG. Cevat Yerli from Crytek is one of the biggest shit talkers in the gaming industry. #1.1.1
Crysis 2 looks like a PS3 launch game on 360. #1.1.4
The ending left me questioning why I even bothered playing this game for so long, and Jack's voice was extremely irritating. Undead Nightmare is better than RDR. #1.1.1
No. #1.1
Um the site went down.

Edit: Lmfao. Wow if real. #5
Let me guess. You used a guide, which automatically renders your comment invalid? #7.1
The 360 demo looks like Resistance: Fall of Man, lol. Don't bet on the PS3 version looking worse when they have blu-ray space and more powerful hardware to work with.

Dead Space 2 is on 2 DVD's on 360. Sad. #1.1.2
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360 fanboy trying to get idiots to buy a 360. #2.3
Sold the 360 I got for Christmas earlier. No point in keeping when there are no games. #1.1
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PS3 pirates should kill themselves. #1.1.10
1781d ago by - Ghost of Sparta - | View comment | Immature
I love how you say "Alan Wake vibe" like Alan Wake wasn't a bad copy of Silent Hill with horribly cliche story.

Sad. #3.1
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How's the frame rate in the final version? The demo wasn't even 30 fps and that's a concern for me considering this IS a hack 'n slash. #1.2.1
Disagree. Having them lined up so close together has always been retarded. This way is better. Can't wait to play this exclusively on PS3 next month. #2.2
Saw the Fallout 3 pic and immediately dismissed the website's credibility. #1.1
It's impossible for Bethesda to release a game that isn't a buggy POS so my expectations are lower than hell. #1.1.1
LBP2 is day one. Support our 1st party devs, guys. LBP2 and Dead Space 2 for sure in January. Dead Space 2 is polished to death on PS3. The Mass Effect 2 demo raised some concerns for me, so it can wait. #1.1.4
The green actually is what kills it. It's disgusting as usual but black goes with everything. Overall expected more from the boxart. Pretty meh this one. #1.1.1
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