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cant be as bad as sonys snorefest. almost put the poor droidz to sleep last year. like a jigglypuff putting a pikachu to sleep.

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whats desperate is the droidz calling their mommys because cash money Micro$oft is whoopin that poor Sony ass. another exclusive lost for the droidz. cry moar droidz.

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Xbox Live sh*ts on PSN in ever way. Even on Google. Poor droidz.

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Good to see Xbox Live popular.

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the droidz got bored with heavy rain AKA 10 hour movie game so they tried to get in X10, but got kicked out. poor droidz. sony is too poor to have its an elite event. bow down to Micro$oft.

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Not one of the most overrated but def one of the top along with Killzone 2 and inFamous.

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I remember when the first AssCreed was announced as a PS3 exclusive. Then Ubisoft was smart enough to make a superior Xbox 360 version without letting the droidz know there was one in the works. Smart move by Ubisoft, or else it would flopped on the flopstation like Haze. Haze a PS3 exclusive by Ubisoft flopped on the ps3, they learned their lesson. AC3 will be superior on the Xbox 360. Suck it droidz.

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last I checked, the flopstation 3 was in last place. whos the flop again? LMFAO!!!! flopp!!!!

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of course us superior fans ge knocked to one bubble. because you stupid droidz took over this website making 10+ accounts to take the real fans bubbles. shut up droid. go play your movie game flop rain droid.

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droidz dont play games, they play pieces of sh*t. cant say that about the other group. your right. suck it droidz.

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they should call for the flopstation3 to get thrown out of the gaming industry. its a piece of crap.

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Alan Wake will make the droidz quiver in their boots. suck it droidz.

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shut up you one bubbled droid LMAO!!

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$ony failed so SE had to come to the superior box 360 where it can sell millions and not flop on the flopstation. suck it droidz.

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agreed. people who pay $100 for any game get ripped off.

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god of flop 3. I wonder if it will sell 1 million. we all know how much of a flop the last two were. even chains of flop flopped on the flopstation floppable. what a flop. enjoy the sh! game droidz

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