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The $30 Demo Debacle.

So here we are guys, I've had 5 days to play Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes and I wanted to make this blog to just talk about it, the controversy that followed it and what we gamers should do.

So When talking about Ground Zeroes we got to start with the sore point of it all which is, Ground Zeroes main story can be finished between an hour to 2 hours and it costs $30 to own physically.

Now if you've been to as many reviews of Ground Zeroes as I have and reading the comment section you'll see people arguing over it, some justifying it as it's for the fans and others who feel like it's a money grab.

As a person who bought and played it I am put in this position where some people might disregard what I say because they might think I'm trying to justify my own purchase of the game but I'm not.

So let me start by saying I fully agree with people who feel that Ground Zeroes is not worth $30, and I agree with people who feel it shouldn't have been made its own game.

But where I deviate here is that I found what was offered was worth that $30 asking price and I think this is what a lot of people have been forgetting about. Personal sense of worth.

I'm not saying because I found Ground Zeroes worth it means people should also feel the same way I do but feel how they feel and if that is that they don't feel what is offered to them is enough than that's alright.

Ground Zeroes is an example of a product where it's worth is solely based on the consumers views, because look Ground Zeroes does offer a fair bit of content to people who are interested that makes it a longer experience. Not only that but the quality of the gameplay is really good and offers room for experimentation and varied experiences.

One example I can think of was during a playthrough of the main ops mission while extracting the target I called in my helicopter to pick me up in the middle of the enemy base. It felt gripping as I was firing away at soldiers to hold them back as I tried rescuing the target and then getting on the helicopter and flew off while still firing at them. it felt exciting, intense but more importantly player driven.

The story didn't dictate the helicopter would show up there or that i'll be gunning down soldiers that was all my doing and it was a different playthrough compared to the one before it and the one after it. So Ground Zeroes offers a good bit of content and replay-ability something which not a lot of other full retail games do but like I said it's all about the worth we put into it.

I don't think I bought a demo or at the very least a demo in the same vain as what you'll find on XBLA, PSN or Steam, it's a demo in that it offers you a taste of what is to come but its not meager taste either. It offers a bang for your dollar but it just depends if you feel its enough bang or not.

Anyway thanks for reading hope you guys find it a good read and post what you guys thought about it, also if you guys see me around commenting I can use the bubble up so I can actually talk to you guys on my blog comment section. Anyway thanks again.

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randomass1711332d ago

Very respectable take on the subject. I'm glad you were at least able to get enjoyment out of the experience. I'd like to as well, but I need to wait until the game is much cheaper since I just don't have the money to spend. :(

ZombieGamerMan1332d ago

Thank you for your reply I read your blog on the same matter and glad to see that you are a rational person that is open to other views when presented correctly. I agree with points you brought up , but like I said with GZ it's really based on the worth the person wants to give it.

I would however just like to point at what I said in my blog in a reply to what you stated in your about how Binding of Isaac never feels the same with each playthrough. Like I stated in one of my playthroughs I started out a stealthy approach which quickly escalated into an all out shoot out as I defended both the target and myself while waiting for my helicopter.

This was all a player driven thing and not something the story wanted me to do, it didn't want me to call the chopper in a heavily populated area nor did it want me to gun down soldiers. So in a way Ground Zeroes does offer an experienced designed around it's shortness with replayability in mind.

But again as I stated it really is based on if you feel its worth it and I don't recommend going out to buy it if cash is tight but if you ever do have cash to spare and are considering I think you'll enjoy yourself with it.

randomass1711329d ago

^Agreed. The value of this game is completely subjective and therefor the opinion of the player alone. So I feel no gamer should be faulted for their stance on the issue.

Pillsbury11327d ago

To an mgs fan ( which I am a HUGE fan) there is no price you can put on to have more MGS... BUT... the fact that there are more ways than ever to exploit fans is something that we should NEVER support. From on disc DLC to left out pieces of a game that should have been there. I REFUSE to support these types of moves because they know they can get away with it. To reiterate, I LOVE MGS but I absolutely refuse to let the industry know that these types of actions are permissible.

Had this been 10$ there would have been no backlash from disgruntled fans and they would have sold millions.

memots1329d ago

i bought early access to Asseto Corsa and Next car game , They are Demo but at least it give me the full product in the end, This is what Kojima should have done.

randomass1711329d ago

Another good way to handle would be that for anyone who bought Ground Zeroes gets a $30 discount on Phantom Pain, so you're essentially getting the package together for the price of one. that would have been another excellent way to go about it without getting rid of the $30 price tag.

iceman061329d ago

I can recall in one of the first articles about this, that I pretty much got attacked by saying the same thing. It's about PERSONAL value and not OBJECTIVE value. For some, they find value in the purchase of sports games (I actually like them). However, for others, it's just a "yearly roster upgrade". Point being...different strokes for different folks. I can remember the countless hours that I put into that free tanker demo. This uld at least be played like that in order to redeem value. Also, others, might only want to play for the story. In which case, the value is lessened by the "short" nature of the story content. As I said, it's all subjective and I don't see fit to tell someone what to do with their money. Nice post.

ZombieGamerMan1329d ago

Thanks and yeah like me I spent over 9 hours on Ground Zeroes just getting trophies, getting better score, finding all the collectibles or seeing other ways in how I can do the mission.

I found a good amount of value in it and will continue, hell I even had a friend over who played it and his experience was far more different than mine if only because he was more aggressive.

I can understand where some people come from and I was in that spot until I decided to get it and I haven't regretted it which is rare from me since I've bought cheaper games that I regretted doing.

Also don't want to be a bubble whore but think you guys can bubble me up, having 2 bubbles suck and I don't really comment much on articles but I'd like to make more replies per page whenever I do post something.

MysticStrummer1328d ago

Bubble for "Zombie" in name

BillytheBarbarian1329d ago

The controls in MGS need an overhaul. Feels like Konami is stuck in 2001.

randomass1711329d ago

What? Play MGS2 then go play MGSIV. They play nothing alike. And MGSV is more like IV than 2 from what I've seen. No fixed camera angles and Snake uses a ton of tactical espionage moves. Raiden does cartwheels.

lex-10201328d ago

Dude, have you even played V? It has the exact same controls as your average 3rd person shooter.