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Gamers should stop wanting movies based on games.

You know whenever I go online check out vids of awesome games I'll always see a few gamers say how they wish the game would be turned into a movie.

Whenever I see this I ask the always important question, why?, why do you want what works as a video game to be turned into a movie?

Why would you want them to take Bioshock and make a movie out of it?

And honestly I can't come up with answer to that but what I will give as an answer is that it should stop, gamers should stop and think what they are really asking there when they say they want a movie out of a game.

The biggest and the main reason why is because a game has added advantages over a movie, it can be longer, it can let the player feel involved in what is going on, and because its fun to play.

These 3 things are what make a game great so why would you want to take those away? When you think about it why if you loved Bioshock would you want someone to come in and condense the game to be 2 hours long hence ruining the story.

Look at The Last of Us, the game took its time to be subtle and let something play out and it would take you well over 10 hours so why make it a movie? Doing that only cripples it.

What I'm trying to say here is when you look at games like Metal Gear Solid, like Bioshock, like The Last of Us you need to understand that from a narrative point of view these stories work as a game because it has no time constraints on it and thus be able to tell you a story at a good even pace.

But when you go and turn it to a 2 hour long movie you lose a lot of the subtle moments, characterization, and those somber moments where you are left to just marvel at the game because as a movie it has to rush through all of those moments.

It also doesn't serve any reason to make a movie based on a game yet have a completely different story because if you loved the game for the story that means you loved it for that story it told.

Anyway those are just my dollar on gamers who want movies based on games.

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Donnieboi1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

I was just about to say that we should let people want game-based movies if their hearts so desired.

I was about to say that it's entirely up to them to want it.

But as I think about it, I see your point.

With each movie based on games, it's money that could have went towards making a new game. Also, every time a really crappy game-based movie releases (which is almost all of them), it makes gaming look pretty bad to the average person.

Perhaps we should give game-based movies to those who've managed to turn comic books into great blockbuster movies. If anyone could take the convoluted, multi-authored mess of modern comic books (with their time paradoxes and character's who die and yet return to life for no conceivably believable reason), and turn it into a focused and mature plot, then I can't see why those same writer's couldn't do the same with games (like Nolan, Burton or Tarantino).

But still, it's money better spent on games. Look at TLOU, it already surpasses films IMO.

ZombieGamerMan1795d ago

Like I said what makes a game good is not the same as what makes a movie good, comics can lend themselves well because they are practically tv shows but done like a slide show so the transition from pages to film is easy.

Donnieboi1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

I totally agree.

Kevlar0091794d ago

Can we at least get a good one please?

HammadTheBeast1794d ago

Depends on the game.

The Last of Us would not make a good movie because of how long it takes to get the story and characters right, but Assassins Creed would make for a good movie.

Maybe TV shows for games would be fine? But then again, your point stands clear.

SageHonor1794d ago

Doesn't really matter what gamers want. If Hollywood thinks it'll make money then they will make that adaption.

DragonKnight1794d ago

I don't think any gamer wants a movie based on a game. Not any more.

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