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"Howdy Pilgrim"

My plea with the mods and Cat

ZombieAssassin | 1725d ago
User blog

Hello there my fellow N4G'ers I'm not really here to rant (ok maybe a little) I just want to respectfully ask the mods if they would even consider doing a small change to the website (please mods post here so we can get some discussions going).

I guess I'll start out butt kissing. I love the site and how it's pretty much eliminated me from having to have 20 different Gaming websites on my Bookmark bar. I don't mind too much about all the trolling a good portion of users do (happens with any website and I know it's hard to catch and punish these people) and it can be pretty entertaining. But moving on to my main point...

The bubble system, while it's a good idea so people can't spam and troll like crazy but it limits us who are really wanting to try and have a decent discussion with someone or multiple people in the comment sections. Now I'm not asking for it to be taken away but I was just wondering if you could consider upping our bubbles, not anything drastically but give everyone a total of six bubbles (except maybe those with 1 who most likely got them for trolling or other violations).

I know it's suppose to be more or less the community decides who to add votes on either taking away or giving bubbles but if we are going to be realistic we know that we have some hardcore fanboys here who mark anything they even find slighting offensive down for trolling or other such things (from what I've heard the mods make the final call at taking or giving them though).

But please for those of us who actually like talking and getting involved in the community or just answering a question someone asks, so please on behalf of us who didn't join the site back before everyone started off with more bubbles than 3 please try to do something for us.

I realize we can send PM's but I personally rarely notice when I get one and when I send people them they usually don't get back to me at all or it'll be days later.

An alternative solution (but myself and I'm sure others would love both) is to allow us to edit our comments more and for a longer period of time. Or another one would be to allow us to reply to comments replies that we have already participated in even if we have no bubbles left.

I realize that it's probably not as easy as just entering a line of code but if it's within your power please at the very least consider it, maybe have a poll asking the community about some changes they would like.

I've thought about making another account so I could try to continue conversations but what I'm told you can get a perma-ban for that type of stuff.

This is kind of a just wish for me and others but what are the chances of bringing back the open zone. Hear me out, with the open zone you could ban the worst of the trolls to it and the rest of us can try to hold up decent conversation about whatever it is the article is about.

I'll be the first to admit that most of my posts aren't exactly all that great but I tend to be pretty open minded with most things and try to help others if they need. I just think it's kinda unfair for those of us who really want to talk about games with others and just try to answer questions people ask it makes it pretty hard.

Thank you to any mods who participate in this BLOG.

iamnsuperman  +   1725d ago
One think I would like them to change is the reporting system. Making us post at least a certain amount of characters (only needs to be 5 or 10 minimum) so that reports such as Lame or Other with no reason are avoided. A reason why something is Lame or Other would be better than no reason at all
ZombieAssassin  +   1725d ago
I'd have to agree, just a little statement about why you think it's lame. Although we know the most would just say it's flamebait for something like that.
iamnsuperman  +   1725d ago
True but still better than nothing. Also a way of report specific users about reporting incorrectly. The writing stuff like flamebait would decrease
MidnytRain  +   1724d ago
I believe you will understand when I say that users should have an unlimited number of comments on their own blogs. It's okay if you don't reply to this comment, I understand. We both only have three bubbles.
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Kon  +   1724d ago
-Change this stupid bubble system ASAP
-Bring Back Open Zone/Gamer Zone whatever
-Fix the broken Reporting system
-Change the mods,Mainly Odion(kidding lol)
Nes_Daze  +   1724d ago
I think they are too strict with some people, and too lenient with others when it comes to their comments. God forbid that you make a post disagreeing with one side of the faction here on n4g. You will lose a bubble faster than you can edit your post, then to recover that bubble you'll need a year's worth of kissing up.
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news4geeks  +   1724d ago
Yes that's what happened to me, and the n4g community love my comments. 1 bubble should be for fanboys. The backbone characters of this website should have many bubbles, like me for instance and Kon above.
Christopher  +   1724d ago

Yes... you do know your comment history is viewable by everyone, right news4geeks?
LightofDarkness  +   1724d ago
Honestly, up-rating comments and down-rating works just fine. If a user's rating reaches zero just collapse the thread or comment and it will be flagged to moderators as a suspect troll/spam post. Uprating means comments found to be insightful/exemplary by others users can be flagged in green or highlighted in some way. Look at DailyTech's system for an example.

But the bubbles need to go. They serve only to hinder any kind of discussion. I often find myself unable to respond to other users in many cases,and while it's easy to lose bubbles it's far too difficult to get them back. I shouldn't have to conform to some sort of common agreeable ideology in order to be able to better participate in a discussion, eg. having to praise and agree with sentiments I m against in topics I don't care much about (but are popular) just so I can have more than three bubbles to discuss something I actually do care about and have much to say about.
MidnytRain  +   1724d ago
Your comment is so true that it's funny. The problem is, people are far more eager to lash out and bubble down one another than they are to admit the other guy has a good point and bubble him up.
Megaton  +   1724d ago
The bubble system is a joke. You're at the mercy of the mob and staff, some of whom have blatant biases. They're very easy to lose and almost impossible to regain.
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Joule  +   1724d ago
agree I deserve more bubbles.
Rage_S90  +   1724d ago

Not sure if serious....
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TheComedian  +   1724d ago
Bring back the open/gamer zone it was a LOT better than this bubble system.While the bubble may seem like a good idea in theory (people with educated opinions get rewarded in order to post more and idiocrity gets punished) when you realizae that idiocrity is the majority and the educated opinion is at the mercy of it then it doesn't sound good anymore.At least when the open/gamer zone system was in effect everyone got to say their piece and people with actual and reliable statements knew to stick with the gamer zone and stay out of the cesspool that open zone was.Please mods make that happen.
Sincerely a fan of this site :)
lex-1020  +   1724d ago
I agree with you. While it seems supremely easy to loose bubbles on the opposite end of the spectrum it seems extremely difficult to gain bubbles. I have been on this site for 2 years (give or take), only ever received 1 report (personal attack, telling someone to jump off a cliff), and I have 5 bubbles. I agree with you completely. I would like to actively reply to all the users who comment on my blogs but unfortunately I don't have enough bubbles to do that.
ZombieAssassin  +   1724d ago
"I would like to actively reply to all the users who comment on my blogs but unfortunately I don't have enough bubbles to do that. "

Exactly, I'm surprised they use the bubble system for the blog and user review sections at all. The blogs are usually aimed at the community and it'd be nice to keep conversation with someone going especially if you're the one wanting to hear other peoples opinions or just thoughts on the subject. Still allow people to mark them as trolling or spam incase some someone decides to be "that guy" so they can be hidden or banned from that specific blog.
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MidnytRain  +   1724d ago
I got bubbled down for trolling after lashing out at a bunch of guys who were trolling an article they didn't read. The irony is sickening. Well, this is my last bubble. Thanks for everything, N4G.
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Christopher  +   1724d ago
Instead of "lashing out" at others for doing something you may consider to be trolling, the best thing to do is always bubble vote those people you think are trolling as trolling and let the mods handle it.
Christopher  +   1724d ago
Note: My thoughts below are from the perspective of a mod but are not made on behalf of the NewsBroiler owners/Admins/other mods/kitten owners/etc. These are merely my own thoughts on your blog and resulting questions/responses.

Let me first put out there that no system is perfect. The goal is to present a system that encourages quality discussion and hinders trolling, flaming, name calling, etc.

The bubble system is similar to others out there in that it is primarily community driven and the community is endless and filled with a diverse group of people with different goals and likes.

Yadda yadda yadda, that bit said and done. Let's see if there's any way to actually answer your questions.

***Now I'm not asking for it to be taken away but I was just wondering if you could consider upping our bubbles***

If we upped your bubbles, how long before you would be back down to three bubbles due to the community voting? Would this really solve your issues in the long run? I don't think so.

There is no simple answer to solving the bubbles and their ability to restrict one's way to openly discuss the topics at hand. On one hand, I see daily the many votes made by the community that result in a loss of a bubble. But, on the other, I know it's not impossible to gain bubbles since before I become a moderator I had 9 bubbles in total.

Should there be an annual or semi-annual period wherein everyone gets a few bubbles back to "try again"? Will this have the result desired or will the majority of the community continue to be more negative in their bubble voting than they are positive? Should the community promote positive bubble voting? Does the fact that everyone can see how many bubbles you have affect how they will vote your comment?

***edit our comments more and for a longer period of time***

There already exists an issue with people stealth editing posts with the current system. This would only exacerbate the issue further, IMHO.

***allow us to reply to comments replies that we have already participated in***

That requires some very "messy" coding logic, IMHO. Furthermore, it could be abused by spammers and trollers. I could wake up to a post filled with hundreds of comments made by a single poster in a single submission. Like many of you, we have our full time jobs, family, and rest/sleep time and we're not, as it is, able to see and get all of the comments and submissions.
Christopher  +   1724d ago
***but what I'm told you can get a perma-ban for that type of stuff***

That be true. Duplicate accounts and duplicate news, we don't want either 'round these here parts ;)

***what are the chances of bringing back the open zone***

Not likely, to be honest. While I don't know why it was removed to begin with, I can understand it from the perspective of how the community rates others. IMHO, the open zone was a barrier of sorts that one could never overcome once they were placed on the other side of it. And this isn't always appropriately done.

***A reason why something is Lame or Other would be better than no reason at all***


***God forbid that you make a post disagreeing with one side of the faction here on n4g.***

I find this to be a cop-out of a statement. I don't know how many times I've gone into a submission where one second someone is complaining about the plague of PS3 fanboys followed up by someone complaining about the plague of Xbots.

What I do notice is that these "factions" get very heated up when a submission is presented in a negative light or revolves around direct comparisons.

I blame poor gaming journalism for encouraging this sort of activity, though.

***only ever received 1 report (personal attack, telling someone to jump off a cliff), and I have 5 bubbles***

Bubbles aren't an element of the reporting system, but of the bubble voting system.

***I would like to actively reply to all the users who comment on my blogs but unfortunately I don't have enough bubbles to do that.***

I agree with this as well as the same for user reviews.
Ducky  +   1724d ago
... the forums can always get a bit more love.

The bubble system isn't perfect, but it appears to work.
Starting out with 3 bubbles does suck though. The upvoting system is also kind of odd as most of my bubbles have come from utterly retarded posts as opposed to actually helpful ones. =/
Christopher  +   1724d ago
Wait, there are forums on N4G? Shoot, I should check those out! :p
awiseman  +   1724d ago
Megaton  +   1724d ago
The system is flawed. You can troll once and lose a bubble. You make 100 constructive posts following that and you'll likely still be stuck without that bubble. It's not rare to see a handful of users with 1-bubble writing thought-provoking comments, but they've been stuck with that 1-bubble for months because of past trolling.

I also see lots of posts flagged for trolling when they're simply negative truths about a topic. Just because other members or staff don't wanna hear those truths, doesn't mean the person is trolling. Bias plays way too heavily into bubble moderation.

I think my latest lost bubble was for daring to actually place some blame in Sony's lap for the hacking mess, rather than declare a campaign to kill all hackers (which will earn you a "well said" btw, try it). The horror... the horror...
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ZombieAssassin  +   1724d ago
The bubble system only works to an extent, it'll keep some trolls to where they only have 1 bubble but the other more dedicated ones will make countless accounts and just us proxy sites to make more if they get banned. I agree we need some sort of system here but in my personal opinion the bubble system is far more flawed than it is useful.

I'd prefer it if we (the community) could only vote to have comments hidden for trolling and maybe give people who get "well saids" or "helpful" a star or something next to their comment. The the mods could choose whether or not we loose bubbles and should also only make people lose them for a certain amount of time unless you're a repeat offender.

I really dont think any real big changes will ever be made because I doubt the people who make the final calls about that sort of stuff really want to get someone to re-work the system from the ground up....which I understand as it would be more than just simply throwing in a couple lines of code and pressing ENTER.
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loydmcgillrjch   1724d ago | Spam
jack_burt0n  +   1724d ago
I think people have gotten a bit confused, N4G used to be a democracy where bubbles reflected your community status ppl could take them away or give them to you.

Now its down to mods to look at your comments and decide if you should get more or get them taken away based on their personal descision, so most of the time ppl lose bubbles for swearing or getting too heated, not on the quality of their statement, its context, or where it was posted.

And because mod input is sorely lacking except maybe bear ppl end up with low bubbles eternally which is a bit pointless and a bit fascist, actually very fascist LOL.

LightofDarkness  +   1724d ago
I believe the word you're looking for is "authoritarian."
Captain Tuttle  +   1724d ago | Well said
Man, you guys weren't around when there was no bubble system. Pages and pages of nonsense, people would just mash their keyboards just to screw with the site. The bubble system isn't perfect but it's effective imo. Make constructive posts and you'll get bubbles most of the time. Insult users and people's viewpoints and you'll lose them.
Cat  +   1723d ago
Hey, ZombieAssassin! Thanks for taking the time to type up all your thoughts and feedback.

Since I can't respond directly to what we have in development, or what changes we're likely to make, I'll start by saying that the way things are now - and the way they will be as we move forward - *is* based on member feedback. It is, of course, also based on our experience with what works and what doesn't! :D

There are a couple things I want to try and clear up, just fact stuff, not so much culled from your post but from the comments I see here:

The bubble system was in place prior to the existence of the Zones. The bubble system is dynamic, and while votes are cast on comments it takes a certain number of identical votes to assign a visible label to those comments. In other words, comments are constantly being voted up and down by the community but without achieving a consensus of "Funny" or "intelligent" they remain unlabeled. Even with achieving a label, those votes still count toward your bubble total.
Christopher  +   1722d ago
I disagreed with you so you wouldn't feel left out, Cat :D
Cat  +   1722d ago
Thanks, that comment was feeling all lonely and benign ;)

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