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Red Dead Redemtion's ending ..... *Spoiler Alert*

The ending was cool but it killed any chance of me getting the next RDR.

If John is not in it then I dont care. Here is a tip for R*, if you are making a trilogy dont kill your main character, not so early in the series, that just makes people lose connection. I know you guys were going for the "Coen Brothers Hollywood cowboy movie ending," but this is not a movie, it's a game, and gamers get very attached to their main character.

Anyway, good luck with RDR2, you lost me on that one, unless it's a prequel and we get to play as John when he was still buds with Bill and Dutch.
This reminds of when Kojima used Raiden for Metal Gear Solid 2 instead of Snake, it was just wrong and not cool, and just a complete disconnect.

What do you guys think of the ending?

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Kingdom Come2878d ago

Whilst I can see the lack of a certain character being a shame to a game, I wouldnt class it as something to prevent purchase. Gears of War 3 is the end of the current storyline, therefor not including Marcus Fenix and Co. Whilst this will be a sorry lack, I will still purchase, if announced, a fourth title and so on.

zoks3102878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

Maybe i was being too critical when i said i wont buy the next game, i just dont care for Jack, and i dont think R* can make me care for him, im saying this from experience, I really did not care for Raiden in Metal Gear Solid 2, no matter what Kojima did i just could not care for him, i was just too disconnected not after playing as snake for so long..

DoucheVader2877d ago

You don't really know Jack! LOL Pun intended. No seriously you have had a whole game to get to know John, you don't know Jack yet.

Also John was not the hero of Red Dead Revolver. There isn't much in common with RD Revolver and Redemption. Other than Dead Eye and Wild West Themes. Revolver wasn't open world and it was very over the top in many regards.

Honestly I can't recall R* ever saying this would be a trilogy. The wild west has many stories to be told and if we can get as good of a story told with Jack as they did with John, I am all for it. However being it is like 1914 at the end of the game there isn't a ton of room for Jack and the Wild West as we know it in Redemption.

I too would love to see some of John's history explored, but I am not going to throw one character in the game under the bus just because his dad is more "badass".

Elwenil2877d ago

Agreed. Most likely a new "Red Dead" will take place in an earlier time with a new lead character, though they could do a prequel with John's earlier exploits but I don't think this will have the same feel. John was a great character and I truly felt a little loss when he died at the end but that's the point of the story. It's the end of the Wild West and the time of the Gunslinger is over. The end of an age, so to speak. For this reason I think the story should rest here and start over. I don't want to play John as the criminal, I loved the fact that for once in a Rockstar game I wasn't trying to do everything wrong, but instead was struggling to do the right thing.

As far as Jack, he's a less likable character in many ways but I think that's part of the point and the tragedy in the story. He glorified the adventures in his books and even mentioned to John about them becoming outlaws so that is the path he seems likely to take. But as said above, we hardly know him and by the time we get control of him the story is over so there is nothing to expand on the character except our own individual perceptions.

Denethor_II2878d ago

If there was squeal where could it go after the main character is killed, and then successfully avenged by his son? I liked the ending but thought the mission of redemption was very weak. Also how did his mother die?

villevalorox2878d ago

Don't forget you only killed one of the men who was responsible for your fathers death though. There still is that other guy and then the entire gang of marshals. I mean there still is a story, but I jut feel like having John killed off was too soon :( I wish they would have pulled a GOW3 and left you wondering if he had died or not.

DoucheVader2877d ago

John made his bed and slept in it. He lived by the gun and died by it. I thought this ending WAY better then the end of Lost.

villevalorox2878d ago

I was in shock and really mad that I had to play as his son... I felt like I really got to know and care about John and to have his son who I hardly knew replace his dad made me not want to play anymore :( .... I mean the ending of the game was classic but I felt they could have made me care more about Jack before he took the role.

Denethor_II2878d ago

It was a bit like the Lion King:)


ya, I must have played that last mission over 20 times trying to find someway to shoot my way out of it, I was determined not to let John day.

It was cool finishing off as jack, but he was not as cool as his dad. didn't like his high pitched voice compared to john, or his face..

villevalorox2877d ago

man I agree! I can not stand his voice! :( I wish you had the option to change back after the story was done with. :( :( :(

PhilipLarkin2877d ago

The ending was stunning. The next game will be a classic cowboy revenge story, and the fact John died was a brilliant plot twist - you're introduced and play as John with very little knowledge of his past, minus a few passing comments. So, you sort of view him as though you were his son - you don't know that much about him, don't truly understand him; so when he died and you became Jack, it actually made you feel sad and was utterly befitting.

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