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What is a "Nintendo fan"?

I'm not the one to indulge myself in the matters of fanboyism or console favoritism, but a comment on a particular news article yesterday challenged my identity and made me reconsider what I stand for. What that comment was, you may ask?

"ZombiU was never going to be successful being exclusive to Wii U because many Nintendo fans aren't into those kind of games"

This blog is not only a response to this comment, but also to the other ones that I've seen over the years. After giving it a few hours of thought I've come to realize a couple of things and I would like to offer my rebuttal.

First off, as aggressive as this may sound, who are you tell me what I like or don't like? I have been a "Nintendo fan" ever since I was five and seventeen years later you tell me that I, as a fan of the nature I just described, am not into an action-adventure/survival horror game filled with zombies. Is that really so? Explain to me then why I have a great passion for Resident Evil, Left 4 Dead, Killing Floor or other titles in the genre.

I think the problem at hand is that almost everyone seems to assume that the average "Nintendo fan" is a soccer mom. I'm not saying this has to be the case and this is by all means nothing personal, but I am getting the impression that a lot of gamers out there have no idea what a fan of Nintendo truly is.

If that is the case then it begs an obvious question: what is a Nintendo fan? Simply put, nothing more than a gamer with a passion for games from Nintendo. Shocking, I know. But wait, let me guess, you thought that after the launch of the Wii and its excellent range of shovelware Nintendo fans have redefined their tastes and are now mindless slaves who only play Just Dance and Wii Fit all day.

I, as a Nintendo fan, am a gamer just like you who enjoys to play games of any genre and any sort. You know why? Because it doesn't matter what platform you prefer - it's up to personal preference what games and genres you play. Some would argue that Nintendo fans have never been in contact with a genre like ZombiU and that they therefore don't buy it.

Really now? Those Nintendo fans you are referring to grew up playing Ghouls and Ghosts or Zombies Ate My Neighbours. Games that have a similar theme to ZombiU, because let's be honest here, at its core it's just an action-game with zombies and the sorts. The SNES titles I mentioned earlier fall into the same category.

A Nintendo fan isn't a soccer mom going wild over Wii Fit or a grandfather golfing his gums off in Wii Sports. No, a true Nintendo fan has a passion for the games and genres he grew up with and back in my day I witnessed the introduction of many new types of games and genres. I had platformers, strategy games, RPG's, survival horror titles, action-adventure games and many, many more titles of different genres.

So, I'm curious, what do you consider to be a "Nintendo fan" then? A 30 year old mother, perhaps an idiot stuck in his stubborn ways or simply another gamer exactly like you who plays anything that he/she might like. Tell me, because I want to know.

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360ICE1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

Well, they're not about you. Sure, there are Nintendo fans who like ZombiU. It did sell some copies after all. However, ake a look at the purchasing habbits of Wii U owners, and you'll see what Nintendo fans, or more specifically, owners, are into. 18+ games statistically perform poorly on recent Nintendo consoles.

JonahNL1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

That's because the "hardcore" install base is much lower on Nintendo platforms. It always has been. In comparison these game would sell just as well.

What Ubisoft is perhaps forgetting here is that ZombiU wasn't exactly the amazing title it was shaped up to be. But no, instead they blame it on the audience.

360ICE1812d ago

Yeah, I agree with that. But then again, no games sold that well for Wii U at launch. ZombiU even performed pretty good against the others. So, in this case it's not as much about who the Wii U owners are, but rather, where they are. Because they're rare on this planet.

PopRocks3591812d ago

Well, I identify as a Nintendo fan. But it's mostly because they are my favorite game developer. Doesn't mean I go nutso and hate on the other guys incessantly (although enough people have lied that claim before).

I'm a fairly young dude who grew up on the NES. I also liked playing Sonic on the Genesis. Also owned a Dreamcast, a PS2, and Xbox and so one. Yet for some reason I've been accused of hating both Sony and Microsoft. It's a shame because people really will judge you over something as subjective as a favorite developer, especially when it's the one that handles itself completely differently from the rest of the industry.

And the ironic thing is some of my favorite games are not from Nintendo; Jak III, Brutal Legend, Portal and The Last of Us recently made it up there.

And for the record, I bought ZombiU. So bleh to those people. :p

ABizzel11811d ago

It's because you come off as defensive when someone attacks something you enjoy. But that's normal for most people, you just need to learn to control it better.

Like you I grew up on Nintendo, but as I matured my taste did as well and Nintendo failed to grow up with me. That's the problem I think a lot of former Nintendo fans have, their console just isn't for them anymore because while they like playing Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Smash, Pokemon, etc... They also like The Last of Us, Uncharted, God of War, Gran Turismo, Gears, Halo, Forza, Battlefield, Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed, EA Sports, etc... and Nintendo doesn't offer exclusives like those in house, and 3rd party is uncertain on Nintendo's consoles.

So consumers are stuck with 3 options to enjoy all of them you're stuck with a $1,200 bill not including games and services. So that's why a lot of console owners are single console gamers, the core are usually dual console owners, and even fewer own all platforms to play on. But core gamers with that kind of money to spend are usually "MATURE" adults who have a stable job, and for them they're looking for Mature experiences along with their fun and escapism, and unfortunately the Nintendo doesn't do Mature.

PopRocks3591811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

Considering how at times the criticisms flung toward Nintendo and at the fans are at times outright insulting, it's no wonder some fans would get defensive. Besides, I've seen many a defensive rant from the other sides as well, sometimes just as bad if not worse.

Furthermore, even in my own adult years I continue to watch Disney/Pixar films as I have an appreciation for animation (and because the stories are fun). If you relegate yourself to anything that isn't enjoyable for children, you're denying otherwise enjoyable experiences for yourself for, in my opinion, extremely petty reasons.

I get my mature options from my PC and my PS3 right now. There is absolutely no reason for me to suddenly stop liking Nintendo games because they don't provide the system (and frankly nor should they have to). If that's not your cup of tea, then power to you. But don't expect me to just sit there and take it the next time I'm called a fanboy for simply liking something and viewing it differently from other people.

It goes both ways. Just keep that in mind.

ABizzel11811d ago


I never said I don't like Nintendo anymore. I just don't approve of how the company builds their consoles. I grew to be a PlayStation / PC gamer as I got older. Now I'm building PC's for people so knowing tech and hardware, it upsets me with the decisions Nintendo decided made regarding the Wii and now Wii U.

I will always be a fan of their games, and always buy their consoles at some point in their lifecycle, but the majority of my taste lies elsewhere now.

Now you can't change the mind of the ignorant or expect them to handle competition maturely, trust me it's a losing battle. Just take the high road and list facts, and go about your business.

You'll be a lot happier than your avatar :D

TuxedoMoon1810d ago

The thing with Nintendo consoles these days is that People buy Nintendo consoles to play Nintendo games. Aside from Sony, Nintendo is the only console maker that has an amazing set of in house exclusives. Mascots like Link and Mario will always be on a Nintendo platform for people to play. Why would I buy a 3ds? Because it's the only system where I can play Pokemon, Mario Kart, and Zelda. Why buy a Wii-u? So I can play Xenoblade online and Smash bros.

3rd parties don't feel like there's much profit to be made on the wii-u simply because it's not a very popular system (so far). I'm guessing that the 3ds is what's really making Nintendo money, not the Wii-u. 3rd parties typically feel intimidated because Nintendo games on a Nintendo console tends to always sell better than a 3rd party game.

Whoever said that quote really shouldn't blame the fanbase, but the console's over all popularity and also take into consideration Zombi-u's package. Not a lot of people have a Wii-u, so of course certain games won't sell a lot. Then there's Zombi-u, which, imo, wasn't a great game to begin with. It's a new IP working with an extremely small fanbase for profit. It tried to be like Darksouls and had some interesting ideas, but the game over all wasn't exciting or refreshing. It was JUST another zombie game. You have to survive the zombie apocalypse! Haven't done that before...

If Resident Evil 2 HD remake was on the Wii-u, maybe that guy would try to retract that quote because that would be a game that would sell Wii-Us. That game has a fanbase and Capcom, as bad as they are, would make sure that RE2 turns out as amazing as possible for the Wii-u. Also, does a Mature game NEED to have blood and gore? Games like Xenoblade and The Last Story were very "mature" story wise and both were amazing Wii games. Just because it has a E-T rating doesn't mean it can't be taken seriously.

abradley1810d ago

I think the problem is, everybody seems to think you can only be a fan of one company or console. Being a Nintendo fan labels you and opens you up to attacks from those that don't like Nintendo. Just like being a fan of the PS or Xbox does the same for Nintendo fans.

Nobody on the internet nowadays is happy to have a pleasant conversation about games, instead most people prefer it to end in a slur of bad words adding to the ever growing fire burning between gamers. It's silly, many years ago we clubbed together, (and still do occasionally,) to defend games against non-gamers saying it was bad for you or its dangerous to my kids. Now we're fighting between ourselves like spoilt children.

I, for one, am not a Nintendo fan. However, I have a few friends who are and I'm perfectly happy with that. Games are the way we enjoy our media, so why should the box or the developer separate us into groups?