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Indie Game Informer Kickstarter project

Hey everyone, it's been a while since I last posted a blog.

I've been really busy lately with my Kickstarter project for a indie gaming website called Indie Game Informer (aka IGI)

If you like, please check out the IGI Kickstarter page

Since the project will be coming to a close soon I thought I might share it with you and if the response is good, either we could hopefully raise the funding needed to complete the project or get enough people interested for it to be worth trying crowdsourcing again on IndieGoGo.

Basically, IGI is intended to be a one-stop destination for indie gaming news, reviews and information. The goal with this project is to create a website that provides gamers with the best source to discover indie titles, and to help indie developers by providing them with an unparalleled platform from which to get their games noticed.

How Our Site Will Function: The Indie Game Informer website will offer a simple and intuitive layout. Users will of course be able to access articles, reviews, features, editorials and developer interviews all from the front page, and have discussions with other users in a on-site comment section.

Our on site Indie Game Database will allow for gamers to discover old and new indie titles, that many users may otherwise not have known about, and if all goes according to plan we want to allow you to access and play those indie games directly from our site.

With our planned purchase of improved video and audio equipment, we intend to start uploading a weekly indie gaming segment where we will discuss current/popular events that have transpired during the past week.

We also plan to head over to various indie gaming focussed expo's and events, where we will conduct interviews with developers and bring viewers the latest on the indie gaming scene.

However, making all intended content and features available at the sites launch, will simply be too much of a task for our limited team. We do however plan to have all basic features available within the first 3 months of our site going live. Features such as news, reviews, interviews with indie devs and our steadily growing Indie Game Database.

New Planned Features For Our Website: Thanks to numerous indie developers and the kind people we've spoken with on various social media sites, we would like to announce a few new features we have planned for the Indie Game Informer website.

At first, Indie Game Informer was intended to be a Indie gaming news, reviews and information website. A place where people could visit to read reviews on indie titles, discover new and old games and have discussions with like minded people.

But as we got to talking with various indie devs over twitter and Facebook, we learned that there are many other features we could offer that other sites simply don't have. Such as, a dedicated forum for indie devs to share and discuss their projects, and receive development support from experienced developers and professionals.

Further more. As well as our planned Database for all current and up-and coming indie titles, if we were fortunate to receive enough funding we would like very much to host indie games directly from our site (DRM Free of course) similar to how Desura functions.

The aim of Indie Game Informer has always been to build a one-stop destination website, which means you can expect our website be constantly growing. Any and all features or services, that we are unable to make available at the time of our sites launch will be integrated at a later date.

If we can reach our funding goal, we will immediately set about developing the Indie Game Informer website, and once complete we plan to offer the NO.1 source for all things indie gaming. The funding will allow us to create a fully functional, professionally designed gaming website, which will include Interviews with indie developers, indie gaming news, reviews and information, as well as a weekly round up of current events in the indie gaming scene.

Further web content will include:

Features on upcoming games
Indie news, reviews and contests
User generated blogs and reviews
Database of current and upcoming Indie games
On-site interactive discussions
News & updates regarding all things indie gaming

This is a collaborative effort between myself a video game journalist, and my brother a game programmer/English teacher. Both of us have worked together as indie game developers ourselves in the past and have come together once again to realise this dream project.

For a better explenation on our project please check out our Kickstarter page

And if you have any questions about the project please feel free to leave a comment bellow.

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FogLight1316d ago

I am getting slightly worried about your campaign now but I am still hopeful that it will reach its goal. Can't speak for others but this will be a site that I would be a regular in. I really need to get into indie games a bit more, and this would be perfect.

Good luck for the final time man... Hopefully it would be this time

zerocrossing1316d ago

Thank you! I hope so too.

If it turns out we can't get the funding I'm sure we'll find some way to make the website happen eventually.

thorstein1316d ago

I like the concept. I am concerned about the name: Indie Game Informer.

There already is a Game Informer and it is published every month with digital and physical content.

This could lead to a lawsuit/ cease and desist/ etc from them because your IP is too much like theirs in name. They may claim that you are taking revenue from them due to confusion.

Honestly, I thought I was going to read a blog about a function of Game Informer that dealt with indie games. You may want to take this into consideration.

zerocrossing1316d ago

Not to worry, I've taken this into consideration already and plan on either sticking with just (IGI) or using a different name entirely.

I've kept it as Indie Game Informer for now so as not to cause confusion during the campaign.

Geekman1311d ago (Edited 1311d ago )

Dang. Commented on wrong article. Anyone else hate page shifts?