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Where is the GTA 3 HD Collection Rockstar?

HD Collections and games being HD'ed have become a big thing at the end of this cycle. Game companies seem to be trying to capitalise on a little to no work ratio, where they can appease a number of fans. Which as a fan, like me, would gladly pay.

Right this second I am eagerly awaiting the release of Okami HD on PSN. I longed to play that game at launch on PS2 but due to similar circumstance with Asura's Wrath, copies did not find their way into my local shop and this was before the mass internet buying push so I naturally forgot. Zone of the Enders HD Collection is another set of games I long to play again but this for me at least releases in a month not tomorrow.

With Rockstar Games constantly pushing out anniversary editions of their games for iOS and Android users, one must ask the question where is the GTA 3 HD versions for consoles?

Right now Rockstar are beaming with energy with the people awaiting the release of Vice City's anniversary edition in a similar vein of GTA 3 anniversary edition but what about the people who bought the game originally? The ones that started the phenomenon that is now know as one of the best franchises in the world?

- PSN users get a PS2 classic version, and Vice City and San Andreas have recently been rated on ESRB. No upgrades just a simple re-release, this time digitally.

- XBox users have a similar treatment with San Andreas on the store. But supposedly Rockstar have said in their newswire that they are unable to bring either 3 or Vice City to the Xbox 360 because of compatibility issues.

Is this a worrying shift? Rockstar turning their back on the people, the fans, who helped push the games to worldwide acclaim and a little work is too much. Forget HD versions for a second, right now XBox users who supported 3 and VC when it was released are unable to play the game on their console through digital means. Yet at the same time are pushing these new releases on iOS and Android which have most likely had work done on them.

Now back onto the HD topic with the financial success and news worthy mentions of the HD Collections already released and to be released surely this concept should have crossed their minds? GTA 3, VC and SA are some of the best selling games across two consoles of last generation bringing them to this generation shouldn't be that hard; get the game, make sure that it runs on the system, HD them, add in an trophy/achievement system, stick it on a disc and done. How hard is that?

But the problem is quite simple, we are not relevant enough to put that much effort into. Bringing them to an expanding market of iOS and Android phones on the Anniversary date is 'relevant' to them, where the purpose of bringing them can be seen. Bringing it to a console, which a lot of people can simply stick in a disk or even download it, why bother doing anything special for them.

Its a shame. In nearly every mention of GTA a HD Collection is always mentioned. People want a HD Collection of GTA 3, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas. I even want Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories to be brought into the collection so that everyone can play this long sort after and excellent collection.

So please. Make your voices heard remind them to create a HD Collection.

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-GametimeUK-2035d ago

As fans we get treated to all their latest GTA projects. I think that focusing on GTA5 is a more important focus for them. Rockstar obviously want a bit of the Mobile Pie so it seems fitting that they just throw some old games at the mobile crowd so they can remain focused at giving console owners GTA5. It is the most simple way to please everybody.

I would like a GTA:HD collection as much as the next guy, but it just isn't that important.

Cam9772034d ago

You're probably right. The HD trilogy is something I would like to see but we don't need it because V is coming out and just about everyone has played the older titles anyway.

The Matrix2035d ago

The reason I always hear for no GTA collection is that it would take a massive effort to remaster a large open-world game. . . not to mention 3.

Cam9772034d ago

The Ratchet and Clank HD trilogy was done perfectly so I see no reason for this not to work. Besides, if you've ever modded any GRAND THEFT AUTO you'll know how easy it is to change textures - it just takes time.

Blacktric2033d ago

Comparing Ratchet And Clank to GTA 3-VC-SA in terms of scope...

Jesus christ!

Yodagamer2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

I'd love an hd collection, but it's probably cheaper for them remaster/more profitable for them to put them on tablets. Plus i heard rockstar doesn't want to mess with the renderware engine because of it being owned by ea games, so a new engine would be required and it would be cheaper on tablets.

MrBeatdown2035d ago

It drives me nuts that Rockstar sees the benefit in bringing those games to iOS and Android, but not to consoles.

Even if the console userbase is smaller, there's money to be made. We'd pay $40 to $50 for all three games. They sure aren't making that kind of money on smartphone versions.

If you really want Rockstar to hear you, send an email to their all-purpose ramblings email: [email protected]

I did it back in April. They actually do read the emails and even respond. They might give you a non-committal answer, but at least you can tell someone is listening.

taquito2034d ago

they're all available in 1080p at 60 frames on pc for free IF you ownt he originals, just download pcsx2, pop the original ps2 game in your pc dvd reader and configure the xbox 360 wireless controller for windows to your liking

you will need a dual core or better cpu and a $50 gpu or better

nearly 100% of ps2 games play on it flawlessly

currently playing through persona 3, awesome looking in 1080p at 60 frames, better than most 360/ps3 games tbh.

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