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Wii U, XBox1&PS4 How the #'s Stack Up

I've read countless theories and opinions concerning people's favorite console and the reason they are "winning" the console war or why they are "losing". This invariably is followed by recommendations as to how their respective system should go about either furthering their "lead" or how to "bounce" back- So, I've decided to take another approach to what at times can be a very frustrating argument that arises when people don't see eye to eye and vehemently attack each others opinions on these matters. The purpose of this blog is to leave my own personal opinions on this subject to the side and just provide the legitimate numbers that each console has currently and what they had in the past with their last generation system-Please note, just because I used the phrase "last generation" does not mean that I am putting the Wii U in the same technological category as the PS4 and XBox1-for they are clearly the more technologically advanced-that being said I still prefer the Wii U- But again, I am leaving out my own personal preference as far as consoles go and am just going to provide the raw data for all the consoles that have been sold-

XBox-24 million

XBox360-82.9 million

XBox1-3.9 million

PS1-102.49 million

PS2-155 million

PS3-80 million

PS4-6 million

NES-61.91 million

SNES-49.10 million

N64-32.93 million

GameCube-21.74 million

Wii-100.90 million

Wii U-5.86 million

What do all these numbers mean?? For starters we can clearly see in the home console department that Sony's Playstation is clearly the best seller. However let's not forget that the handheld department is a different story- If we were to form opinions solely on the numbers provided here then we would have to put the Playstation in the number 1 position, Nintendo as number 2 and the XBox would be number 3. However as has been reflected by many irate and down right crazy fans, things are never this simple or black and white when it comes to matters of opinion especially when entertainment is the subject matter-comparatively it's kind of like Star Trek Vs Star Wars-LOL In my mind's eye there is no contest as Star Wars is clearly the better of the two and while I am picking my favorites I would vote the Wii U as the best system or as my favorite to be more politically correct-hahahaha What I am trying to say is this-its all fine and good to have a favorite and its even tolerable to voice said opinion, but the moment you start bashing other people's favorite or preference of anything simply because it doesn't match your own....well, that's when you have become either a vain and pretentious know it all that's begging to be knocked down a peg or two...or you have become intolerable for anyone that doesn't match up with what you think is the best-either one of these is unacceptable in my book-especially if it stems from how you entertain yourself-give me a break, your honestly catching feelings and getting butt-hurt simply because someone has a differing opinion than you on what gaming console is better......? Why don't we as a gaming community squash all this nonsense, live and let live and just be thankful that we have this medium in which to entertain ourselves and interact with one another- am I preaching, NO- I am appealing to people who share my favorite past time-if we can't get along in entertainment then how in the world can we ever hope to get along in real life?? Stop sweating the useless garbage and don't feed in to anyone that is trying to-hit the pause button on that trash and power up your favorite console and go slay a dragon, or kick the snot out of someone on your favorite fighting game or maybe go jump into a giant mech and defend the earth etc....all of these sound way more appealing to me than listening to spoiled brats argue over which system is better....we all have better things to do with our time, like making sure Master Chief takes down the covenant or Mario is sliding into the first place on MK8 or surviving the latest Killzone game on the PS4- Bottom line, remember what video games are all about, HAVING FUN!! If you want to argue and talk garbage to other people about their opinions then maybe you should consider becoming a politician-

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