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10 Reasons why the Wii U Wins!!!

I am not going to write a "love" letter about Nintendo(though admittedly I do love Nintendo) and I am not going to try and be a "shield" for all the negative outlooks on the Wii U. What I am going to do is simply compile a list of all the strengths and positive things that I (emphasis on the I) see and have found as a Wii U owner...

1. Backwards compatibility-I can't stress the awesomeness of this enough. Not only does this feature give you the ability to play Wii titles on your Wii U but you also get access to the Wii's impressive Eshop offerings- Combine this with the Wii U's library that is steadily growing and it's own unique Eshop and you literally have hundreds of options as far as games go at your fingertips- game drought??? Not on my Wii U

2. Future Wii U titles that have already been confirmed to be on their way- Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 2, Super Smash Bros 4, Mario Kart 8, X, Zelda U, N64-DS-GBA titles being added to the Wii U Eshop. This says to me that Wii U in 2014 is looking at it's biggest year yet as far as console sales as well as game sales go-

3. Off screen play with the Wii U gamepad- this is one of the most underrated features of the Wii U if you ask me. The gamepad has an excellent screen, allows you to play without even having a tv and permits to move around your house- take it to the bathroom(gross LOL), livingroom, front porch(get some fresh air) etc... It allows you to be in the same room with others who are watching a movie or even playing another game-this equals to more social interaction while playing my favorite game. I don't know about everyone else but I truly enjoy having other people around when I am playing a video game even if it is a single player title.

4. This point almost doesn't need mentioning but here it is-the Wii U is affordable especially when compared to the PS4 and Xbox1 and it's only getting more affordable-Late adopters to the Wii U will not only enjoy a lower price but also a larger library of AAA games as well as Indie offerings-

5. The Wii U is a silent assassin-it makes little to zero noise while playing your favorite video game.

6. The gamepad comes complete with a charger which equals to zero batteries needing to be purchased.

7. MiiVerse is getting better and better every month and is truly growing into a social network in it's own right- also this is all free internet service provided by Nintendo-NO subscription fee(I guess they figure that since we buy their system and their games the least they could do is provide a way for us all to interact with each other)

8. Hope-that's right, hope. By hope I mean we have yet to see some of Nintendo's biggest franchises peek their heads out and grace us with their presence on the Wii U-We know that Zelda U is coming but do you really think the Wii U will be the first Nintendo system that doesn't have oh I don't know can you say...METROID!!!??? maybe...STARFOOOX!!!??? oooorrr how abooout...PAAAAPER MAAARIO??? KIRBY, YOSHI, heck even Final Fantasy-esque(Final Default on 3DS), ANIMAL CROSSING, maybe even the long awaited MOTHER, PUNCH-OUT U,F-ZERO U,KID ICARUS, FIRE EMBLEM,etc.... so by hope I simply meant that you can find an abundance of it as a Wii U owner-there are plenty of games to come and they are just going to keep getting better and better(in my opinion)

9. I briefly mentioned the plus of having access to Indie games but allow me to expound upon what is about to hit the Wii U-we all are about to have access to over 120 indie titles.....yeah let that soak in for a minute....100 and 20 games....yeaaaah, it feels good just typing it....120....LOL that's just the beginning -Nintendo made a huge effort in getting dev kits into the hands of eager developers and now Wii U owners are about to get to taste the first fruits of these efforts made by both Nintendo and the Indie developers-

10. Last but not least, let us not forget-NINTENDO, they have been making video games since the 1960's(that's right, the 1960's-don't believe me? Google it LOL) and they have more experience in the field of video games than anyone else on the market, period- What does this mean to consumers of their products? It means stability and knowing that Nintendo stands by their products(I know, I know-someone is screaming virtual boy right now-LOL) and they give it every chance possible even when they are in the red(virtual boy pun,hahaha). So let's see-we have a Nintendo console nearing it's "half-life" mark and it's bringing out some of it's biggest titles here in 2014...hmmmm seems like we have nothing but good things ahead now-they are more than familiar now with the transition from SD to HD and are now kicking their production into high gear. In a nutshell I just want to say that I suspect that 2014 is not only going to be a defining year for the Wii U console but also it's best year yet- (Just so you know, the virtual boy had complications as far as causing seizures and damaging people's eyesight,etc...all of which were contributing factors to Nintendo "dropping" this particular "handheld",to me this signifies not a lack of "support" by Nintendo but simply an error in the purest meaning of the word-if it had not been for the ill effects to people's health Nintendo would have stood by even this console)

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MrAfrika1618d ago

I normally dont comment on any type post on this site, but I had to comment on this bullshit. 10 reason why the Wii U is failing.

1. Living off recycled games or rehashed projects of older projects.

2. Relying on Smash bro's and Mario Kart 8 to sell Wii U's.
(2 games will not sell the console.)

3. The tablet is a gimmick the casual gamers aren't buying.


Also, whoever wrote this article....You know your console is failing when your last 3 reason for the console failing is based on the past and hope for the future.

jcnba281617d ago

Do us all a favour and never log back in to comment on this site again lol

SuperBlur1618d ago

"4. This point almost doesn't need mentioning but here it is-the Wii U is affordable especially when compared to the PS4 and Xbox1 and it's only getting more affordable-Late adopters to the Wii U will not only enjoy a lower price but also a larger library of AAA games as well as Indie offerings- "

i'm sorry but 100$ more is well worth it for the hardware alone

crusf1618d ago

"i'm sorry but 100$ more is well worth it for the hardware alone "
The point still stands.

ShinMaster1617d ago

The price needs to be more comparable to the PS3 and Xbox 360 since the Wii U is late to that party.

Chard1618d ago

Point 1 is invalid until Nintendo actually makes their full NES/SNES/N64/Gamecube library available. Their efforts in this regard so far have been poor and frustrating.
Trickling releases at the rate they've been doing is ridiculous. The Wii still has more N64 games than Wii U.

Dannycr1617d ago

Not only that, but they should be cross-platform buys. I bought a crapton of NES, SNES games for my Wii, but now I have to pay for them again if I want to have them on my 3DS.

zeal0us1618d ago

None of these are legitimate reasons why the WiiU will win.

Despite having...
-second screen
-cheaper price
-Certain upcoming 1st and 3rd party exclusive games
-Backwards compatibility
-and other reasons mention

The WiiU is still being kicked in the dirty and overall still in third place.

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The story is too old to be commented.