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"We live in a golden age for gaming."

Battlefield 2143 / Final Fantasy X prequel.

Yoshikiri | 1639d ago
User blog

The first few games a gamer plays, are the games that have the greatest impact on his/her gaming career. A few years into their career, they look back and remember how they began, in comparison to where they are now. This is where I am at. Looking pretty dull for me now, what with all these shooters that are bringing nothing to the table coming out one after the other, but on a side note, to take sides, I'd have to say that Battlefield 3 is the clear winner. ;)

Anyway, the games that I grew up with didn't really differ from the norm in their day, but were great games none-the-less.

Final Fantasy X, Air Combat, and Battlefield 2142.

For this blog post im putting a focus on nostalgia, and two of those three games in particular.

Final Fantasy X, great RPG gameplay, over 100 hour’s worth, blockbuster story, and over-all a great experience. Likewise with the stand-alone experience of X-2. Anyway, my opinion is that Square Enix is doing everything wrong, FFXIII wasn't exactly the greatest game in the series, graphics don't make a game, along with the desperate upcoming release of XIII-2, and the never to be seen Versus XIII, and we can’t all forget the broken release of XIV.

Final Fantasy X still has a lot of potential. A possible HD collection bundle, and a prequel if the HD collection is successful, based around the Pilgrimage of Auron, Braska and Jecht. It's all hypothetically possible, but whether they do it or not is the question. Truth is, Square would probably earn more doing this, than wasting their money and time building upon the worst Final Fantasy release of all time. I'd frankly settle for a HD collection, and probably get all my nerdy mates to make me a classic gameplay and graphics Final Fantasy X prequel. (For teh s**ts and giggles xD)

Battlefield 2142. Who remembers the awesome Titan game mode? Yeah, I remember spending every afternoon after school playing it with my friends, owning noobs in walking tanks that we just called 'Walkers' and dropping onto enemy Titan's in pods from APC's. Intense Land and Air combat that entertains me, even to this day. A remake of 2142 is the only Battlefield we haven’t heard anything about (Vietnam in BFBC 2, 1943 etc.). Imagine if they were to implement a 2142 expansion pack in Battlefield 3, like they did with Vietnam for Bad Company 2? Fully destructible environments, great graphics, the vehicles we've all come to love, and the classic Titan mode. The thought makes me shiver in excitement...

Another nostalgic hit, that would sell s**tloads, and make gamers happy.

So yeah, I await a Battlefield 214(3) and a Final Fantasy X prequel. Complaints? Did I do something wrong? Mistakes? Wrong information? This is the first of many blog posts, there's bound to be mistakes, feel free to rip me a new one. I strive to get to industry standard eventually.

Toothbrush_McBrush  +   1639d ago
You sir have done an excellent job, very well done, have a cookie and a gold star sticker. :D
Yoshikiri  +   1639d ago
Thank you, good sir. ^_^
GrieverSoul  +   1637d ago
FFX is like Star Wars. They made a world full of lore that could be explored. The plot you described might be interesting but a little bit reashed from Star Wars. Vader = Jecht. Still, and HD reamke of X or X-2 would be nice, I rather they stay that way. besides, even for a PS2 game, they play and look very nice even today.
Ducky  +   1639d ago
A 2142 expansion sounds... unlikely, especially with titan mode.

I'd assume that people might eventually get tired of the modern military shooter, and maybe then DICE can try for a futuristic theme.

A prequel to FFX sounds awesome though.
Pandamobile  +   1639d ago
I want DICE to do a sequel to 2142 after BF3. That would make me so happy.
theonlylolking  +   1639d ago
They need to fix some of the flaws in the first one but also bring in new weapons and vehicles like insomniac does with their sci-fi worlds.
zerocrossing  +   1639d ago
Final Fantasy X prequel? yes please! It's a nice idea but sadly I doubt it will ever happen ^^;;
Les-Grossman  +   1638d ago
A Final Fantasy X Prequel would have a depressing ending. Braska dies leaving behind Yuna, Jecht becomes Sin & Auron is the only one left of the three
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DragonKnight  +   1638d ago
Yeah but it's not like there aren't RPG's out there with depressing endings, plus since it's a prequel you already know how the story ends. Sin is defeated by the next generation, doing honor to the sacrifice of Braska, Jecht, and eventually Auron.
Les-Grossman  +   1638d ago
Yeah true. A Prequel could even end a certain number of years later showing Jecht & Auron working together to bring Tidus to the future & end where X begins
#6 (Edited 1638d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
DragonKnight  +   1638d ago
Agreed. I mean, how did Auron know that Jecht wanted Tidus to end things? He must have been able to within Sin and talk to Jecht since he's already dead and can pretty much do whatever he wants anyway. What's funny is that the Zanarkand that Jecht and Tidus went to is actually IN Spira and not some dream dimension. It's out in the far Western ocean of Spira and anyone could actually go there so Auron didn't really need Sin to go there at all, but I suppose it was convenient.

To think that all this time Jecht and Tidus could have just taken a boat and gone home is kind of funny when you think about it.

But yeah, it would be cool to see their plans at the end of the prequel. As well as get to play as Braska's Final Aeon.
Reich_a_tree  +   1638d ago
NICE JOB!!! i will be happy if those things happen but disappointed if they don't... and the blame will be on YOU for getting my hopes up XD Love you BRO
Yoshikiri  +   1638d ago
Thanks bro :D
Les-Grossman  +   1638d ago
The problem is when Tidus got to Spira Zanarkand was a wasteland with no people left in it. So there is definitely a huge time gap (as in time travel) between Zanarkand's destruction & Tidus arriving to Spira
Wardog1368  +   1638d ago
Well, i'm assuming if you're going to consider 2142 in a point in your life where you were "growing up" then you're around the age of college. (same as me). Anyway, I played battlefield non stop from 1942 onward... my favorite being battlefield 2. 2142 was a good game but I was a bit disappointed when they stopped giving us more for battlefield 2. It had only been out a little over a year and they were already onto another title. I don't share your love for 2142 but I know why you liked it. For me, I've been waiting for Battlefield 3 since 2142's launch day. And it's finally almost here! So, I would rather them wait at least two more years before giving us another sci fi bf game.
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Zanarkand  +   1637d ago
Great article i like it very much the only thing i have to say is that the "graphics don't make the game" part was unnecessary, Crystal Tools engine was made so that the games intended to look like that on the next-gens... I don't know what were you getting at lol

The idea of an FFX prequel is brilliant and also BF 2142 needs to get some attention as well, at least after BF3 gets released.
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Yoshikiri  +   1637d ago
Agreed completely, i'll remove that line. Thanks for the feedback. ^_^
Hufandpuf  +   1631d ago
After BF3, Mirror's Edge 2, then BF2143. At least DICE has a post game plan. Can't say the same for IW or Acti.

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