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Resident Evil 4 Vs 5?

The fanaticism with RE: 4 is so out of control, it's not even funny!! ( I use to laugh at it) There are many (RE:4 fanactics) who believe that RE: 4 is, better than 5, the best RE of the series, and or the last best RE. However, if asked why, their reply is, "Leon this, Leon that"! There isn't one among them that can OBJECTIVELY answer the three aforementioned statements! The very nature of RE: 4 consumes them and they are blinded by it! Thus they are unable to see RE: 4 as it really is!!

Resident Evil 4, redefined the Resident Evil series, in a number of ways, (i.e. elimination of item box, more fluid character movement, etc...) which many praise. This praise is something that RE: 4, is definitely worthy of, as it's evident this was a goal of Shinji Mikami. At the time RE: 4 was released, there weren't any other games like it, so many heralded it as a critically acclaimed title! Thus we saw the game attain numerous accolades (i.e. Game Of The Year, Best "ACTION ADVENTURE/SHOOTER"[GamePr o]) which only sated, those who were zealots for the game!

This in turn resulted in a massive, cult like following, for the game! One in which these followers believe that their "opinion" of the game is absolute! If your a fan of something you should be able to step back and look at it objectively! This is the only way, one can talk about something in a coherent manner!! Otherwise, it becomes bias opinions and he said she said, which only repeat as this cycle continues!

One may actually raise the question of, Did Re:4 deserve all those accolades? to which the answer would be yes! The reason being, Shinji Mikami, not only redefined the RE series with 4, but he also gave birth to a new type of third-person shooter!(basically the perspective [over the shoulder camera])which many have since copied, Gears Of War, Arkham Asylum and City, Deadspace 1 & 2, and many more! He revolutionized the way we interacted with the game, by implementing this perspective! The problem is, the media kept the game in constant flux!!

This resulted in the game being OVEREXPOSED, and the end result being what many sound fans of the series see today! The fanactics who just outright dismiss anything unless it's RE:4 affiliated! These same fanactics claim that RE:4 is "Scary", when it's not, (at all) it contains elements of horror, just like 5, and that's it! In 4, this comes by way of the Regenerators, in 5 it's the Reapers, which both can provide jump scares! When it comes to "Survival Horror" or a traditional RE game, neither 4 or 5 meet the criteria!!

The games followed the progression of the advancement of biological technologies or chemical warfare, which is what RE, is essentially about! Resident Evil was NEVER about zombies, as many believe! It would seem many played the game, but didn't read any of the diaries and notes throughout RE:1-Veronica! I mean really, did you not notice, Hunters, Giant Spiders, Plant 42, Tyrant, Lickers, Mutated G, Grave Digger, NEMESIS, etc...none of these are zombies or anything near them! All of which showed what was really trying to be accomplished in the world of Resident Evil!

In regards to the RIDICULOUS comparison of RE:4 and 5, it's pointless to compare the two, as they are essentially the EXACT same thing! Both RE:4 and 5 are ACTION games, (take note of the award RE:4 won from GamePro)in no way is RE:4 a survival horror game! Many mistake it's atmosphere (i.e. environment) as the thing that makes it's a horror game, when this couldn't be more far from the truth! The majority of RE:4 takes place during the night, thus providing, what we'd expect from a horror game (i.e. Resident Evil 2 and 3) or Resident Evil in general! Thus the generalization that RE:4 is a horror game!

The opposite is the case in RE:5, the majority of the game takes place during the daytime and as such, it doesn't provide the same atmosphere of 4! Then there is the comparison of Chris and Leon, which are solely based on "OPINIONS"! The only way these two can be compared is OBJECTIVELY and based on their respective roles in the RE universe...

Chris Redfield, (Marksman, EX Air Force Pilot, former S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team member, B.S.A.A Agent) hero of RE: 1, Veronica, 5, Revelations (4) Leon S Kennedy (Rookie Cop, Secret Agent) hero of RE: 2, 4, (and Degeneration, if you count it, but this is game based only) (2)

It's pretty clear who supercede's who here, but this again is a pointless comparison as both characters play their respective roles! There are many who also criticize the look of Chris Redfield in Re:5, out of stupidity! The reason Chris became bigger, is stated, which was he trained to take on Wesker! The time between the last time we saw him (RE:Veronica) and his return (RE:5) was enough time for him to increase his muscle mass to what it now is! In 5 we saw the result, he was able to cause Wesker to stagger, in hand to hand combat!

Fanactics of RE:4 are quick to point out RE:5's gameplay and say it's a copy of 4's! Resident Evil 5 wasn't made by an outside company, it was developed and published by Capcom! Therefore it is NOT a copy of 4, it simply improved on what 4 started! RE:5 is what RE:4 could have been, it improved the way players access items! At the press of the directional button (if players place the guns and or items in the corresponding slots of the item menu) players could access their weapons and or items way more effectively than pausing the game and using the (unrealistic) cache case!

If 4 was what 5 is, minus the co-op aspect, it would have been praised and placed on a pedestal, for nothing more than Leon being in it! Even now, with the recent reveal of RE:6, I see it, RE:6, should "JUST HAVE LEON"! The thing RE:5 gets criticized the most for is, it's implementation of co-op! This is something many don't want in RE, but it's always been apart of RE! If you go back to RE:1, you'll see, Barry and Jill working together, as well Chris and Rebecca!

The only difference now, is that your friend can play the secondary character! This is something that works, within the RE game and was needed! (RE is a character's based game, i.e. Chris, Jill, Ada, HUNK, Barry, Rebecca, Leon, Clarie, etc...) It's only logical that it would be introduced at some point, if Capcom was smart about it! The thing really being complained about was the AI, which on the higher level difficulty (Professional) basically becomes inactive! Capcom did this to make the game more challenging, (thus Ashley's role in RE:4) in which they succeeded because the player has to work twice as hard, as opposed to the player just looking out for one character!(the one in which they play as)

This was written with objectivity and a clear understanding of RE as a whole, both in terms of the game and it's characters! The whole 4 is better than 5 thing is redundant now, as well as the Leon is better than Chris (which are both opinionated) statements! In regards to which RE is the best, it's the 1st, as it is the origin of RE!(excluding Zero) As for the last best RE (in the traditional sense), it was RE: Code Veronica X! Thus I conclude this UNBIASED and OBJECTIVE, breakdown of these two games!

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StraightPath2189d ago (Edited 2189d ago )

RE 6 is looking really great, and graphics looking great too. With all the new information we might have a cracking Resident Evil game. Although still aiming for a new direction and away from its horror origins still looks like a cracking game alot of people will enjoy.

Even though RE5 was dissapointing as it tired to replicate RE4 success this looks like on par or who knows excel RE4.

I find it funny when small minority of people complain about Resident Evil lack of horror elements. RE lost its horror elements since Resident Evil 4, and RE4 is consider the best in the series and the highest rated in the series...

Please dont tell me you actually found RE4 scary? That was completely different from what i played from RE1-3. RE4 was more action orientated. RE5 added co-op and someone that can take care of herself. Replacing Ashley with Sheeva.

The upcoming Silent Hill seems to be on the horror route. RE lost its horror root a long time ago why you complaining now? As long as the campaign is great as it was in RE4 and even better this looks to be a GOTY contender 2012.

Looking at

Resident Evil Revelations < looking great exclusive 3DS
Resident Evil Racoon City < looking great mp game
Resident Evil 6 < looking great for SP.

horror elements are gone long gone.

Stupid RE5 hates and already RE6 haters they probably not true RE fans to begin with.

RE 4 a horror game you kidding me? was a action packed game to me haha

PCE2190d ago

Sorry but RE4 is the last good RE game ever made. Not sure if it is the best RE game but I am sick of games going the way of the shooters just so the publishers rake in the extra cash. If you want the extra cash make a new shooter IP, don't sabotage your other franchises and run them to the ground. Ugh.

LightofDarkness2190d ago

Why are we shouting and overly excited about every sentence! This is very annoying to read!

Ultr2190d ago

I liked that :) shows feelings, I do that too when I'm talking about something that excites me in anyway.

@yokokoroma Great read! and you got some serious points there! I like the co-op and RE5 is enough horror for me to be honest :P call me a pussy but hell that atmosphere scares the shit outofme!

ape0072190d ago

RE4 is one of the greatest games of all times, re5 is a good game but nowhere near re4, the atmosphere the length the art. the feel, the game design in resi 4 is almost unmatched, a true sense an adventure

scofios2189d ago

I agree 100% with yokokoroma and ape007

MeatAbstract2189d ago

RE4 just achieved the perfect balance between action and horror. The atmosphere was thick, the new setting felt strangely alien and it just took the franchise in a freshing new direction.

They got a little carried away with 5. Horror games are a lonely experience and its clear RE5 was yet another changing point for the series to be geared towards action than horror.

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