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"Just finished Uncharted 3... it was EPIC!"

The Hating Needs to Stop: Why the next generation of handheld gaming is fair match

yabhero | 1556d ago
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It all started around 12:30 two Sundays ago. I flipped open my laptop and went to IGN to check on gaming news. I clicked on the first article I saw. It was about why the PSVita will succeed. I wasn’t expecting anything strange because even as a Nintendo fan I expect Vita to do well. I’ve read it 5 times since then and determined that it has the number 1 spot for the most opinionated, illogical fanboy editorial on IGN. (Read it here) I know that’s what an editorial is, an opinion piece but we really should expect better from IGN. All that I saw in the article was: Bash 3DS, Vita is SO much more powerful than 3DS that they aren’t competing, the Vita has way more games (what about when the US Vita releases in February 2012 with 30 games when the 3DS already has over 200 games), Vita has better graphics, Vita has better graphics and Nintendo games are tired and old. That sums up all of his article. He also said something about smartphones being a bigger threat that 3DS. I’m here to takedown one of IGN’s biggest fanboys in my own anti-article. Wish me luck.

Graphics- Most real gamers admit that graphics don’t make the game. As a Nintendo fan and Wii owner I agree with this. However, graphics can make a game much better and they have value. 2 misconceptions that need to be cleared up are “the 3DS is like a DSi with 3D” and “the Vita is a handheld PS3″. Saying the 3DS is just a DSi with 3D is like saying the PS3 is just PS2 HD. Was Uncharted 3 even thought possible on PS2. No. When was the last time you saw a game that looked remotely like Resident Evil: Revelations on your DSi/DSLite? Sony themselves have said that the Vita isn’t even close to the power of the PS3. The 3DS is really like and overpowered Gamecube in term of raw power. However it has shaders and other techy things which allow for better than Wii graphics. Resident Evil never looked that good on Gamecube. Why? Because both systems have graphics chips shaders and other technical stuff that boosts their graphics to high levels. This allowed many 3DS games to look better than Wii and allows some Vita games to look like PS3 games. Was that redundant? Look we all know Vita is technically more powerful than 3DS but what does that amount to in games?
The answer is kind of obvious. The Vita’s graphics aren’t lightyears ahead as our IGN friend said. Close graphics are actually good for gamers because it means more ports of games. I’m not saying 3DS is close to Vita’s specs but ports are definitely possible. Were there even any ports from PSP to 3DS?

Games- Mr. Colin Moriarty (AKA the guy who wrote this ridiculous article) tried to play it off like the Vita has more quality games than the 3DS. We all know the 3DS launch line-up was pretty bad, with the exception of Street Fighter 3DS which I picked up recently. However, by the time Vita releases in the US (where it really matters) many good 3DS games will be out. In Japan, Nintendo delivered a huge blow to Vita with Monster Hunter 3G and the possible exclusivity of Monster Hunter 4. The best way for us Americans to imagine it was if Call Of Duty was exclusive to Xbox 360. Then anyone who wanted to play COD would have to get a 360. We all know the 3DS is coming out with some good looking games; Super Mario 3DLand, MarioKart 7, Kid Icarus, Sonic Generations, Heroes of Ruin, Cave Story 3D, Resident Evil Revelations, Tales of the Abyss, Metal Gear Solid, Luigi’s Mansion, Mario and Sonic at the London Olympic Games 2012, Shinobi and Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle. All these games will be out by Vita’s US release or available less than a month after. They should push the 3DS to a fan base of over 16 million by January. This number would encourages devs like Activision (who cancelled MW3 3DS because the 3DS wasn’t doing well) or Ubisoft (who killed Assassin’s Creed: Lost Legacy because…it became Revelations? Really just make Revelations 3DS) The Vita’s launch is likely to be much stronger than 3DS’s was. What Mr. Colin forgot was that he’s not comparing the two launches, he’s comparing the 3DS games that will be out by the Vita’s US release date.

Old and Tired- Our IGN friend tries to play things off like everything’s new and original for the Vita. They’re are many new series on Vita as 3DS. Let’s face it. Let’s also face that, console ports and remakes sell well because that’s what handhelds try to be, gaming on the go. The 3DS’s frontrunner right now is Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D which is a remake and a great game. Gamers that complain about rehashes need to remember there are gamers like me who weren’t old enough to play Zelda and StarFox when the first came out. The Vita’s most popular game right now is Uncharted: Golden Abyss which is a spin off/ prequel. Sony boys say that Mario and Zelda are old and boring but that couldn’t be father from the truth. Sales don’t always indicate how good a game is but they do for Mario and Zelda. The fact that new generations of gamers buy them and they sell millions of copies everytime while getting good reviews says something. Right now Zelda’s getting ready for what’s likely to be one of the most realistic sword-fighting games to date. Reviewers have said it’s the best Zelda game… ever. Mario’s about to redefine 3D platforming on the 3DS. While the DS may have had too many 3rd- party shovelware it was very developer friendly. I hope 3DS doesn’t get stocked with too much shovelware but it is more developer friendly. I’m saying is that you should fully expect to see the next Call Of Duty on 3DS along with fresh itierations of your favorite Ninty IP’s.

Online and Other Features- Let me just put this out there. The 3DS has good internet. The fact that I can play Street Fighter with 3D on at over 30 FPS against people across the world is nice. It’s impressive that Nintendo claims they have MarioKart 7 with 8 players at 60 FPS against people on different sides of the planet. I think we can agree that Vita’s Party and 3DS’s StreetPass are same thing except StreetPass has Miis. Now comes the big one. PSN. We all know Nintendo can’t compare to PSN with 3DS. However they are coming very close with new updates. However the eShop is getting much better. It’s bringing DLC, third party demos and and downloading while in sleep mode. Nintendo has announced some fun-looking eShop titles created specifically for 3DS. Kind of like those custom PSN games you can download. PSVita’s backwards compatibility is very questionable compared to the 3DS’s. Pop in a DS game and it will play. Sony seems to have announced some kind of way to transfer UMD games to your Vita but it isn’t clear yet. Both systems have cameras of the same quality and Nintendo is adding 3D video recording. The Vita comes with recording out of the box. The Vita has voice chat but video hasn’t been confirmed. The 3DS doesn’t have voice chat… though it’s possible . There is a small video function for local co-op in StarFox 3D.
Ladies and gentleman we have two great systems here… so can we stop figthing and enjoy a flood of great games coming in the next 8 months…

BlmThug  +   1555d ago
Fair match?! Vita obliterates the 3DS so badly its not even funny.
gumgum99  +   1552d ago
There is so much irony in your post is not even funny, considering you agrees and disagrees are evenly tied.
princejb134  +   1550d ago
its all gonna come down to games in the end
people said the same thing about the psp vs ds, and look how that turned out
svoulis  +   1554d ago
While i agree with the article in general (hating on all fronts, 360 vs ps3, 3DS vs Vita, MW vs BF, etc). I just feel like this entire generation has turned into hot-pants fanboys trying to argue some crap. Good read!

But some points are valid that you are arguing aren't. A launch is a launch and that could ultimately effect gamers. For example, my brother buys a 3DS gets SFIV, gets bored and isn't interested i anything else, he now sells his 3DS.

^ that's what i mean

Also if you used actual facts over Bias opinions on the 3DS (it's clear honestly even though you are saying they are both great systems) It would make for a better argument.
Enigma_2099  +   1554d ago
Lord, I'm so glad I just avoid the conflict altogether by buying both handhelds... and just as soon as I have enough money, I'm gonna do it again.
cpayne93  +   1554d ago
"Sony boys say that Mario and Zelda are old and boring but that couldn’t be father from the truth."

That's relative bro. I've been playing mario and zelda for years and its nice to play as some new characters. I'll still play those games, but I don't want to see the exact same faces every time I pick up a game, I want to be suprised. Also, I think the amount of features and online abilities in Vita will outstip the 3ds fairly well. Other than that this is an excellent article. Pretty well written considering your age.

Honestly I can't wait for both handhelds. I'm still holding out on a 3ds for the revision, but I will own them both eventually.
zero_gamer  +   1554d ago
My thoughts on both systems:

The 3DS's launch was lackluster. No Mario or Zelda launch title, overpriced, and missing features like the eShop and web browser. The launch felt sloppy, and the system felt...unfinished. That may effect the system and Nintendo long term. But I still have hopes for success on Nintendo's part with the 3DS.

I am really liking SONY's attitude toward the PSVita with how they're trying to compete with Nintendo (competition is good for gamers of both systems), and actually planned out a solid launch lineup of convincing games to purchase with your launch system, so you can actually enjoy your system the way it meant to be used since day 1. It appears SONY is more competitive with this system than they were with the PSP.

Either way I'll be the guy with both systems so all the fanboy handheld console war BS will be irrelevant to me. I agree with this article, they're both great systems, and the games you'll enjoy the most should encourage your decision on whatever handheld you're interested, not the horsepower, or the stereoscopic 3D technology. What good is either of the two if you don't enjoy the games? If you like Nintendo's franchises, you'll need a 3DS. If you like SONY's you need a Vita.
ABizzel1  +   1553d ago
Take it from someone who had a 3DS. It's not worth buying right now. Wait until the price drops again, a 3DS lite comes out with a better battery life and possible 2nd analog stick, and a decent library of games are available for the system. I bought my 3DS after the first price drop and got it for $100, and it still was completely lackluster due to lack of good games and it felt like another version of the DS. The best way to explain the 3DS is it's a Nintendo Wii trapped in a DS shell with 3D, which would be fine if there was something to play. Hold off getting a 3DS until Holiday 2012 when it should have some good games and some decent bundles or a slight temporary price drop for the holidays or better yet wait for the 3DS Lite.

I'm easily more excited for the Vita after having the 3DS. Uncharted, Gravity Daze, Resistance, and ModNation are all scheduled to launch with the Vita with Little Big Planet coming out the following month. That's an impressive launch of exclusive games right there, not to mention the multiplatform games, and other exclusives. The gripes I have with the Vita is the price of the memory cards, but I just have to suck it up.

As for the Vita's graphics being on par with the PS3, that may not be the case with Sony's current exclusive, but Uncharted on Vita looks better than 99% of the games to come out in 2005 - 2007 on both 360 and PS3, and it looks better than 80% of the games currently out. That's impressive for a handheld and proves it's on par with the PS3, maybe not technically, but artistically and thanks to the ease of use. WHen the Vita launches expect to see Lens of Truth comparisons between Uncharted Golden Abyss, Uncharted: DF, Uncharted 2, Uncharted 3, and maybe even Enslaved (which is a PS3 game and may very well lose a graphics comparison to a handheld).
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zero_gamer  +   1553d ago
"I bought my 3DS after the first price drop and got it for $100, and it still was completely lackluster due to lack of good games and it felt like another version of the DS."

Consider yourself lucky, I purchased mine on launch with the heavy price tag and all that, with no good launch title, with a sloppy Ambassador Program, etc. Early adopters typically get screwed the most when buying a system. That's life I suppose.
jdfoster  +   1549d ago
Also that "transafaring" method (thingy :p) looks impressive. Kojima said mgs will be using the feature and have you seen KZ3 running on the vita? Amazing!
s45gr32  +   1554d ago
Well the vita isn't out yet. Clearly though the 3Ds from what I have researched it just the DSi with 3D. It costs less than $100.00 to make so with that in mind Nintendo clearly did not add any new technology other than glassless 3D. The remakes and rehashes yes I do understand that they are gamers out there that did not get the chance to play say games while they were young it just does not give them the excuse to not make new ips. A nice selection of new ips along with remakes makes a well designed game selection. The 3Ds has around 80-90% remakes and ten percent new ips. That's a lackluster game library the vita has 50/50; therefore, a better selection game library. No the U.S. is not the only place that games matter, Europe as a continent is equally vital to the game industry along with Japan. The online of vita is xbox live for free. The vita is just a better system. As a veteran gamer well Mario Zelda, etc. have not really changed; thus, Kid Icarus does look right as the most appealing game. Overall the vita is a better system
firefoxprime  +   1553d ago

Actually yes. Umm...BlazBlue:Continuum Shift2 was ported from the psp to the 3DS. Which explains why the 3DS version lacks online support. Tis' a shame...

Good points. Good read. I'm a Sony and Nintendo fan. Leave Nintendo to my handheld feeds, and Sony to my console feeds. Sucks for anyone who can't enjoy the best of both worlds. Lovin Mirror's Edge right now. And can't wait for Kid Icarus.

@s45gr32: You lose credibilty with this statement.

"from what I have researched it just the DSi with 3D..."

Fool. What research have you been reading? Does the DSi hold a Pica200? Do you even know what that is? The DSi could never hold this power(however small compared to the vita)

Related video
#6.1 (Edited 1553d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
yabhero  +   1531d ago
Im not sure where you got you facts from but the 3ds is no where close to a dsi 3d... ummm trying running resident evil revelations, streeet fighter and kid icarus on somethig that has dsi power... yah the dsi would crash everytime because it has half the power of a 3ds
Neostriker73  +   1553d ago
PS Vita graphics not even close to PS3? Wrong, according to this Uncharted comparison:
wingman32x  +   1553d ago
Both systems are great/looking great. I am firmly on the Nintendo side of things, and my comment history is pretty evident of that. I like the Mario and Zelda games, and even though they are a bit samey(though SS might put that label to rest on the zelda side of things), they are still high quality titles.

On the other side, it's hard not to be impressed by the Vita. I was interested to see how Sony would react after it's first effort. They reacted in a big way. They fixed their flaws, as well as an aggressive entry price. I'm very excited for the Vita.

So there you have it. I'll own both eventually, and I view them as two purchases well worth the money. It's an Apples and Oranges thing. In this case, I'm choosing both. Fruit is good for you lol.
theonlylolking  +   1553d ago
I agree that
Nintendo's games are tired and old.
Ingram  +   1553d ago won't EVER let it go, won't you?

All of this time you've been bombarding N4G with "Articles" defending the 3DS, where you are not just as illiterate as it comes, but downright hilarious.

Is it really that hard to get through your thick skull that Vita>3DS? no "ifs" or "buts", technically better as in Wii<PS3.

With phrasing such as "I’m here to takedown one of IGN’s biggest fanboys in my own anti-article. Wish me luck.",
"Let me just put this out there. The 3DS has good internet"
And who can forgot your classic and reiterative "ZOMFG COD on 3DS".
I wish you stay many years in N4G, for you are one funny guy, and the best thing, the final cracker to top it off, you don't seem to notice anything puerile or strange with all of the articles in your web page.

edit: That said, it shows you've done some research and retooled your fanboyism into a somewhat valid article.You seem to be progressively improving, this was a much more enjoyable read than the others.
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yabhero  +   1531d ago
i know the vita has better spec that the 3ds
Ingram  +   1531d ago
That's cool.Let's make an E3 2012 bet, Sony and MS will tease their consoles and specs will be leaked, since I know you side with Nintendo I regret to inform you, Wii-U will probably be out of the three the underpowered console again.Or so I say. : P
LightofDarkness  +   1552d ago
Well, I'm going to get myself one for Christmas, looks like Super Mario 3D Land is simply too good to pass up. Plus, it'll be cool to play Ocarina of Time while on a long international journey.
TruthbeTold  +   1549d ago
Unfortunately, some people just can't feel good about their purchasing choices, unless they bad mouth the other options out there. I own a 3DS. I'll be buying a Vita. There will be solid, quality games on both that well rounded gamers want to play. Period.
Pikajew  +   1530d ago
I find is funny Sony fanboys go around saying Nintendo needs new exclusives(and they always get but they are not big as Mario and Zelda) while Sony abandons their games games each gen.

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