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Why Remake Final Fantasy Vii?

xX-StolenSoul-Xx | 1288d ago
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Final Fantasy Vii has sold almost 10 million copies to this day. It's a cult classic and it's many peoples first Final Fantasy title. Fans have been clamoring for a remake of Final Fantasy Vii. Does the game really deserve a remake?

When players first popped the final fantasy vii disc into their ps1 they were greeted with great visuals, (for its time) great gameplay, and memorable FMV clips like Aeris's death. The game has gotten a big following since it's release and it's widely considered the best Final Fantasy game. Final Fantasy Vii spawned multiple spin offs of the game and even a complete movie. I think people think that final fantasy vii is the best because it was lots of peoples first final fantasy game. Even the characters in final fantasy vii were amazing and memorable with emotions that made you care. I personally think the story of final fantasy 6 was much better but that is not the point of this blog.

Square Enix In my opinions should not work on a Final Fantasy VII remake. Sure a remake would look beautiful but it's not needed. Square instead of replicating Final Fantasy VII should aim above and try to create the next "Best" final fantasy title. I'm not going to lie, final fantasy 7 was a phenomenal game and if they did remake it I would surely buy it but I want square to go above final fantasy 7. I want to see the next "most" memorable story, best cinematic, and best game-play.
I believe Square can pull it off if we give them a chance.

Even a Final Fantasy VII-2 would be awesome.

Tell me what you all think.

Amazingmrbrock  +   1288d ago
I think they could make a new game thats just as good ore better, except there's one thing standing in the way. Squareenix is placing more value and development resources on making pretty graphics than they are on making a top notch story. It's they two together that make a great game but they as with many other devs this gen have lost their way amongst the shiny glitter and sparkles world of hd graphics.
Godmars290  +   1287d ago
Square revisiting a well known success is a sign of creative bankruptcy. Their name alone should be enough to sell games. They shouldn't have to be doing an overly redundant move of drudging up the old brand title of VII within the brand title of Final Fantasy.
LordMe  +   1286d ago
It's one thing to dig up old games, its another to ignore what you're fans are requesting.

If they go back and revive some dreadful NES game they made, that is "Creative Bankruptcy" But doing something else with FFVII, while everyone is screaming for a new one is giving the fans what they want.
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Godmars290  +   1284d ago
Last time I checked, rather the last time a most wanted list for PS3 titles in Japan was posted, Last Remnant was still in the top 20. Also haven't heard anything in regards to Versus, other than it wasn't canceled after rumor that it was exploded everywhere. So you'd be hard pressed to show example that Square is listening to fans.

And it is an example of creative bankruptcy. They brought it subject, presented the trailer, only to back down and make excuses. Have repeatedly gone back and forth. If such isn't then it speaks of a major lack of ability and skill coupled with overconfidence.

Did you say anything constructive?
LordMe  +   1283d ago
Yeeeaah... I still want The Last Remnant on the PS3... And I never said they have shown they are listening to their fans, I know they are not...

The scrapped TLR for the PS3, vsXIII is AWOL, they turned FF into Farmville, have yet to say anything about bringing Type 0 stateside, no Birth By Sleep on the PSN for Vita owners, FFXIII-2 and rumored to unveil XIII-3

I said it would be giving the fans what they want, not that they were giving the fans what the want. Trust me, I am PO'd as SE westernizing their company.
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Xanatos  +   1284d ago
Do you ever have anything constructive to say? Seriously, didn't your parents teach you that if you don't have anything good to say you should simply stfu?
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Sephris  +   1286d ago
I prefer to see alternatives of FF 7 come out, though I am sad they didn't jump onto the bandwagon in the 90's and make a Midgar Babies game. Just thinking of a little chibi Sephiroth in a diaper, storming around all pissed off and grumbling about how the caregiver that looks after the group "isn't his mother."
DragonKnight  +   1284d ago
I swear I saw this exact blog before. Hmm. Anyway, an FF7 remake isn't at all necessary. I wouldn't mind an FF7-2, or a game that finally answers what Genesis was going to do after the end of Dirge of Cerberus, but I've already seen FF7HD thanks to PC mods, so a remake would hold no surprises for me. Now and FF8 remake, I would love that. Or an FF6 remake as well. Or an FFX prequel (which is what FFX-2 should have been in the first place).

But then again, FF7 is at the bottom of my top 5 FF games list. Unless I were to include Spinoffs, then it doesn't even get a spot in the top 5. I don't buy the FF7 hype because I actually played the game and am not afflicted with nostalgia.
Chippydip  +   1284d ago
because the story was boss, and the experience was great. also, this new generation of gamers is entirely reliant on FPS's. they're addicted. they need to be shown what a boss game is. and those of us that experienced it the first time would thoroughly enjoy an update
Xanatos  +   1284d ago
A remake would be nice but SquareEnix doesn't make rpgs the way they used to, its more style over essence these days. Making an rpg with actual content would probably take some restructuring in their development staff.

I remember reading an article some days ago saying that the development team behind FF13 had 170 artists and 30 programmers/game designers, that speaks a lot right there.
GenericNameHere  +   1283d ago
As much as I like Square, they have done VERY STUPID things this generation.
One is turn Final Fantasy, what was once MASSIVE SUCCESS AND A VERY WELL KNOWN franchise (although some would say it started going downhill will FFXII), into a mediocre one in one generation, and was a horrible introduction for Xbox 360 owners.
Another is making an UNWANTED sequel to FFXIII, the exact game that caused people to hate Final Fantasty (although I did manage to platinum both games).
One problem, which I think a lot of you will agree with me, is Square Enix announcing way too much games before even completing a game they have announced way back in '06, Final Fantasy versus XIII. I know they have different development teams, but it's pretty crazy how we've never seen a single brand new footage or screenshot of versus XIII since January 2011.

Now, how does this relate to a Final Fantasy VII remake? Once Sauare Enix finally gets it's head out of its own ass, realize that the Final Fantasy brand is now getting serious hate from fans, realize how stupid they are for making a sequel to a Final Fantasy that didn't even warrant a sequel in any way shape or form, and then go on to create a sequel of the sequel that no one wanted, and basically realize every single little problem they have done this generation, Square Enix still has one little gem that they know EVERYONE will buy and save their company, a Final Fantasy VII remake. That, or finally finish versus XIII, and get to releasing Kingdom Hearts III.
JellyJelly  +   1283d ago
People tend to overrate anything that is old these days. FF VII was great back in the day and I'd like to remember it that way. Most of us played it to death and remember almost every single scene in the game, so I don't see why anyone who isn't a diehard FF VII fanboy would like to experience it all over again.

Why not instead make a new Final Fantasy game to rival the quality of FF VII?
DivineHand125  +   1283d ago
I think this writer of this blog is looking at this from his point of view and not seeing the whole picture.

I have not yet played FF7 and i have a good reason why. Nearly every time there is a final fantasy discussion there are people saying that final fantasy 7 is one of the best final fantasy to date.

My situation is that when i looked up some gameplay videos, i noticed that it is outdated in-terms of visual presentation, lack of voice acting and problems faced by traversing 3D environments that existed back in the day. I then decided not to play that game in the fear that those issues would take away from the experience and i am sure that there are many who think like me.

What i want from square is to remake the game with an up to date engine and bring it up to the standards we expect today while maintaining everything that made final fantasy 7 great with a few extras that could entice old players enough to want to play it again.

I know the game has sold 10m copies but i believe that there are much more gamers who didn't get a chance to play it when it came out. If they go through with this remake and execute it well, they could not only increase their fan base but strengthen the confidence there fans have in them and potentially build more hype for their next big release.
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