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RRoD: Its that time of the month again!

Okay so that was an exaggeration. Its actually that time of the year again. The tag-line was just a funny i thought of... lol. Anyway so once again i got the Red Rings of Death. Whats funny is that its at the same time that it happened to me last year. This time around it is a hardware failure and not an overheat. Honestly i dont think its hit me yet how much this sucks. But ill tell you what it will in a couple weeks when Ninja Gaiden 2 and GRID come out.

I believe i have found a glitch with Xbox 360's. See my 360 went RRoD when i turned off my Xbox while unplugging my Play & Charge kit. If you have one you know that if you turn your Xbox offf with the Kit plugged in it charges your controller on power down mode. Well w/o realizing it i unplugged my P&K Kit while turning off my 360. And i got the imfamous Red Rings. This has happened before. About a week ago i did the same thing. My Xbox got the RRoD but continued to work. I guess doing it too mcuh ruins it. IDK, thats just my theory.

Anyway im quite distraught i just bought Ninja Gaiden Black for the orginals too. And thats pretty fun, but noooo my freaking reatreded Xbox wants to be a douche. I find it funny that my Xbox freaked out at the same time as last year, summer. Is there something about a Georgia summer that my xbox dosent like? LOL, i hope that Ms sends mt a completley new 360. I dont one my repaired one, it will just break again.

I must say though in about 7 minutes i got throguh the call process and they are sending me the repair box... so there one glimmer of good in this mess. I might just have to get a PS3 to fill my down time while i wait for it to get back. But first i need money, lol.

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GutZ313347d ago

I feel your pain sir, I feel your pain...

JoelR3347d ago

I feel for you brother. It sucks when your entertainment system tanks.

MEGANE3346d ago

I dont know how do u feel but i tell u this! put the money together for at least the cheapest ps3 even if u like ur xbox better ps3 still worth the money plus you can play MGS4...i wish i can play that ninja gaiden 2 on ps3....dam it!!