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XBOX 360 Users who want a PS3 PART 2

Hello readers, most of you will remember the blog I wrote about this hence the title Xbox 360 users who wants a PS3. (it's still listed in the Approved listings).

Anyway, I'll get to the point!


If you have an Xbox 360 Pro/Premium with a 20gb hard drive or an Arcade what ever year you bought it. I think it's time for you to upgrade now! For users with a 60gb or above ignore this.
I have/had an Xbox 360 Pro 20gb model 2007. No mother f**ng ring of deaths. I don't really need that much space as I normally install 1 game at a time depending on the require space. But I'm sure in the future I'll need more space, and so will you.

Now that I've explained why you need to upgrade, I'll explain why you need to sell your Xbox 360 limited console. Remember GDC 2009, the rumor everyone was banging on about Sony's biggest announcement, and it was a $99 PS2. When will they reduce the farking PS3's price!? We don't know!
We are missing out all the sweet ass games like Killzone 2, Heavenly Sword, Dirt etc.

If you like collecting consoles, no need to sell your 360, but if you feel you need to upgrade your console and also want/need a PS3 read on.
I'm not sure about people who are starting to get the weird error codes, and for people who had numerous ring of deaths, so it's up to you to decide to sell this console and get a PS3.


I've just finished listing my console on so I'm typing this blog now.

My sister helped me bought a 256 memory card for just £10 today. I backup most of my saved games. All save games estimate from 100kb to 500kb Except the damn Orange Box.

Cleaned the console and controller and I packed everything to the 360 box it came with. I listed it for £120, and I'll receive £100 for it if sold. If you try selling this Arcade/Pro console else where, you'll get £50!

So make note and keep watch of this blog, as I'll update this when some buyer buys it!

What exactly is the benefit of this?
Well, you'd spend about £200 for this console, you'll getting error codes and rings of death, better yet you have a small hdd space. The PS3 is dead expensive, by using this method you'll only pay about £200 against the £289/£299 original price. Not only would you pay for a cheaper PS3, but later in months while you'll not bored of the PS3 yet, Greedy Microsoft would have reduced the price of the 360 ONCE AGAIN! Making it dead cheap, so you can get the 360 later in months for a cheaper price than before.

What about my Xbox Live?
Most of you pay bills am I right? Well, paying for a contract phone a mobile, you get unlimited credit, paying for tv licensing just for a year and you get unlimited tv viewing. So you only paid £40 a year, unlimited online service, tell your friends you're going for an holiday in the Playstation life and you'll be back in a few months.

My games?
What? the retarded Resident Evil 5 Versus you would miss!? The achievements are still there, so the games can wait. But I thought everyone was banging on about 360 has no games for 2009? O_o Anyway, most games coming out will be multiplatform.

How do you know I want a PS3?
I am not a fanboy, hypocrites have claimed before in my other blog (part 1). I am not a Sony fanboy, never owned any PS console and wished I did, missing out badass games such as Devil May Cry series, Rachet and Clank and God of mother f**ng War!
The 360, so limited, it's basically for gaming, you can't save anything to the harddrive other than game saves. PS3 can do more, don't forget the emulator:) and linux.

You don't even need a 256mb, you need a 64mb as I was planning on getting it elsewhere for £8.

Sell yours online, Ebay is for getting items for cheap, but I'm sure you'll still get more than selling from street shops. Use whatever attractive description to get the attention of the buyer and make him/her buy your console.

Time now is 1:15am, and I listed around 1:07. Date is 08/04/2009.
Let's see just how long it'll take to sell this.


To all the fanboys out there, please don't bother commenting, I'll get the mods to remove them or I'll just ignore them.

Also, when this is over, I'll write an article about all these fanboys and the lairs and hypocrites who say they are not a fanboy.


Some how the listing expired, so I had to do it again:/

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Breakfast3116d ago

People were wrong to call you a fanboy....youre just extremely irrational.

heyheyhey3116d ago

PM that to pp... i hear he's interested

Mc1873116d ago

You make a good poin xino, why not sell something you are bored with to alleviate some of the cost on something you do.

How is that listing going?

II Necroplasm II3115d ago

This should be called..
PS3 Fanboys Who Want People To Buy PS3'S to Increase Sales.

Mc1873114d ago

All you 360 owners act like you don't tell all your friends to buy a 360, trust me I know.
The guy is just trying to help others out who might want to play more than 1 system.

II Necroplasm II3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

No doubt my helghan brotha

xino3115d ago

I already updated this blog, sold the console yesterday, though I had to reduce the Price down to £100 so I get £89. In the end half of the stores/retailers are starting to sell it for £99, who would wanna pay £120 for it O_o.

Should get the console in no more than 2 weeks:P

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