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Xbox 360 users who wants a PS3

xino | 2431d ago
User blog

Wat's up.

I don't care about the Wii, I'm only interested in the PS3 and Xbox 360.
I have an Xbox 360 20gb. I want a PS3 because of the Blu-Ray, Linux/emulator and games: Ninja Gaiden Sigma/2, Kill Zone 2, Heavenly Sword etc.

Now most people had seen the Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 trailer, and they are hyped up like crazy to get one. Most people are already selling their games just to get a ps3.

The problem is, we can't afford a PS3! I know I can afford it, but I really can't pay 299 pounds for a console with less feature. Better yet I really need the backwards compatible feature because I seriously missed out lots of great PS2 titles such as God of War, Tekken, Devil May Cry, Rachet and Clank etc.

Anyway, I am tied right now, I need a new laptop and a ps3. Laptops are insanely EXPENSIVE, I'm waiting for a PS3 price drop, but have no idea when Sony will reduce the price. I can make a sacrifice and get a laptop and then finally start my Flash movie project (continue to download sweet movies:P) or get a ps3 and play awesome games and watch blu-ray movies (Iron Man HD:()

My point for this blog.
If you own a 360, SELL IT NOW! And use the cash you got for it and save it up to get a PS3.
Seriously, the 360 is bloody cheap ("cheap consoles, free games"), I checked and 160gb version only COST 160 pounds!!! Whereas I paid 230 pounds for 20gb version, better yet, my bank charged me for overdraft 30 pound.
PS3 cost 289 in, if you buy it now, you'll have no worries in getting another 360 later in the future.

"What about my saves?" Get a Datel Xbox 360 External 4GB Hard Drive, that mini hdd with 4gb capacity. Get a used one. (cost 25 pound at Cex shop).
Back up all your saves, wrap up and cleanse your 360. Sell it. Make sure you get above 80+ dollars/pounds for it. Save up your money and use it for the PS3!

Later in a few months, you can just simply get a 360.
The thing is, Microsoft are so GREEDY, to me the sales for 360 is selling really really good, to the point that the price is damn cheaper than the Wii. (Yet they are not satisfied).

Ninja Gaiden Sigma is driving me crazy. The problem is Team Ninja shouldn't have showed the trailer for Sigma 2, cuz this is making me crave for a PS3 even more. I just thought of this crazy idea now, and I'll do it.

The thing is, Sony won't reduce the price:

Sony will not reduce the price of PS3 for a long time. <br> <br> The cost of allowing all current PSN users is raising and needs to be sorted out, so Sony announced the bandwidth download charging. <br> <br>
If Sony reduce the price of the PS3 now, they know the sales will sky
rocket up!!! Thus meaning more users will join PSN, making the recent
bill even higher. So Sony wants to sort this bill out before they
announce a price drop. <br> <br> The same goes to the new SKU in
development, they said something about the new SKU will be less costly
to be made. Perhaps when they finish building this new kit, they will
annouce a price drop. <br> <br>

If you are crazy to get a PS3 for a long time, I think the wait is over...

But let's wait for Tuesday for what ever news Sony will bring us, if it has nothing to do with price cut, I believe it is time to proceed.

Zeus Lee  +   2431d ago
Buy a Ps3
It's that simple.
Breakfast  +   2431d ago
Not the way this guy made it sound. i gotta buy a $25 mini hardrive, from this store. Backup all my saved files. Then i sell my xbox, for 80 pounds. Which, if you think about, youll only be getting $55 for it (because you purchased a hard drive). With that extra $55, you go out and buy a ps3 (assuming you have $245 in the bank). And at a later date you go out and buy an xbox, because spending another $160 is not to much to ask. hmmmmmm....14 years old?

lol....dude, just wait for a price drop. It will come before Ninja Gaidens release, i promise you. Youll save yourself the ridiculous mess.
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xino  +   2431d ago
Are you really that poor!?
Ok to make things cheaper, purchase a memory card! Game saves are only less than 1mb (damn Orange Box), your downloaded goods from Xbox Live are not needed as you can re-download them again and again and again.
Your special gamer pics like Gears of War gamerpic you unlock for beating it in Insane mode are stored in your gamer profile, so you can recover them anytime.

Apart from selling your stuff to game shops, why don't you try online??? I sold my old Xbox games, and got about 90 pounds out of them! So you can sell your Xbox 360 at and earn up to an 100 pound.

Save up some money, add it with the money you used to sell your 360. Get a PS3! ( just reduced the price down to 274 pounds!
All your worries about saving up for the console will be over!

Wait a couple of months, the 360 is DEAD cheap! Cheaper than a bloody WII!!! In fact, when you wait a couple of months, the price for the 360 would have decreased. Like I said before Microsoft are greedy and never satisfied.
Breakfast  +   2431d ago
You seem like a reasonable guy... assuming youll be selling your tv, to buy the ps3 games?

Again, i promise you, Sony will drop the price of the ps3 before the xbox. I promise you.
heyheyhey  +   2431d ago
Breakfast... are you 14 years old?
dragunrising  +   2431d ago
Listen to Crazy Ken and get a PS3 already!
"We want consumers to think to themselves 'I will work more hours to buy one.'"

I believe this quote is for you. Its crazy but true. If you really want something, work your butt off to get it. It is worth the effort. You have a PS3 in return and satisfied that hard work really does pay off.
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Coolrah  +   2431d ago
360 was a phailure from the beginning
Should have been a true sony fan and bought it when it first came out. You'd be like me and have backwards compat. And Resistance 1 to play. All you had to do was wait it out for awhile..You had a few decent launch titles...and then boom...You got a crapload of exclusives...That'll teach ya for gettin a 360....
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xabmol  +   2431d ago
PS console year 3
Nothing else matters after a PS console matures.
XLiveGamer  +   2431d ago
Fanboys are a virus
"My point for this blog. If you own a 360, SELL IT NOW! And use the cash you got for it and save it up to get a PS3."

Oh!! how much i hate people like this.
This is why i hate PS3 fanboys the most. Somebody who act like that its just an ignorant kid trying to make the console of his choice the only one on the market but who i blame for this... The main stream media. Who the hell are you to try to convince others here every single day and night on N4G to buy a PS3? FOR WHAT purpose? Are they paying you? Its ridiculous at the end of the year you just end with a console and almost broke because of your fanboynism.
But i bet that people like this wont spend their time to convince others with all that same passion to help poor people or try to feed somebody who is passing hunger.

Its just a damn console WOW people here see them like GODS definitely we are in the end of times !

Its funny how this PS3 fanatics are so desperate to try and convince others to buy the PS3 but with all this B.S. all this days. You know what... i am going to change my mind now because i was planning to buy a PS3 this xmas with my favorite game series NINJA GAIDEN. But now with all the B.S. around here... hell no i don't wanna turn into one of those creatures. If you are like this step away from video games and grow up! Its cool to own the console of your choice and play video games but to end up like this its way beyond me. I imaging somebody begging on any video game store for somebody to buy a PS3. Its just ridiculous. You know what with that passion go and find a job at Sony for PR. Why are you guys so desperate to make PS3 the most 2nd console sold on the market? You don't see that from X360 fans around here. With that blog you are just making every Xbox 360 fanatic laugh at you.

I wonder now what its going to happen if PS3 don't sell well this xmas with the current economy crisis. If this xmas end in a deja vu for them that's it they are going to bleed hard. Enjoy life, grow up and play video games but my advise is to you Gamerholics "If this is your case Pass the Control"
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panasonic23  +   2431d ago
man you speak the truth but it not only n4g it the whole internet trying to convince people to throw their xbox360 away and buy ps3.
xino  +   2431d ago
no life much
To gamers who play games for games.

Here's an example of an ass who currently have no life (XLiveGamer), comes to this site all the time to feed the fanboys and trolls and bangs on about his favourite console while assuming others are a fanboy.

Seriously, you really need to GTFO of gaming,people like you are killing it. Did you even read the whole post, you could pick out a sentence, but you missed the part taht I even gave hate to the Wii.

Just because someone mentions others to get a particular console, doesn't mean they are a fanboy.

The reason why I said people should sell their 360 and get a ps3 now. It's because they would have gotten a PS3 from the start, but the damn console was too expensive, so they had to get a 360. They wanted a PS3 so bad and are waiting for a price drop. Once they got a ps3, they can wait another month to get a cheaper 360, by that time the price would have reduce once again.

Now my friend, I eagerly give you an advice, to find something else to do apart from gaming, stop socialising with other gamers 24/7, it will make you go psychotic!
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artzm  +   2431d ago
Holy Sh!t Batman! Seriously did you just chicken peck to type that in like 3 hours, you sound like a broken record saying the same thing over and over again for way too long. I have nothing against the PS3 but I play games I like to play and they happen to be on the 360. Reason number 2 though is now all the 8 year olds are switching to the PS3 after they sell there old 360's on ebay. I got halfway through that and I think my IQ dropped, I just had to stop. You throw a couple of OMG's in there and you'd sound like a girl. Next time ask your mom to proofread before you post anything on the internet. Don't even talk about trolling after you spew that bullshit. Who the hell calls a company greedy for dropping the price on something especially when its main competitor has barely dropped the price?....

I'm speechless, I don't know how I got out all that other stuff I wrote. Holy Sh!t Batman! Even if I owned a PS3 I would think you are completely incompetent. Did you seriously just type all of that?

EDIT: Even worse is that I just noticed there is spell check so some of those errors aren't necessary.
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xino  +   2430d ago
Are you referring that to me or to your mom who helped proof read your work?

If you want to correct people over the internet about their english, then I and others suggest you become a teacher.

(you must also be a number 1 fan of a battiman)
odisho68  +   2428d ago
Correction: "then I, and others,"

grammar these days
NineteenSeventyNine  +   2431d ago
Cex shop lolz
Guys, don't sell your 360s just to play Killzone 2. Trust me, not worth it. Sell your 360s for MGS4! Sell them for LBP! Buy the really great games on the PS3 and not the snoozefest Killzone. Resistance 2 > Killzone 2.
Jockamo  +   2431d ago
does N4G even try to be impartial?
obviously not
Socomer 1979  +   2431d ago
Its too late .
Xbox360 already went down in street value.
nobody wants one and if you can sell it youre not gonna get bus money for it.

Cut your losses, save money not using live and get a ps3.
Microsoft is so obsessed with sony they will problably cut the price to it again anyways. xbox360 doesnt have many exclusives that you cant catch up on later when the system is discontinued.
I Win  +   2430d ago
Wow funny hypocrite much XLiveGamer
And its the same thing with you Panasonic XBox 360 gamers do this as well there are so many holes in you're statement all you did is just describing the XBox 360 fans as much as the PS3 fans but at least the PS3 fans have a reason to convince people not to buy that crappy ass hardware considering it is crap and increasing Er74 since first of all it doesn't really have any exclusives like the PS3 and when it comes to gaming online it doesn't have dedicated servers or have games that can go HD like Halo 3 Ninja Gaiden II Star Ocean IV you're statement is moot at best

you make it sound the PS3 fans are the worse when its infact the XBox 360 fans are you're just making it sound that the XBox 360 fans are innocent well they weren't innocent back in 2007, or when Final Fantasy XIII went multiplatform or when there was bad news for Sony you guys are not close to being innocent Playstation fans have been gaming here longer then you morons and you act like you should get respect please you hypocritical dumbass! and you guys act like Sony lies how many times did Microsoft lie about there console being in the lead in Europe they said there ahead by one million but never showed the numbers they said that a few times but never showed it and Sony showed they were at 8.5 million while Microsoft keeps repeating the same thing that means they were at 7.9 million considering

they just showed they hit 8 million in Europe

and of course you guys would believe VGcharts when it showed it was beating the PS3 when technically VGcharts was deflating PS3 numbers while inflating XBox 360 numbers and when Gametrailers were comparing multiplatform games for PS3 and XBox 360 they always made the XBox 360 version look better when the PS3 has a RGB that can equal or look better then the XBox 360 version considering they never did turn it on.
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XLiveGamer  +   2430d ago
I am not a $100 to like you
What goes around Comes around

I am more pro PC now than consoles and i own consoles since Nintendo and Sega Master System so right now i dont own a PS3 and a Wii but i was planning to get me a PS3 on xmas 2009 and a Wii in summer 2010.

So because i have a x on my name doesnt mean i am pro Xbox more than the others but that was my Gamertag on XboxLive but now i change it. The x its for my name and i don't care if you believe me or not. I decided to bring my gamertag here on N4G and use it. I change it on Live but here i can't change my name "How sad :("
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brycespitler  +   2430d ago
is such a damn liar

i see him post in so many articles talking trash on ps3 complaining about every feauture ps3 has but he doesnt even own one. he always tries to single out ps3 fans while he spews ignorant trash and posts how he agrees with his fellow 360 troll friends.

you are a hypocrite and not a real gamer are a fanboy

i am a ps3 fan but you dont see me troll 360 articles spreading FUD about the system i dont own

go play a game and leave this site cuz ppl like u are ruining it
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2429d ago
Jesus Christ, I hope for your sake english isn't your first language?

Oh, where to begin...

"Seriously, the 360 is bloody cheap ("cheap consoles, free games"),"

So you steal your "free" games and now you want to go and buy a PS3 where you have to buy all of your games? Sounds good to me! The 360 doesn't need another pirate and sounds like you could spend a bit of $$ supporting the developers who make this stuff for a change.


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