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MS Pre GDC 2011 (X11) Was Very Disappointing

The Pre GDC show was very disappointing, they promised us big announcements but instead we got map packs which we already know, a known beta & sesame street.

I have supported Sony since the Ps1 & this gen i made a idiotic mistake of buying the Xbox 360, mind you This was in 2007 & back then the PS3 wasn't as attractive as it is today.

The PS3 This year has a whole army of amazing exclusives while the 360 has gears & Forza 4 & sh*tty Kinect titles & this makes me angry because Microsoft is basically saying "F*ck you" to the hardcore gamers who made the xbox what it is & is instead focusing on the Kinect, Shovelware instead of core games. I was expecting a halo announcement, maybe PGR5, Alan Wake 2 but instead the hardcore gamers got shafted.

Anyway i hope MS pull their heads out of their As*es and show some new core games in GDC 2011 this February.

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BlmThug2581d ago

True, I Was Very Excited & Then :(

WitWolfy2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

I really liked Kinect at first.. up untill Lionhead admitted that Milo was just all just smoke and mirrors... Talk about killing your brand

sLeVedInKMaNstEr2568d ago

I do agree but how ever xbox has came along way and i do think kinect will eventually come up and become a mane part it xbox but it will take some time i woodnt be surprised if this time next year it is the hottest thing on the market