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Demos Worth Downloading Part 1

X-Factor | 1129d ago
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Depending on Feedback and Pending approval, there will be a part 2. These mini evaluations are an effort to be as objective as possible but some bias may seep through. Nevertheless, I hope this post is informative and helpful.

----------------------------- ------------------------------- -----
Game: Batman Arkham City

Available On: Playstation 3, Xbox 360

Size: 1.32GB

Summary: The E3 Demo that was making its buzz before the games release is now available for download. Lace up your boots, this demo is excellent and gives you the freedom to roam around the city or follow the story line. Either way, you are given 15 minutes to free-lance with the Dark Knight. What more can you ask for more in a demo? You’ll know exactly whether you want to buy this game as soon as you’re done. You are packed with gadgets throughout the demo. The graphics even surpass Arkham Asylum and that game looked fantastic. I couldn’t tell the difference between the cut scenes and the actual game play graphics, it looks that good. The dark theme keeps you in a dark mood I can play this demo over and over again. You can easily find enemies in this sandbox genre, since you get to do as you please then every experience will be unique. Charge at the enemies from different angles, glide kick them from the top of different buildings. The game play has been sped up as well which is an excellent upgrade, I reached some two face cut scenes and got to see the sexy, sexy cat women which kept me interested.

Learning Curve: Easy

Worth Downloading: Yes

Multiplayer: No


----------------------------- ------------------------------- -----
Game: EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis 2

Available On: Playstation 3, Xbox 360

Size: 1.08GB


EA Sports is back bringing you Grand Slam Tennis 2. I never even played the first one so I’m giving this a try. The demo allows you to play 1 set of 3 games. You’re able to adjust the difficulty and pick between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. The load times are quick and you can also play with a buddy. The game has a realistic feel to it and is much more fun than playing the Top Spin 4 demo, which is Grand Slam’s competition these days. I really enjoyed the presentation. There’s also colorful commentary as you play, and blur effect cut scenes in between plays. The game play is on the realistic side but not as stiff as Top Spin 4. It’s fun and it’s easy to get used to. The graphics are definitely leaning towards realism as well; my eyes lost the ball a few times playing on the grass courts. The game encourages you to focus on player movements and accurate timing as you swing. The demo also allows you to enter into the practice mode where a machine spits out tennis balls one by one. Its pretty cool and keeps you on your toes.

Learning Curve: Easy

Worth Downloading: Yes

Multiplayer: Yes, Local only


----------------------------- ------------------------------- -----
Game: FIFA Street

Available On: Playstation 3, Xbox 360

Size: 1.89GB

Summary: FIFA Street has been built from the ground up, and like all revamped games we must forget the past. The game start with an awesome video with different players from each country spitting that street talk about how it goes down on their streets. This is a 3 on 3 plus football game plus goalies. It’s a pick up and play, with an interesting learning curve. It reminds me of the NBA 2K series in street mode. You have quite a few modes to get into in the demo, including single player, 2 players, practice and even world tour. I like the practice mode where I get to learn the cool crossover like moves that gives the game its edge. In world tour mode you create a character as well as a team design and colors. As you might guess in world tour mode you travel to different arenas all over the globe where the colors, crowd and environments change with each arena. Choose from four different teams as you play two halves, starts with three minutes and ends with two. The game seems cool if you’re into football. I’m sure the fans will have fun getting into this one and the reviews on the web are giving it good scores.

Learning Curve:

Worth Downloading: Yes

Multiplayer: Yes, local only


----------------------------- ------------------------------- -----
Game: Fight Night Champion

Available On: Playstation 3, Xbox 360

Size: 1.05GB

Summary: Fight Night Champion is my kind of game. Hand me the controller and I’m knocking you out. It’s come a long way from round 3, which was nothing less than greatness. There’s a full entrance presentation as you play with Tyson, Ali, Pacquiao or Cotto. You can even choose mirror matches, and all fights are held at the Boardwalk Hall. Play a single or versus match and there’s six control options to choose from so there’s no excuses. I mostly enjoy boxing as Tyson, bobbing and weaving body shots at Ali. To me, Tyson’s the most fun in the demo. He’s quick and hits hard. A Tyson mirror match will really show whose better. When I played with friends, we played mirror matches. Since there is no advantage on either side mirror matches cause the game play to stand out. This is the most fluid boxing game I’ve ever encountered but from the demo seems to lean towards the casual gamer, which I understand. This game can be a pick up and punch by simply understanding the button assignments, and you’ll quickly knockout your opponent or at least avoid a knockout.

Learning Curve: Easy

Worth Downloading: Yes

Multiplayer: Yes, Local Only


----------------------------- ------------------------------- -----
Game: Forza Motorsport 4

Available On: Xbox 360

Size: 1.27GB

Summary: Forza Motorsport is astounding; looking and feeling better with each release. And with good reason. Gran Turismo is no slacker for putting on the pressure. Excellent background music, there’s actually this one track that reminds me of Donkey Kong Country 3. Test out 5 different vehicles including a WRX, BMW and a Ferrari and even choose colors. You race on one track only but it has the most delicious looking snow mountains ever to be witnessed. The difficulty options are like that of the real game you can either customize them or choose between the 5 preset difficulty settings. As you drive you can change from several different camera angles including car view. The game play is solid and feels even better than its predecessor. Solid driving, visual crash detail and an astounding view, makes this a demo to experience. One of the best driving simulators out keeps getting better. Download the demo today only for the Xbox 360.

Learning Curve: Easy

Worth Downloading: Yes

Multiplayer: No


----------------------------- ------------------------------- -----
Game: MLB 2K12

Available On: Playstation 3, Xbox 360

Size: 690MB

Summary: Choose your demos wisely my people this one just might take out all the fun. When it comes to baseball games I choose MLB The Show so when I downloaded this demo I was in shock at the dull graphics and poor camera angles. The presentation is everything in a baseball game, most of the game is all the in between stuff after the pitch and swing. When you start to play, presentation is the first thing you’re going to notice even before the pitch. For example when you hit a home run your not noticing the white leather ball, the ball is cracked up high and the view of the entire field is being experienced. Well that great presentation is just not shown in this game demo. As I started playing the game was by default set a complex control scheme that I changed to classic but still the game did not pull me in. The pitching camera angle was stuck behind the pitcher. That camera angle is to create a TV like presentation but it fails and the game does not flow like a baseball game should. This game demo is a disappointment; it’s better to try out 2K’s The BIGS or MLB The Show.

Learning Curve: Hard

Worth Downloading: No

Multiplayer: Yes, Local Only


X-Factor  +   1129d ago
In reponse to Valenka I've added some formatting that hopefully will make it easier to differentiate between games.
Errod88  +   1129d ago
Great post blog post
caseh  +   1128d ago
'This is the most fluid boxing game I’ve ever encountered but from the demo seems to lean towards the casual gamer, which I understand.'

How did you come to the conclusion the game leans towards casual gamers?
X-Factor  +   1128d ago
Thanks Errod88!
caseh, the Demo I think tries to allow the casual gamer to easily pick up the game and play it with some success and enjoy it. It's not necessarily a commentary on the full game itself but rather the Demo. With big names like Tyson, and Pacquio on the demo, it easily becomes agreeable to a casual gamer. That was my take on it.
caseh  +   1128d ago
Yeah I can see what you're saying, I guess if the demo had Margarito Vs Mosely most people other than fans of the sport wouldn't have heard of them.
N4G-er  +   1128d ago
Aren't these demos free?
-GametimeUK-  +   1128d ago
My personal favourite demo is Skate 1. You just had so much time to free skate in an open environment without being forced into tutorials etc. Skate 2 demo lowered your time limit and forced you through a tutorial I think which killed replay value. Skate 3 had an optional tutorial and decent time limit, but the location didn't match that from Skate 1.

You should really save a spot for classic demo's in your future blog. Good read, bro.
TheDareDevil  +   1128d ago
The Homefront MP demo is pretty cool too. Unlimited play time on 1 map.

On a side note my Forza 4 demo never downloaded past 99%:(
X-Factor  +   1128d ago
N4G-er: Yeah these demos are free. I guess the real cost is in the time it takes to download the demo. The time to install it (PS3), and use of hard drive space.

None of these is a big deal, unless you play the demo and realize it's a real dud and you either delete immediately, or let it hang in limbo on your hard drive never to be played again.

That's been my experience. So this is like an amateur guide I guess. Some direction as to what you can expect from a demo. Maybe you find one you never thought
of downloading.

GametimeUK: Thanks and time permitting will try to get as many demos as possible. New and older.

The Daredevil: Forza 4 stopped at 99%! Been there. Not with Forza 4 but with some others. I think it was my Xbox. It was a while back. Homefront, haven't tried it.

If this list and the additions in Part 2 encourage you to download some demos you would not otherwise have considered, then I think that's a good thing.
Led-Zeppelin  +   1128d ago

No games demo made me go out and buy the full game as fast as the Bayonetta demo did. I only played for about 10 minutes, and then I swear to God, I immediately stopped and deleted it, to not further ruin my full experience with it, then went to Gamestop and got it the same day I downloaded it. The game is AMAZING. The demo was easy to pick up on and fun, and there was two arenas, with two bosses I believe. Highly recommend any one to download the demo if they haven't tried the game yet.

I think the demo is only on Xbox Live though, I dont remember finding it on PSN.

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