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The ongoing list of third party ports and their flaws:

This list will be ongoing and will include games outside the Wii U, so if I miss any, feel free to contribute. It's time this parties were shown where they went wrong, where common sense in development failed to enter into their plans for some ports, and to silence apologists who use their console preferences to defend the flawed ports.

So a bunch of people (read: apologists) have taken to telling me I'm full of crap when I say that third party ports have been unreasonably gimped on the Wii U.
They also have brought up badly done ports on older systems and used them as a reason to say that just because there's precedence of it on other consoles on a much more minor level, that it's suddenly ok to do it en masse on Wii U, let alone at all.

Well line up for your plate of hot streaming crow, b****es, because I've got a list of flaws for you from many of these games that proves I'm not just blowing smoke, and that you need to quit defending the practice just because it's now most prominent on a system you have admitted to hating.
You know who you are.

Batman Arkham City Wii U: old port at new game prices with areas of the game that had graphical bugs due to bad optimization.

ME3 Wii U: Port of an old game that came out around the same time as the full collection of the series on other consoles, then tried to make up for the lack of two full games worth of gameplay content with a half-hour in-game comic book.
The full collection, or a late port with a comic book. Which would people choose? Not the Wii U version.

Darksiders 2 Wii U: old port with content from season pass missing which would have extended the story and thus the replay value.

Deus Ex Wii U: again, missing content that others got on top of being late.(I know of art least one gun pack on the pc version that doesn't show up anywhere in the Wii U version)

Call of Duty: Ghosts: missing most of the DLC and Gun Game mode on top of slow patch support.

Sniper Elite V2: no multiplayer and developer-confirmed lack of desire to deliver proper support via critical patches on top of no DLC support.

Bayonetta (PS3) : poor optimization resulting in framerate issues, slow patch support.

List ongoing as research of more consoles continues.

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randomass1711304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

Not a bad blog so far wonderfulmonkeyman, but I feel like you can take it a few steps further. For starters, don't just mention what exactly was missing or wrong with the Wii U ports. You should expand on them and compare them to the other ports and talk specifically about what makes them worse and less valuable by comparison. Talk about these ports for people who only own Wii Us and what they mean for people with multiple consoles. I would also like to see you talk about what ports for Wii U were actually solid, such as the ports that came out during launch and games like Disney Infinity and Skylanders that are actually marketed for Wii U more often than the more mature games. That way we can look at the pros and cons of the issue and talk more objectively about how people are responding to them. Like I've said before how there are good ports on Wii U but even those haven't sold and the bad ports don't make that any better.

edit: Just wanted to add that I will gladly give this an approval if you add those extra thoughts.

wonderfulmonkeyman1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

You know, those are some damned good suggestions, there.
I'll definitely look deeper into the ports that came out around launch and do some talk about the very select few solid ones, but if you've got any suggestions as to where you think I should start on that score, I'm all ears.
Finding good ports on the Wii U outside of D.I. and Skylanders is traditional needle-in-a-haystack material, and the only one I can think of off-hand is Ninja Gaiden Razor's Edge....

I might actually go ahead and start out with a perspective blog piece on the few that ARE done right, for the sake of making things easier.
The port of Bayonetta 1 that's coming soon, for example, seems a fitting place to start.