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Getting Creative for a Hollywood-style Home Cinema

As gamers, we have better things to do than to watch trashy TV programs. That’s not to say, however, that we’ve not seen one or two in our time… Cribs is one such a show and as geeks, it’s difficult not to become captivated with the idea of owning such a ludicrously elaborate home cinema system and most of us would not have switched over the HDMI input quite as quickly as we might like to admit.

So what can we do to have our home cinema system moving more in a direction towards these amazing theatre rigs? Let’s take a look at steps to take for a more awesome home cinema experience.

Making Those Cables Disappear

One major factor which creates that slick look is the absence of cables. All of the different components including speakers, TVs and amps all seem to work completely independently of one another, as if connected by magic. Of course this is partially true as they’re using WiHD-ready technology.

But there’s also some subtle cable management and trunking going on. Pulling out a drill to start chomping away at the plasterboard in your home may sound like fun, but it’s certainly not ideal, especially if funds are tight and it’s not your house.
Get creative with where you put your cables. Run them under the carpet wherever viable and generally do everything you can to hide them. You’ll find a much more immersive and aesthetically pleasing environment.

The Right Components

One great way to reduce the amount of cabling in your home cinema system is to opt for wireless video products. For example, you could include a DVDO-Air, a WiHD-ready plug-and-play play wireless video system which will transport your Full HD (1920×1080) signals wirelessly through the ether.

Not only does this free up the need to start chomping through walls with power tools, it also means you can now mount a projector or TV in exceptionally awesome places which will impress your friends when they come over.

If you want to take things a step further, you could opt for the Epson Home Cinema Projector 5020e,the best part is you can mount it on the ceiling easily, and achieve the same high-definition streaming amazingness to your PC, consoles, Blu-ray player and set-top box all running to the projection screen, cable free. Throw in a pinch imagination with how you set it up and great things can be achieved for a fraction of the cost of a multi million dollar Hollywood home cinema system.

Consider Second-Hand Furnishings

You don’t need an unlimited bank account to afford super slick designer furniture to make your room look cool. Many people with more money than sense regularly put such awesome furnishings and other home theatre accessories on eBay or classified ads after they’ve just done the fifth complete upgrade overhaul of the year. Think outside the box, take a look at what’s around and haggle to get better prices. You’d be surprised what you can pick up for your home cinema the process. Good luck.

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