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Ryse... The best?

I am not here to go on about why Ryse isn't the best looking game this generation but this is more along the lines of how anyone came to this conclusion. After looking at the game in detail, I really can't be anything but awe struck, not in a good way. Now you may automatically assume I mean graphically but what I am about to show you has nothing to do with graphics at all.

I am posting this because of a user I came across who pointed out some issues in this recently heated debate about Ryse being the best looking next generation title, issues that I didn't really notice before in the game. Honestly I am kind of shocked now after seeing all these problems that no one during E3 or anywhere else pointed them out. I guess when you are watching something in action it is really hard to pay attention to detail but after really looking into these Ryse images, I wanted to highlight some issues, well there are quite a few actually. So strap yourself in and get ready for a long read.

People will use the alpha excuse all they want I am sure but knowing the Xbox One isn't too far off from being released it is kind of a worry. Alpha or not I am surprised Crytek of all people would even put this out there to be seen in its current state, for instance the first CoD Ghosts trailer used fake lighting which created an up roar but somehow no one noticed these problems in Ryse.

Everyone also knows by now that this game was going to be released on the Xbox 360 as a Kinect title but it was held off and put on the Xbox One instead. Knowing it has been in the works for quite some time with that information, this worries me even more seeing these in game issues are still prevalent.

I am going to put up the images where I have highlighted each problem in a red circle. Seriously I am amazed not many people have pointed this out besides one person here on N4G. You would expect this to be on GAF or something for everyone to talk about.

I will post two of the same image, one without any highlights and one with them just so people understand how important it is to pay attention to detail. I know many of you probably won't notice any of this until I point it out, I didn't either until someone else did.

I will be linking them all. I guess I will address the problems from left to right, top to bottom in that in order, so it is easier to see exactly what I mean. Feel free to save these images so you can zoom in yourself and see more in detail, they should be 1920x1080 unless something goes wrong with the links.

Here is the first image with no highlights.

Now here is the first image with each problem highlighted.

1. Okay first, look at every guy levitating dead on the ground. Not a single one of them is actually on the ground in that area, they are all floating. You can even clearly see their shadows being projected below also. The circle within that shows how one of the floating men, his sword is just hanging there inside the ground.

2. Now lets move onto the next highlighted area. Look at every guys stance. They are basically standing and fighting the exact same way. Again the circle within that shows another pair of men fighting but they are sunken within the ground almost past ones knees, just like how before you saw the glitched sword. Within that area there are actually more guys falling slightly into the ground.

3. Now to the background, where the guys are all fighting in the water. Notice how every single one of them is not in the water, they are standing on top of it, again almost every one of them fighting is in the exact same stance meaning they all must be doing the same thing.

4. The circle below that once again shows almost every pair that is fighting each other are all doing the same exact motion and stances again. Also look at the diversity of the character models in the field. There is none, almost all of them look exactly the same just switched around in some places or have different hair and pants.

5. With the last circle below that you can see the same monotonous stances again and that the character models are few and far between.

Here is the second image with no highlights.

Now here is the second image with the problems highlighted.

1. If you look at all the guys with bows, once again you see the ones at the top where you can see where the feet connect to the ground, they are all floating. Not only that but again ever single one of them standing back there is in the same exact stance. Not only that but the same reused character models with only different hair and pants.

2. Now look at the hair in his helmet, they look a little odd to you don't they? Because you can actually see the frame used for it, with the hairy bits at the top. It shouldn't look that way.

3. So now take a look at him cutting his neck from the back, can you see the sword magically cutting through his metallic helmet.

4. Below that another time you see the guy dead on the ground, sinking into the ground, his legs are falling through.

Now here is the third and last image without highlights.

Now here is the third and last image with the problems highlighted.

1. These are some big technical issues here and this image surprises me the most that no one managed to see this, it is actually kind of funny how messed up it is. You will immediately notice in the first circle there is a guy flying in the background. I mean literally he is just hovering there over the rock wall.

2. On to the next blunder, this is hard to notice and I bet most even with it highlighted won't notice it. Now look at the guy being stabbed with the sword. Do you notice anything in that circle that seems weird to you? Probably not but if you actually look closely. He has two left hands, just look, his right hand has a pinky where his thumb should be. You can actually see the hand closing also and it is clearly a left hand closing, when it should be a right one. No matter how you bend your arm, you can't get it to do that and if the hand was turned properly to give that appearance, his fingers would be facing to the right of the picture, not to the left.

3. The last and final problem is that the main character, one of his calf muscles are almost like a square.

Well that just about covers it all for now, I am sure if I actually looked for more images I could find even more issues like these. Of course every game around experiences some type of technical problems but there sure are a lot in Ryse. Point being they have been working on this game for what will be going on three years now, by the time it is probably released. It still has issues like that though even with close to three years of work.

I thought it was interesting and how it relates to the question I first asked is easy, with all the visible problems how can people be calling this game the best next generation title there is? It sure doesn't look that way to me, especially not after seeing all those problems. All The character models are so similar and lack any variety, all of them fighting out in the field look completely animated to the point it appears to have no life because every person fighting is practically fighting the same way, one after the other. All the bow and arrow guys just stand their like drones again floating with all the same stances. So much so it really does look as if someone just copy and pasted them around the battlefield in areas.

I am really not too impressed with this game at all anymore after looking at it in detail. If the end result is anything like that then darn that just sucks. Like I said there isn't much time for this game to be worked on and honestly that looks like quite a bit to deal with. It does seem a little bad that Crytek would release any images or anything for that matter with that many noticeable problems so close to release. It is a launch title after all.

Some may say it isn't that close but months fly by like nothing, before we know it the PS4 and Xbox One will be here.

If anyone else can maybe find something that I missed or has any of their own to share, please do just that. Thanks, if you took the time out of your day to read this no matter how you perceive it, it is still time that you spared.

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WhiskyWhiskers1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

That took a lot longer than I expected. Probably won't be writing more blogs too often.

Donnieboi1712d ago

Lol damn you were really thorough though. Good blog.

Pisque1711d ago

I think Donnieboi has a lot of free time and is sad because he wont be able to play this game. These kinds of details, you don't see them when you're playing. That's a fanboy blog, I can do the same with games like The Last Of Us but your reactions wont be the same. You'll find excuses. But when it's a Microsoft exclusive, you have to find the little thing. It's sad for you guys, because having this kind of shut mentality, you wont go far in life.

Donnieboi1711d ago

@ Pisque: Lol what?? I don't even know you...

tokugawa1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )


that was if i am honest, just some nitpicking.

why did you not highlight the bit where the sail tears apart very realistically or the bit where he runs up the stairs, and light reflects off of one wall on to another, and on to his armour??

littles touches like that, should be included as well no?

look at 2.58/59 when the sail shreds

the watch from around 4.00. see the blood on his sword after arrow bit. then continue watching... notice the light reflections when he goes up the second staircase... watch in 720p

Septic1711d ago

Isn't this pre-alpha footage though?

This seems terribly nit-picky as well considering the fact that when the game is actually running, it looks great. Who really is going to be able to stop and observe the square-ness of someone's calf muscles?

Case in point: Beyond two souls. The game looks incredible, especially when considering its running on the PS3.But here's a still image from one of the scenes in the game:

It looks like a PS2 game in that pic but that really is missing the point.

Pintheshadows1710d ago

I know that picture of Beyond looks shoddy Septic but it doesn't look like a PS2 game. I wish people would just stop with that stupid statement. It doesn't. Go and play your PS2 again. You need a reminder.

tokugawa1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

lol 22 disagrees, and not one person could respond with anything... well done

whisky lol the guy floating in mid air is actually someone who has been hung rofl. check out 5.55 on the vid..


WrAiTh Sp3cTr31710d ago

If it has a sony fanboy making a blog about it, then yes...yes it is :P

Skips1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )


Guess I'll humor you...

Probably because everybody thinks the things you pointed out don't look great, and it's not even worth replying too... ???

Just face it, this game looks mediocre for a next gen game. Hell, it barely, if not at all looks better than GOW Ascension...

You gonna call these bullshots too despite them coming off direct feeds FROM THE SAME SITE as Ryse and Second Son??? lol

tokugawa1710d ago

skips leave it out.

gow looks good granted. but it aint in the same league as ryse in grfx department.

and you are also trying to downplay the points that noted??

find me somewhere in your talisman (gow) that has lighting on the same level? and something that replicates the sail bit that i noted?

surely it should be easy right? especially for a game that is barely current gen!

Skips1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )


Ryse looks good if it was on current gen hardware, considering it's comparable to GOW Ascension.

But as a next gen title though... lol


HammadTheBeast1710d ago

I didn't want to comment here because the blog was self explanatory, but since people are just being stupid, here goes.

The ONLY good looking parts of RYSE are the main character model/animations, and the set pieces. Look at the background.



Decent, nowhere near as amazing as they say it is.

Other non-player characters?

Ignoring the fact that they're meh when not in QTE's and all look the same, they're not amazing.

Pisque1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

^^^ It's the same thing with most of the video games and they are good looking for you. You probably checked the trailer, you were amazed, but when you knew that it was going exclusively for the xbox one, the game suddenly became totally bad, ugly and inferior to all Sony games you've ever heard about. And you know why? Because you're a blatant ignorant fanboy, who has too much free time so stop blaming this game because of your real life issues like your comrades do.

And talk about lame QTEs: God of War, Heavy Rain, Uncharted, you weren't blaming them, weren't you?

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31710d ago

You gotta be rather stupid to think any god of war looks better than Ryse. That's worse than getting fired on your day off.

Imalwaysright1710d ago

I have to agree with Hammad. Looking at the GOW pictures that Skips posted the environments do look better on Gow than on Ryse. I don't know if it is the detail, the art style or the lighting but the environments do look better, to me, on Gow.

On the other hand the character models of Ryse are well beyond of anything that the PS3 could ever render. This game was supposed to be on the 360 and it shows. If Crytek had more time I'm sure that this game would be a graphical beast.

HammadTheBeast1709d ago

Uncharted has barely any QTE's, God of War only has QTE's to finish off bosses or mini-bosses, and to maybe interact with object.

Heavy Rain is story driven and it openly comes out with the cinematic QTE experience.

I don't see your point. I don't care if a game is by Sony or MS as long as its a good game. Halo 2/3 is one of my favorite games of all time up there with TLOU.

You guys re just impressed cause it's the only leverage you have with it being an MS exclusive.

tokugawa1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

i dont give a shit that it is exclusive. my ps4 pre-order is in as well.

the problem is that you sony jizz lovers cant handle the fact that ryse looks great. and debatably the best looking launch title across both consoles.

everyone knows that if this was a ps4 game, you lot would be hyping it out of the stratosphere. alas it is not, hence the constant trolling and now blogs directed at it.

oh look, sony announce just the name of a game and everyone is giddy with excitement rofl
it's only a game kiddies.

Skips1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

^ Wait, so a new game isn't worth getting excited about ON A GAMING WEBSITE??? LMFAO!!! Are you stupid or stupid or something? o_0 That's like getting mad at someone for getting hyped over a new season of Game of Thrones or TWD on a TV forum or Youtube. LOL!

And someone's angry this game really DOES look mediocre when you actually pay attention...

Bland textures, exact reused character models, floating bodies, NPC's sinking into the ground, etc. etc. is SOOOO NEXT GEN! lol

But waddya expect, this was a scrapped Kinect 360 game after all. : /

Kryptix1708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

lol I always find it funny how every time tokugawa comments in an article or blog, he has to mention how he has the PS4 pre-ordered to make himself look less bias. Well, I own an Xbox 360 and used to own an original Xbox but that doesn't mean I have to sit here and deny the truth.

Ryse is the best looking game across both consoles? I don't think so especially after seeing these pictures. You want to know the best looking game on both consoles so far?

Infamous: Second Son

+ Show (16) more repliesLast reply 1708d ago
iamnsuperman1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

I give you credit this is a well researched blog. It is one of those things you don't see until someone points it out to you and now that is all you can see.

This might hint at the game being rushed for the E3 show. Now the question is, is this hinting at the game being rushed to be ready for launched? Lets hope not

WhiskyWhiskers1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )


My exact thoughts as well. Hopefully for their sake it isn't the latter because what I see now is not good.

My biggest concern is knowing that they really have had a lot of time to work on this game, so I kind of feel even for E3 it should have been presented much better than this at least but it is always possible this all could change.

For instance like I pointed out previously by the time it is actually released it will be 3 years they have had to work on this. To give people an idea of what can be done in that time "The Last of Us" was made in just two years.

I guess only time will tell.

Tontus1705d ago

@WhiskyWhiskers The Last of Us was in development for 3 1/2 years actually, when Naughty Dog finished Uncharted 2 they split the team in two and went on a hiring spree. One team started on Uncharted 3 with the other on The Last of Us.

It was announced by a developer on Ryse that it has only been in production for 1.5 years and their already crunching to get the game done by November.

thorstein1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

Excellent blog. The sad thing is that you missed other mistakes. I mean, you really could pick this thing apart. I don't know how anyone can say: this looks fantastic. The gameplay vids didn't look anything different than current gen is already offering. This looks like a shoddy QTE heavy mess.

MysticStrummer1711d ago

I wouldn't go so far as to call it a mess, but I've definitely been amazed to see people calling this the best looking game they've seen. It looks like what it is, which is a 360 game converted to One as a launch title.

I thought it looked entertaining, just not graphically impressive when compared to other next gen games on both consoles.

slivery1711d ago

What did they miss? You could have posted it here like they asked.

thorstein1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

@Mystic I agree, but I also think that Titanfall looks far better.


Okay: 1st Screen Shot from the Blog: A)The ships are way too shallow. There is no way those ships would come in that close to land, they are deep vessels and the one second from left is on the land.B) (Connected to A) The logs in the water aimed out to sea show how shallow the water is but look awkward sitting there esp the one on the right.c)Men fighting in the water are not even in up to their ankles but 20 feet from shore.
2nd Screen Shot: A)The Protagonist is not holding the sword tightly. Way too loose to make a killing blow. B)His gigantor arm comes right out of the collar bone. No shoulder. C)The layered armor is clipping the leather strap running up the body D)Does the dying man have only a thumb on his right hand? What are those fingers on the other side of his helmet?
3rd Screenshot: A)Why is the guy being impaled, floating and being stabbed so violently that gravity doesn't work right? B) Dying man's Right Leg, WTH? compared to his left it is like two different legs from two different people C)Protagonists skirt where it meets the armor at the knee: clipping. The whole skirt doesn't animate well with other pieces of armor.

Is that good enough?

black0o1711d ago

if i just could unsee what i saw .. anyway good work (Y)

+ Show (1) more replyLast reply 1705d ago
M-M1712d ago

Very good blog, can't wait to see how this turns out in the comments section.

reaper241712d ago

This game looks kind of... lazy. If it had a deep combat system, like Dark Souls, it would be different. But the first video didn´t look too promising.

HammadTheBeast1711d ago

Kinect usually doesn't allow for deep combat systems, thus the focus on QTE's to spice it up.

reaper241711d ago

In the stage demo, they didn't use kinect, it was just a controller. I believe they took the gestures form the old kinect game and replaced them with QTEs. They didn't want to implement a new combat system and make this game good.

Pintheshadows1712d ago

Wow, that is absolutely shocking. With the first image I get the impression that those soldiers have been placed for the purpose of the screenshot and nothing more. They clearly aren't interactive NPC's. But what a shoddy job.

GamerGuy1531712d ago

I have never understood the excitement behind this game. Although I do enjoy the historical timeframe and the basic premise, the combat just seems so bland and repetitive for me. I couldn't imagine going through the entire game playing the way they did in the demos.

lex-10201711d ago

The thing that you need to remember about this historical time frame is that the game is wrong. The Romans were, and still are, praised at having the most disciplined military ever. Under no circumstances ever would a bunch of Romans just charge head first up a beach. They would form shield walls and phalanx to provide maximum defense to get up the beach. The would move as a unit only breaking the phalanx when they performed a unanimous strike together as a unit and than they went straight back to a phalanx. It's almost as if Crytek had no idea how Romans fought were were just like oh hey let's do guys with swords.

PrimeGrime1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

Well said, bubble for you.

SilentNegotiator1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

"I have never understood the excitement behind this game"

It started as another game for people to use to hype up the idea that Kinect can be used for hardcore games (hint: that never works out because the idea is fundamentally flawed), and originally on the Xbox 360 where exclusives were getting more and more sparse every year.

Now it can be played with a controller and is a launch game, so it is also being hyped as some amazing AAA title, when the reality is that it's still just a game made primarily with Kinect in mind, with all of the expected limitations.

It will launch, probably get ~80 average (the new 70 in the age of reviewers getting all of their revenue from publishers' ads), be talked up by Xbox guys as revolutionary, and then be nearly forgotten mere months later.