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So I just beat Arkham City, am currently working through the remainder of the Riddler challenges and I have been on a hard Batman kick since mid March. Picked up Dark Knight Rises and thought it was awesome I gotta re-watch Dark Knight because I don't want to unfairly judge the Joker but the Bane voice was really cool. And I've been watching all the Batman stuff I can on netflix. I starting watching Batman Beyond last night after I got home from intoxicating myself and damn that is a cool series. For those that don't know Batman Beyond takes place in a cyberpunk Gotham where Batman had been retired for twenty or so years and Wayne trains a younger man Terry McGinnis to take his place. You got crazy cool technology, lazer weapons, flying cars everything a dystopian city needs plus the bat. I've watched the hole series as a boy but the finer details escape me as of now.

Now I hear that the next Batman game is Arkham Origins which takes place in the 60's and that could be really cool depending how they use that era in the game for good or bad. How great would it be to play as the not so sure of himself batman. If the game starts with Bruce being trained by the league of shadows that would be really awesome. Lets hope Kevin Conroy keeps voicing the Dark Knight and not Adam West. I have faith that those at Rocksteady know exactly what they are doing. Asylum was an October Horse and City is a held in high regard by many of us. That and they did there research in the lore. I'm sure criticism is out there but the Batman series are great games. Like in City with Catwoman, I really hope you get either Batgirl or Robin on certain missions or Nightwing for that matter.

Back to the point, I think a cyber-punk Gotham with a lot of the same game mechanics of the previous two but improved through the next gen. It would give a lot of options with the new suits abilities. You could fly around Gotham instead of just gliding and they could brilliantly mix the old with the new. And you could have game play where Bruce uses his bat-computer and does hacking type minigames or make the analysis of clues into something fun and challenging then you go back to the city and Terry gets to fly around Gotham and do his thing. The maps having been getting bigger and I think it would be awesome if an entire city map was created. It would be probably close to the size of Liberty City with buildings to go in and a sewer system.

So that's what I'd like to see. I'm sure origins will surpass the first two but I am very intrigued by the whole cyberpunk genre and Batman is the shit so it seems like a great idea to me but I'm just one ranter in the abyss that is the internet. Thanks for reading.

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sayedstafa1873d ago

I've always wanted a GOOD Batman Beyond game. His stealth in the show always made me think of Cyborg Ninja of MGS. And the huge open world city with flying cars would be really awesome if done right.

TopDudeMan1873d ago

If they give me more of the same gameplay featured in city and asylum, then I'll be one happy d00d.