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Video Game Collecting

Video Game Collecting

"The Beginner's Guide"
"The 10 Basics"

By WackoDaSniper
Written 9-2-12
Published 3-24-14

If you're reading this, you're probably wanting to know more about video game collecting. Well, we all know it's not an easy or cheap collecting interest. Although it is a fun & challenging but enjoyable journey. There are thousands of things to learn, but we'll learn the 10 basics for now.

1. Discover if you're truly dedicated

-Make sure this is where you want to go, you don't want to be half-way down the road and change your mind.
Determine the destiny of your new hobby.

2. Sort out financial figures

-Find out if you can financially afford to be able to collect video games. It can be very costly especially when you come across rare & expensive games; and there are thousands of games to collect.

3. What do you currently own?

-Sort out what you currently own and decide where you want to go.
Which games do you own? Are they valuable? Are you a Nintendo fan? An Xbox Addict? You need to know because this is a key part of the beginning of your video game collecting journey.

4. Find your collecting style

-What's your collecting style? Do you search for specific games? Console-specific games? Or do you just stumble upon games you like and buy them? You can collect for one console or collect for many. There are many different styles, so find one that fits you and your budget.

5. Where to find the treasure...

-Now this is the adventurous part.
Video games of all kinds can be found almost anywhere but it depends on the type of game you are looking for. If you're the Xbox 360/PS3/Wii type collector, places such as GameStop, Best Buy, and eBay are for you. If you're the next gen type collector, it's your choice on what to do. Next gen games will be abundant but expensive and may not be worth much for a long. long time, so you might not want to get into that. But be sure to compare prices so you can get the best bang for your buck. If you're looking for NES/N64/GCN titles, you'll have to shop elsewhere. But don't worry, it's more fun than hunting the newer games. eBay is a great place to find old classics. Even the most rare games in history were sold on eBay. Nintendo Campus Challenge, the rarest video game of all time, sold on eBay for around $30K. But, you can also get steals such as old GameCube games for $5 where as at GameStop, they would be $10 (when they sold them). If you get lucky, you'll be able to grab a sealed copy of a game, rare or not, for cheap. Many rare copies have been found in personal storage or warehouses and have been auctioned off without the seller knowing their real value. Other great places to find games are pawn shops, flea markets, thrift stores, yard/garage sales, estate sales, and even Goodwill. I found some old stuff at Goodwill for cheap. I saw an old GameCube with a Gameboy Player Adapter on the bottom for $50, and I also saw an old PS1 game, but what I really noticed was the old Xbox games. None of them were rare but I did see a limited edition copy of Mech Assault 2 (can't remember exact name) with 2 discs and a rare unscratched 2003 edition 2 month xbox live gold membership card. (Looked old compared to now).
But my point is, you really can find gaming gems at unlikely places.

6. Storage
-Where you gonna put all your jewels? Take it from a collecting expert......don't neglect your items. Buy a shelf, put them in preservation cases, treat them like babies....okay maybe not that far. But you see what I'm saying; store them in a room temperature, low humidity, zero sunlight area. Games and cases can be damaged if they are exposed to these elements. Preferably a basement would be best. They make a bootleg gaming room. But, please, take care of your jewels...I mean video games.

7. Know your games......
-When collecting any type of item, you always have to be aware of fakes and such. For example, false listings are an issue with eBay; people say they have a certain item but it turns out it's not what you thought it was when you bought it, and you can't tell if the seller tricked you intentionally or not. Places such as GameStop, pawn shops, Goodwill, etc. are reputable because you can identify the game hands-on. But if you're buying from an online service, make sure the seller is reputable and trusted. Another common issue is the edition/version of a game. People all the time get tricked into buying a game they thought was a certain edition, but it wasn't. You need to know the game before you buy it. Like I say, "Know before you go". Make sure it is the right edition/version you want. Another thing is reproductions. This is more common with cartridge-style games because CD/DVD type games are copyright protected and hard to replicate. Cartridge-type games are easy to replicate and can appear to be legitimate and sold off to someone who does not know these dangers. That's why I'm here to help you avoid these situations. Most sellers will say if it's a reproduction-game or not, but you always want to keep for eye out for scammers.

8. Take inventory/Never sell*
-Have you ever bought or received a second copy of a game you already own? We all know it's annoying, so that's why you need to take inventory. You don't want to waste money on something you already have, unless it's a sealed, rare copy or something that may be worth money someday. But, take inventory, it's very important that you do. Also, don't sell your collection off immediately. This is critical. If you did, you would have defeated the whole purpose of collecting video games. Hold on to your items for a while, they may be worth something someday....(if you're the collect n' sell type.) I personally collect for collection reasons, but also a bit for investment purposes. It's all in your style, though.

9. Got any gaming friends?
-Do you have any friends who collect or love video games as much as you do? Well, they can be helpful. You can work together to increase each others collections! Or combine to create a mega collection! (not recommended xD) But you see where I'm going? You can work together to scour the world for those hard-to-find games.

10. It's a hobby!
-Video game collecting can be a challenging, but pleasurable experience. Don't let it consume your life. Live your life while enjoying collecting. Don't worry if you just got sniped on that eBay auction for that rare, sealed copy of Zelda for NES; another will come around. Enjoy collecting and take it easy.

Well, you've learned the basics. Welcome to the collecting world!
Enjoy your stay!.....but mostly your life ;)

Written 9-2-12
Published 3-24-14

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