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The Great 9/11 Grand Theft Auto V Leak

Social media outlets such as Reddit, the GTAV Net forums and YouTube were exploding tonight with hype, the screams of a thousand school-girls and the understandable frothing of the loins when someone, somewhere, somehow obtained an early copy of Grand Theft Auto V. Rockstar Games' upcoming, highly anticipated instalment in the Grand Theft Auto franchise has been undeniably on everyone's radar since the company - for the first time in their history - released official gameplay not only for single-player, but for Grand Theft Auto Online as well, prior to the game's launch.

Rockstar had recently issued a press release warning against the inevitable leakage that would be coming any time between now and the game's pending launch on 17 September this year. A gamer and Grand Theft Auto fan by the name of Jsticks11 on Vine and JackzahGames on YouTube took it upon himself to take screenshots and record gameplay footage before posting the media online, despite Rockstar's request against it and their warning that anything posted will be taken down immediately and swift consequences will follow.

Yesterday, image scans and photos of the official map provided in the Brady Games strategy guide arrived on the Internet and were taken down almost immediately. Gamers speculated that it served merely as foreshadowing of bigger exposures to come; and they were right.

The subsequent leaks provided gameplay footage that showcased spoilerific content that gamers across the globe viewed at their own discretion and content that was posted to Reddit as well as the GTAV Net forums were taken down almost immediately. YouTube videos are slowly, but surely being removed one-by-one and one can only imagine that the team over at Rockstar Games is jumping over chairs to make sure any and every leak is properly sealed.

According to multiple sources, speculation and insights, the gamer that provided the leaks was playing his copy of Grand Theft Auto V while signed into Microsoft's Xbox Live service and thus exposed himself to the teams at Rockstar Games and Xbox. The subsequent consequence resulted in a console ban, effective immediately.

Xbox is not clear on the results of a console ban/suspension: according to their website, their lack of explanation on this consequence is given reason. "To protect the Xbox LIVE service and its members, Microsoft does not provide details about console bans. There is no recourse for Terms of Use violations." In short, breaking the Terms and Conditions of Use (TCoU) significantly will result in either an account ban/suspension or a console ban/suspension and there is no if's and's or but's about it; they also apparently reserve the right to not explain your actions causing the penalisation or how to circumvent it.

Speculation suggests that purchasing a new Xbox 360 console will circumvent the console ban/suspension, but in the case of the person that leaked the Grand Theft Auto V content, Microsoft might have gone as far to ban/suspend not only his console, but his account and perhaps even his IP address. Needless to say, there is no circumventing that. "Customer Support for Xbox Live cannot undo an Xbox Live suspension for a console. Xbox Live console suspensions may also include permanent suspensions of Xbox Live accounts as well." There is neither confirmation nor denial of reserving the ability or right to ban/suspend a user's IP address; with that being said, purchasing a new Xbox Live subscription on a new console under a different gamertag might allow a suspended user to continue service. Otherwise, I'm afraid the man responsible for the leaks is SOL.

Rumour suggests that Rockstar Games implemented a mandatory update for Grand Theft Auto V that serves as a failsafe of sorts; when installed, the update notifies Rockstar if the update was installed before the game's official release date of 17 September, which allows them to gather the required information to contact Microsoft or Sony and follow up with a punishment for breaking the TCoU. It's not a stretch to imagine whatsoever.

With that being said, it begs the question: were the consequences worth leaking the footage? Definitely not. It seems Rockstar Games is pulling out all the stops to ensure that nothing they haven't released themselves is published online and justice, ladies and gentlemen, has been served.

Grand Theft Auto V launches officially in T-minus five days and counting, on 17 September 2013.

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FogLight1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

That is an interesting blog, and I think that a console ban is a bit too much for the leaker. Yes, he had an early access to the most currently anticipated game of 2013 but it is possible that he got it with his own money so banning a console because of playing a game that you bought early before few days of release date? I would understand if it the game was leaked like Halo Reach did but there were only like four or five days remaining.

And the idea about "fail-safe" update is interesting too. It could be possible that R* and MS planned this but I don't know, maybe they just detected him playing since he was online while playing GTA V which is a mistake in the leaker's part.

The leaks were to expected and here it was. I am not surprised that all of this commotion occurred today and I think that I am not the only one... At least I think so :/

Anyway, thank you for the enjoyable blog :)

Count1747d ago

It doesn't take a genius to foresee the consequences of leaking stuff.

FogLight1747d ago

That is true, especially for a big game like GTA V.

colonel1791746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

Well, banning him is a complete overreaction. Microsoft should have just suspended him for the days remaining until it launches or something less severe. If he has to buy a new console because of this, me in that position, I would ban Microsoft from my life and never buy a product from them again.

I got God of War 3, two weeks before launch, and I was playing it and a lot of people asked me why I had trophies if the game hadn't come out yet. The same with Mario Galaxy 2. I had that one 1 month before release.

So I don't get why Microsoft has to ban someone. The store sold it and is not the costumer fault. As well as if you are watching his videos, then is your responsibility. Now, if he had hacked the game, or done something illegal, then it would be understandable, but I don't think this is the case.

colinf4381747d ago

Indeed. I played black ops 2 for several days before the release and nothing happened, nor was I worried! A console ban is a little much.

SanMarco1747d ago

Great Blog, I feel Safe....For Now.

socks1747d ago

9/11 and this leak have only a date in common. How about a tasteful title next time.

Valenka1746d ago

I didn't write the title to reflect the terrorist attack twelve years ago; I would have used the same title if the date was 9/10 or 9/12. It's called irony, friend.

WitWolfy1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

9/11 happened 12 years ago and trying to make an attempt to connect these two scenarios together is pathetic on your part.

Might as well say that Tsunami of 2005 is also referenced every time when people use 12/25 in their title.


Valenka1746d ago

Thanks, WitWolfy.

Like I said, I didn't intentionally use the date of the leak in the title to reflect the terrorist attack. That's disrespectful and distasteful.

I feel bad for the user, socks, since he or she must be horribly bored to patronise me for a slice of irony.

Socks, if I might recommend getting a day job? It might help ease the anxiety of being home, harassing people all the time.

socks1746d ago

By kids for kids. Eventually the logic part of the brain develops.

1747d ago