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An Insight into the Controversy of Tomb Raider

As of late, there has been an uproar of disgruntled and frustrated gamers who have been up in arms about a theorized rape scene in Tomb Raider, the upcoming reboot to the franchise by Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics. For a brief insight into the plot (spoilers may follow, so please read at your own discretion), Lara Croft along with her mentor, Conrad Roth, and several other sailors aboard the research vessel, Endurance, are shipwrecked and stranded on an island in The Dragon's Triangle, off the coast of Japan. After a short while of island exploration, Lara learns that she and her comrades are not alone, as the plethora of shipwrecks and plane crashes before theirs would signify--the previous survivors who've crash-landed on the island are still there, and prove to be antagonists for Lara and her friends.

In the latest trailer for the game, simply titled 'Crossroads', we're shown footage from a point toward the climax of the game, where Lara and several other survivors are captured by Russian antagonists who plan to execute them for no apparent reason. During the scene, Lara (who's hands are tied behind her back)escapes and hides in a run-down shack, but is found by the leader of the group who holds her at gunpoint and orders her out. Following this, the man pushes her against a wall of the shack. The Russian runs his hand down Lara's stomach before she knees him in the crotch and attempts to run. The man stops her however and proceeds to caress her arm and either breathe or lick her neck (it isn't quite clear) before Lara bites part of his ear off and knocks him to the ground. The man drops his gun and Lara manages to untie one of her arms and grab the gun. The Russian dives on top of her and struggles for control of the firearm, attempting to point it at Lara's face. Lara wins the struggle and blows out part of the antagonist's head.

Now, allow me to pause here for a moment. Should anyone watch the Crossroads trailer, or even view the leaked footage of the cutscene, one would understand that there is no rape involved, nor is it attempted. The extent of the scene is sexual assault, as Crystal Dynamics explained in an official statement today. However, that by no means should reflect any justification of the event on my part. I do not condone any sort of uninvited advances, sexual or otherwise, whether it be in fiction or in real life situations. In spite of this, though, I must remind everyone and I cannot stress enough that it is just a video game. That doesn't by any means make the inclusion of rape, attempted rape, or sexual assault okay, but the video game was given an appropriate Mature/PEGI 18 rating.

Allow me to quote an article from The Average Gamer that discusses this issue in a rather immature and disturbing manner, claiming that Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics are using rape as a plot device: "Crystal Dynamics are trying to show Lara's character development but using an attempted rape as that key moment just feels lazy and out of character." "In a ruined and burning village when a man finds a good-looking female survivor trying to escape with her hands tied behind her back, the best course of action is for him to…kiss her on the neck? Throw her to the ground and try to stick his dick in her? We’ve already seen that other men are in the village, standing guard only meters away and none of them come to her aid. It’s safe to assume that this behaviour is deemed acceptable among his group. In a survival setting all men are rapists now, is that what Crystal Dynamics trying to say?"

I sat in my chair for a good thirty minutes and scratched my head, unable to possibly fathom the ignorance and stupidity that article was dripping with. If I may first start off by reiterating once more that there was no rape scene included in the game, nor was there any actions of the Russian antagonist attempting or actually throwing Lara to the ground and "try[ing] to stick his dick in her." Debbie Timmins, the author of the article has clearly imagined the entire scene, because there is not a single way in Hell that anyone who's actually watched either the trailer or the leaked footage would make that much of an off-track and far-fetched assumption.

To further analyse the quote from the article, the author mentions the other men in the village and how none of them come to her aid. Well, let's see, Miss Timmins: do you honestly expect anyone who sees their leader doing something deemed wrong and inappropriate by most societies to sprint to the rescue and cross him? If the answer is yes, I'd like to know what films you've been watching, books you've been reading, and video games you've been playing, because I cannot think of a single time an antagonist suddenly decided to change their philosophy, motives, and behaviour because someone is being victimised. "In a survival setting all men are rapists now, is that what Crystal Dynamics trying to say?" I take it she's never been to prison either.

Now that I've finished taking the mick out of the utter rubbish contained in that article, I can move onto more important matters. To further address the controversy, I will defend Crystal Dynamics by stating the obvious that Tomb Raider is just a video game, that the man attempted to sexually assault Lara and his reward was getting shot in the face, blah, blah, blah. Now more importantly, I will defend Lara Croft and state that there are much more tasteful and appropriate methods of executing that scene. Crystal Dynamics could have just made the Russian antagonist make some sort of sexist remark, or verbally observe Lara's beauty, to which Lara gets disgusted and offended to the point where she attacks him. It's a decent way to get the message across, not require Lara to lose any dignity in lieu of the assault, and show a woman overpowering her assailants and enemies and rising to victory.

There is no denying that while there isn't anything technically "wrong" in the scene because it's just a video game, one needs to agree that there are much more appropriate methods of getting the same point across. As I've suggested and plenty others, I'm sure, that make the same point and avoid offending the audience or simply put, avoiding giving bored "journalists" something to bitch about.

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SeekDev2170d ago

"I take it she's never been to prison either." Haha, that's golden. Great read. I think it's fine how the trailer went down, I mean, if video games are supposed to progress, we have to keep an open mind. Using reason, we should deduce that no one is condoning this behaviour. There's been plenty worse done in the movie industry, anyways. These villains are cold, not teddy bears.

s45gr322169d ago

Unfortunately the mentality that games are for kids or toys persist till this day. I am appalled by the disgruntled gamers and journalists being disgusted or shocked by the non-existant rape scene. Lara gets attacked sexually that is it. Movies and books rape or sexual innuendo is okay. Bullcrap if is ok for films it should be okay for games. Is time to realize that adults also play videogames.

Valenka2169d ago

Precisely. I mean, what about Heavy Rain? In one point of the game, Madison is held at gunpoint and forced to strip and dance. Where's the complaints and archive of articles about that?

Trenta272169d ago

Great job. You just spoiled the game for a few people.

caseh2168d ago


Indeed, that kind of detail has completely ruined the game for me now. Being told some girl dances at gunpoint has unraveled the entire plot of Heavy Rain and made the game not worth playing any longer...

For anyone whos not played Uncharted, people get shot...oh boy now i've done it, I just ruined the entire series.

dredgewalker2168d ago

Wait....people got shot in Uncharted? How dare you ruin the game for me!

s45gr322166d ago

That is true there was nothing alarming or controversial when it came to heavy rain from videogame journalists. Check out this podcast the third chair

It also talks about the non-existant rape scene of lara.

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mechlord2168d ago

the article is completely bullshit. even if lara was raped, so what?

Hufandpuf2168d ago

I think that whole sequence was unnecessary. It didn't advance the plot at all and it was a needless addition to the game.

Valenka2168d ago (Edited 2168d ago )

No offence to you, Hufandpuf, but people who keep saying that seriously grind my gears. The whole situation was the climax and turning point of Lara's character. His taking advantage of her was distracting him, allowing her to attack and go for the gun, to which led to her first human kill. It did advance the plot and the addition wasn't needless.

However, like I said in the blog, there are plenty of other ways to have implemented a traumatizing turning point for Lara, leading to her first human kill, all of which do not involve taking advantage of a woman. Say, one of her friends about to be killed, or even Lara herself, more interestingly.

Hufandpuf2168d ago

"there are plenty of other ways to have implemented a traumatizing turning point for Lara, leading to her first human kill, all of which do not involve taking advantage of a woman. Say, one of her friends about to be killed, or even Lara herself, more interestingly."

exactly, which is why many people believe that. Its stupid to find out that the reason why she becomes who she is later is because someone groped her. It would have been way better if she killed someone for protecting the girl, like you suggested.

dredgewalker2167d ago

But can we blame the guy for groping her? :P Let's all be honest here and admit that we all want to grope her.