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Preorder Bonuses Already In-Game

Game companies have always had methods of reeling in customers when it comes to releasing new video games; whether it be launch parties, merchandise giveaways, or even store exclusives. It's usually divided up by GameStop, Best Buy, and even Amazon (the latter excluded from the launch party option) in which each store will promote something that would whet the appetites of gamers, and force them to choose which store has the bonus offer that appeals to them most, even though most of those bonuses will come later as purchasable downloadable content.

It's recently come to my attention that with Silent Hill Downpour, the trio of stores (aforementioned) had promotional in-game items that was claimed to only be available when you pre-order the game from a respective retailer. With all three stores, they offered weapons that the protagonist could use against the evil residing within Silent Hill. GameStop offered I believe a nail gun and a double edged axe; Best Buy offered a Desert Eagle and a baseball bat; and Amazon offered a rifle and a golf club. I guess it all came down to what you'd prefer Murphy Pendleton to wield against the unspeakable demons of the deserted town.

However, as I only absent-mindedly picked up the game a few days ago, I hadn't any idea about these bonuses. I haven't played a Silent Hill game since Silent Hill 3 (not counting my unfinished playthrough of Homecoming). As I found myself leaving a section of the game called Devil's Pit, I came across a rusted, green locker with a digital padlock. Naturally, it appealed to me; there has to be something of interest in there, so I used my favourite search engine to find out how I could unlock it.

Lo and behold, the passcode to the locker was received when one preordered the game...or so we were told. It appears that there are indeed three different codes to the locker and each code gives you two weapons (previously listed with each respective retailer); these codes being universal and able to use in any game, regardless of your preorder or lack thereof. Naturally, a Desert Eagle appealed to me the most, so I used that code and sure enough, it worked.

I find it rather terrific that game companies and retailers would bluff like this just to gain an amount of preorders, and lead us to believe we would have restricted access to the promoted in-game weapons, depending on which retailer we went with. Basically, even if you preordered and purchased the game through Amazon, you can still use GameStop's or Best Buy's preorder bonus code, and vice versa.

Needless to say, I'll use a different code with each playthrough of Silent Hill Downpour. Thanks for that, Konami and you awesome retailers, you.

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Emilio_Estevez2054d ago

That's pretty funny, don't they know how the internets work?

coolbeans2053d ago

Great detective work :). *raises glass* Here's to more developers screwing up (accidental or not) bad business practices in the future.

Valenka2053d ago

Thanks, coolbeans! Talk about an accidental but beneficial discovery!

2052d ago
Commander-Koslun2050d ago

Huh... neat find, Valenka! I've been meaning to rent this Game from Gamefly but it's very low. Anyways, good blog.

2043d ago