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365 Days of Gaming - Day 13: NFS Most Wanted

I was pretty skeptical about this title until I watched my friend play it and decided it was not only worth playing, but worth writing about. I find that Need for Speed honours the illegal street racing theme much better than Midnight Club does - mainly because of the simple fact that gameplay is better, in my opinion anyway. I like the customization in Most Wanted but the driving mechanics could be improved - it seems no matter what car you drive, it's stiff and sometimes hard to manage, even on the simplest turns and drifts.

The story follows your character who's at the top of the racing food chain with a customized BMW M3, winning races left and right until a rival racer, Razor, sabotages the player's car to win the race and the pink slip. The player's partner in crime, so to speak, Mia Townsend helps the player rise back through the ranks and reclaim his BMW from Razor and take him completely out of the racing scene for good.

I found myself enjoying Most Wanted much more than Midnight Club: Los Angeles in lieu of the gameplay. True, the driving could be improved, but overall I find it to be a much more enjoyable experience. The game is deeper, grittier, and a lot more fun. It seems though that in Most Wanted, you're always hurting for money because you spend most of your earnings customizing your vehicle in order for it to be proper competition in a race - the further you get, the harder the races become, and if you're vehicle isn't up to speed on upgrades, you're sure to lose.

I've been in the mood for racing, so I might pick up Need for Speed: The Run along with Hot Pursuit as well, so you can expect blogs on those two games in the future.

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Hufandpuf2280d ago

Most Wanted was the last Good Need for Speed game before their downfall. the game even showed signs of it. For instance customization was limited to body kits unlike the past Underground 2 (which was the best IMO). I liked NFS: Carbon though.

Brownghost2280d ago

underground 2 was amazing, wish EA would remake it

Hufandpuf2280d ago

or just make Underground 3. Remember when you could take pictures of your car and it'd appear in magazines? That was awesome.

Brownghost2280d ago

lol i remember especially the ones with the sexy chicks

TopDudeMan2280d ago

This was a brilliant game, but 2010's hot pursuit was a great game, too.

coolbeans2280d ago

I agree, it would be Underground 2, followed closely by NFS2: Hot Pursuit.

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morkendo232278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

ehhhh,dont know about you guys last time i check UGD2 was like open world (driving around) in a neighborhood no where to go or do. like driving around a airport or on a highway to nowhereville. no races that i've found. mostwanted?? toooooo much time attacks,time trials,escaping from cop SUV's track you down like wanted doggs so in my opinion MOSTWANTED was and still is the WORST NFS ever!!! CARBON: wanna-be copy of Fast and the Furious. criterions HOTPURSUIT was a EXTREME disappointing let down just as prostreets,undercover,the run. only NEED FOR SPEED still reign SUPREME to this day is HOTPURSUIT 2 ps2 criterion was close but reminded me more of burnout (never did like any of burnout titles)to me criterion was trying to make need for speed without being need for speed by adding CRASHING to its format. maybe with criterions 2nd NFS title this year they fixed all the WANNA-BE burnout issues and realize NFS fans dont want burnout features in need for speed game.