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365 Days of Gaming - Day 11: Battlefield 3

Valenka | 1412d ago
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I digress; Battlefield 3 is an amazing game. Despite previous opinions, now that I've finally gotten the hang of it, found a map I enjoy and a weapon that suits me, I find that I enjoy the game so much more. I discovered that with a PP-2000 with a silencer, ACOG, and laser sight or tactical light (assault kit) on Kharg Island is where I shine. Getting at least 10 kills and no more than 5 deaths a match, I find myself progressing through the ranks at an admirable speed.

I discovered through a video on YouTube that Kharg Island is the best map for beginners - close quarters and all the hecticness makes for a good getting used to. With a shotgun in hand, you're good to go. However, I found I make much more progress with my aforementioned PP-2000 with attachments thanks to the rapid fire and lack of need to get directly up close.

Although, I must admit, it gets annoying going through a good round of team deathmatch on Kharg Island and then the next round is in a map I can't tolerate, have to go back to the menu and reselect a quick match on Kharg Island yet again, only to be thrown in a match that's about to end. I wish they'd implement some sort of system that would allow you to keep being put into matches of a specific map once the previous match ended. But that's a stretch that I'm asking for.

But as I was saying, I just think it took some getting used to before I was able to see the game for what it is - an excellent first person shooter with a lot to offer. I'm still trying to understand the basics of being a recon solider and discovering good spots to use a sniper rifle and get used to using one, but one step at a time.

bwazy  +   1410d ago
If you're playing BF3 for TDM, you're doing it wrong.
Valenka  +   1409d ago
LOL true story. But I'm not playing just for TDM. I'm just playing TDM until I get used to the game.
bwazy  +   1409d ago
Fair enough, but getting used to the game in TDM is like learning to swim in a bathtub, your gonna have some hard times ahead when thrown into the ocean.
Valenka  +   1409d ago
True enough. I suppose I should dip my foot in other pools, so to speak.
PixL  +   1409d ago
UMP-45 is way better than PP-2000. I loved PP-2000 in BFBC2 but here it sucks in comparison. Also, if you like PDW weapons, try PDW-R and P90 when you have a chance. They're both very good.

TDM is a blasphemy put into BF to cater for the COD crowd. What really differentiates BF from other shooters' DM games is SQDM. But you need cooperating teammates to rule in that. I spent 500+ hours playing this mode in BFBC2. Here it is less tactical and more quick-reflex-luck thing but it still has no alternative in any FPS I know. Of course nothing beats Conquest but objective modes make K/D not important at all and some people just like to kill.
Fylus  +   1410d ago
TDM on Battlefield is insanely addictive. My personal favorite though is Rush. It's big and open, the way Battlefield is supposed to be, but still fast paced like TDM. People who say BF is slower than MW definitely haven't even played it in this case. I've honestly found BF3 to be MUCH faster under the right circumstances.
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pinkyxyz  +   1410d ago
Just getting used to the weapons and different maps, but i have to say that the game is really irritating imo UNTIL you open up attachments for your weapons. Its amazing what a red dot sight attachment can do for any gun with high recoil. Thats when I really started enjoying the multiplayer.
birdykilla  +   1409d ago
Well I've unlocked a hell of a lot of gun upgrades for many different types of guns. I started out only playing with Assault class for a long while until I became frustrated with the lack of anti-tank, and anti-air teammates on almost every match. I switched to Engineer class and started wreaking havok with tanks and buggies. Problem I have is the anti-air. its quite irritating to say the least. I aim at flying object until it locks on, then I wait for it to use its flares. Once it does then I can get a free shot on it, but I have to do so quickly before it gets another round of flares. Most of the time, two things happen it either flies away or it will not use its flares waiting me out. Knowing that the only way to shoot down air targets is to wait for the flares to go off so it won't use them.

One time I waited like at least 10 seconds and once I finally said ok I'll go ahead and shoot, as soon as the rocket got a little close to hitting it then he used the flares. Ohh and if I am able to actually get a hit on one then I'm not done yet I need another hit if not two more.
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PixL  +   1409d ago
A tip for you my friend: when you lock on an air vehicle, wait a second and unlock the target. He will think you fired a rocket and will spawn flares. After he does, quickly lock him on again and shoot! You have just a few seconds for the second lock so it's not easy but works fine if the jet/chopper crew has only one set of flares.

Also, don't take the torch unless you're a gunner on a tank and helping somebody. Take mines, place them everywhere you think vehicles may go, two at the time. Don't use Javelin, they suck. Take unguided rocket and learn to aim at tanks. With explosive perk, you get 9 rockets and 6 mines, quite a lot. If you're out of rockets, you can sneak on the tank and put mines next to it. Then throw a nade and he's history.
birdykilla  +   1409d ago
By that time I'm getting shot at by ground troops or tanks. Ohh and the javelin only has two rounds, it usually takes two rounds to kill a tank anyways. Then your left with nothing but a repair tool which can kill a stupid tank, but normally the tank drives off or the driver gets out and shoots me down real quick. I can steal the tank the second he gets out, but once I do I usually get blown up by C4 or rockets.

I'm so tired of getting shot at before I even take off with a jet or heli. Can ppl please switch classes and shoot down flying objects or blow up tanks. If at least a couple ppl try at the same time it's easy there's not enough flares or repairing that can save em at that point. But does that ever happen no. I guess this game is alot like Left 4 Dead in the sense that you really do need friends to play the damn thing. Sadly I play on my PS3 with no headset and no friends. All my friends are on my 360 and they are always playing MW3. Screw that!
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birdykilla  +   1409d ago
I'm this close to calling it quits with this damn game. I've tried to love it and wish I did or could. BF3 just pisses me off more than it makes me happy. More so than even MW2 and MW3 did. At least with Modern Warfare I can rape ppl and not have to worry about such shit like not being able to do something that the game should be able to do easy like shoot down flying objects. When there's always two jets and sometimes two helicopters flying around and then it's so damn hard just to shoot down one of them. Ohh and then the damn things will respawn a little while after you shoot them down. It's pathetic.
Nes_Daze  +   1409d ago
TDM and the rest of the online multiplayer in BF3 have little in common. I started off mostly in conquest, and man did I have a rough time. Now I know not to cross the street when its too quiet, to avoid tanks unless I'm an engineer or support, to use everything or anything I can for cover, etc., TDM won't teach you any of that unfortunately. Once you get the idea of BF3 online, you might consider it miles ahead of Mw3, like I do. :)
ZILLA  +   1408d ago
ive been playing BATTLEFIELD since BAD COMPANY oasis beta and when playing BATTLEFIELD 3 best bet is shotgun or sniper on defend and machine gun or sub machine gun on attack.also i like using the MAV on attack and T-UGS on defend by the creates and your set.see you on the...B A T T L E F I E L D
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