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365 Days of Gaming - Day 7: Battlefield 3

I thought this would be a different change of pace than the previous blog entries: Battlefield 3. Let me first start out by saying in order to play this game properly, you're going to need a glass of hard liquour and/or a cigarette, a clear head (which mildly contradicts the liquour recommendation), lots of patience, and time to kill. I spent a good twelve hours of gameplay before I finally got used to how the game modes work in online play and before I got used to the required strategy you'll need per mode.

I spend a lot of the time playing team deathmatch because it's a good mode to start out in - with everyone running around like headless cocks (no pun intended) it makes for a good way to gain a handsome sum of kills by the end of the match. I prefer to play on smaller maps for the close-quarter combat effect, and with a shotgun in hands, I can't go wrong. Unless of course someone with a ballistic scope on a sniper rifle or someone with an ACOG on an FN2000 gets me in their crosshairs...then I'm going down. I realize that the game is much more enjoyable when you've got a fair balance of players with different ranks. I'm a mere rank six, so going into a match where everyone is rank 30+ isn't a good strategical move if I want to have a fun and thrilling round.

Battlefield 3 will get on your nerves - make no mistake. It's not a game you can just pick up and play, especially considering it's much more in-depth (strategy and gameplay wise) than it's...rival, I guess you could say, Call of Duty. In Call of Duty, it's easy to just pick up the controller and run around shooting recklessly, whereas in Battlefield 3, those sorts of actions will get you killed within the first seven seconds. I found that your best bet for starting out is getting yourself the assault rifle for either the Americans or Russians, and stick with no more than three members of your team. It'll keep you from being killed as quickly if you were on your own and you have a fighting chance of killing the enemy or enemies that just gunned down your squadmate. Going in solo is a death wish, and going in with a big group won't get you a kill in edgewise. I learned this the hard way, and screwed up my kill/death ratio in the process. But when you're a "n00b" in any game of the genre, that's bound to happen until your skill improves.

What irks me the most is that I am a fan of recon. I like finding a good perch, setting up my sights on a quality sniper rifle, and having a spot of good fun. Battlefield 3 proves this to be impossible until you're at least rank 30. Why? By the time you get to rank 30, you'll have enough experience to know the do's and don'ts of being a sniper. So until then, I'm better off with my assault rifle on single-shot (ecksnay the full-auto) or in CQC, my seven round shotgun.

Battlefield 3 is decent, although headache inducing and makes you want to throw your controller out the nearest window at most times. But either way, I recommend giving it a go.

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Hufandpuf2354d ago

Pro tip #1
Go find some friends to play it with.

^ That solves a LOT of problems.

Valenka2354d ago

Sounds about right, yeah. *thumbs up*

Hufandpuf2354d ago

I find that playing with friends an using tactics is MUCH better than playing alone and dying all the time. It makes the game feel, lonely. The game is much better when you're making tactics and playing objective modes like Squad Rush with a few buddies.

Valenka2354d ago

Yeah I know what you mean. I don't have any friends who play Battlefield though. They're all COD fanboys. >___> I'll have to make friends via XBL hahaha

SkittlesLikesPopcorn2352d ago

my bro smashed his keyboard with a meat mallet the first night he played bf3 lol. (and threw out the meat mallet).

it can be a super frustrating game. Not b/c people kill you, but because there are some really annoying bugs in the game. You cant walk on rocks, because you will get stuck on anything and everything. DICE sucks when it comes to this kind of stuff. You will even get stuck on blown up walls that are at most 1 foot in height. its just a clumsy game... It was released at best 1 year before it should have been. Most games nowadays are unfinished products. I learned my lesson though...

From now on I only buy GOTY versions at least 1 year after a release.

LightofDarkness2351d ago

I have almost no problems with that, but I'm playing on PC where there are dedicated servers (much lower lag in general, usually <60ms).

When I start experiencing higher lag (>100ms), I start to see the symptoms you describe, including slightly laggy movement (running in place) and having a hard time moving over coarse terrain.

It is most likely a problem with lag and XBL (an unfortunate side effect of the P2P hosting model).