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My top five memorable boss battles of all time

We all have our memorable boss battles in video games. It could be the very first boss you went against in your very first video game or you finally defeated that one really tough boss that hounded you for months. In this blog, I want to share with you my top five bosses I've encountered,(note: this is all in my opinion so don't get worked up if a boss that you liked wasn't on there) These are in no paticular order. BEWARE: THERE ARE SPOILERS!

1. Hennesey(dead to rights:ps2/xbox/gamecube/PC)

I really liked this boss battle because after what jack went through(losing his father,framed for murder,losing a few of his friends, a plane crash), it all ended with a brutal fist fight in a boiler room with his father's killer (Hennesey). In the end, you get to throw Hennesey into open flames and beat the crap out of him while he's on fire. pure awesome.....

2.solus1&2(Breakdown:xbox )

okay, so you play as cole, the only one who can take down the T'lan (beings protected by very powerful sheilds)and thier leader solus. You finally get to solus and you kick his butt. you win....for few seconds then he gets back up and beats you to near death and everything falls to crap(with a missle on top). You wake up in a tube finding out that somehow you were saved through a time device(?) and a few plot twists later you fight him again this time you finally beat him down several times. This was a very tough boss for me and it felt good to actually defeat him once and for all.

3.Death Egg(sonic 2:sega genesis)

This is the 90's and you're currently playing sonic the hedgehog 2. through trial and error you finally defeated metal sonic and you're thinking "It's time to finish robotnik off" and then that fast [email protected] runs and jumps into the death egg( a huge robot that looks like robotnik). I remember this boss very well because I kept on dying and having to start the game over becuase i ran out of lives. What made this boss challenging was the fact that you had no rings and if you died then you had to start the level over again! there were many memorable boss battles in the early sonic games but this made it to my list because of it's difficulty and because it felt great when i've finally beaten him.

4. big boss(metal gear 2:solid snake:msx)

After solid snake fights grey fox in the mine field, he encounters Big Boss. Armed with only your fists, you had to find a way to defeat big boss without a weapon. This boss fight was very creative because it forced you to create a make shift weapon while avoiding big boss's fire. When you find the spray and the lighter, you created this flame thrower which turned big boss into a pile of ash.

5.Shao kahn(MK3)

This boss is the only boss I haven't beaten yet without resorting to cheap tactics. He may dress funny but don't let that fool you, he can kick you butt within seconds and taunt you at the same time. Before the internet, I've never beaten him and it frustrated me to no end. this was my first time raging over a game and even with the internet's help I've had difficulty with fighting kahn.

In conculsion, these are my top five memorable boss battles in video games. sure most of them were difficult to me but that's what made them memorable to me. If you agree or disagree, let me know through the comments. Stay gold........bang.

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candystop2656d ago

What ever happened to Breakdown2? The first one was way underrated and probably one of the best new IP's to hit the market back then.

unknownhero11232656d ago

I so agree with you. To be honest, Breakdown was the first game I bought with my xbox. It had great controls, great gameplay, and great music. It was a shame that a sequel wasn't made.

WildArmed2656d ago

Love how you kept it old-school ^^

Kodus for that man.

Nihilism2655d ago

The most epci battle i've ever fought in a game was yiazmat in FFX12...absolutely insane, it took me about 5 hrs ( and no not of dying and trying again....because it has that much health...and it regens if you try to leave :S