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Hay guise, what's trending?

N4G article trends. Love them, hate them, you're rear end is still being stuck up in the air. If you're wondering who the beautiful gent is accompanying this blog, it's Gucci Mane, and Gucci being trendy (or not, I'm not a woman or metrosexual) is a sort of reference to the motif. I digress, I'm here to offer my 2 cents on what's trending and the idea of trending articles.

Let's start with the Anonymous-themed articles. We're nearing the (hopefully) end of the avalanche, and I for one am extremely glad. How many good articles are dwarfed by the subject of Anonymous' recourse, of which my opinion is held at neutral. This is a damn gaming site, can we all stop giving a flying duckface? Come on guys, in all seriousness, major sad face. I'm getting "blah blah, wah Geohot, blah blah, Sony, blah blah blah" shoved in my face every day. The sleuthy skills of generally great contributors are trying to eat up what you guys click on. That's a problem.

Now, let us not be confused with my hatred of articles that very loosely pertain to gaming, and articles that directly pertain to all facets of a game (I'm looking at you Halo, Uncharted, Killzone). I don't mind when people count every polygon and touch themselves to the lighting of a particular videojuego, that's great, go for it. Sometimes I really want to know details. However, when the same story is reiterated over and over in different words, or I'm given every little update that I could really care less about, that means, you shouldn't either. But wait, you're probably thinking, hey generic gas mask guy, why would you want to hear every stupid thing about a game, and not something more important, isn't that a contradiction? Well, yes, it is, but it's a game. When I go here, I expect to see something of the sort. Hell, I don't even mind one or maybe two Anon update articles. But when it's a the same old dead horse every day, that really gets in the way of what I love, and that's a problem. Follow me and be a leader, because if you don't that's a problem.


In all seriousness, it's your decision, but I implore you, stop giving these articles more hits. After all, Anonymous have given themselves that name for a reason.

For your enjoyment, a duckface.

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pr0digyZA2599d ago

Have to agree, there is a lot of repetitive articles, so much so that I sometimes wonder if my browser has refreshed at all. Nice article I liked your lingo and this made me lol
"I don't mind when people count every polygon and touch themselves"

And what a picture :P

unkn0wn2599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

The guy who reported my blog for bad spelling is extremely stupid. I'll refrain from using any curse words. But i mispelled the title on purpose.

Thanks for the input btw pr0digy.

dinkeldinkse2599d ago

That picture caused my eyes to burn. One of the most disturbing things I have ever seen. Now, I don't remember what I just read.