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E3 2011 EA Press Conference

Man I was so bored watching the EA Press Conference. Seriously I'm sure everyone else what screaming ZOMGs all over the place but not me. Here's my responses to each announcement.

- Mass Effect 3 release at March 6 2012. It's a Galactic War. I'm not a fan of Mass Effect myself but it still looks good.

- Need For Speed: The Run. Uses Autolog and implements it in the games story. You get to play outside of the car. I really don't care myself.

- Star Wars: The Old Republic. The MMO to topple World Of Warcraft? I'm not sure. Not gonna play it either.

- SSX has a new game. Don't care myself at all. Hate sports games. It has 3 modes Race it, Trick it and Survive it.

- Fifa 12. So... bored now... EA Sports football club social network kinds thing... falling asleep...

- Madden NFL 12. Jesus Christ another roster update that should have been DLC. Greedy, just greedy. Really getting sleepy... YAWN!

- The Sims Social. A Facebook Sims game? It was bound to happen. Can I kill Sims is all I want to know.

- Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning. Another bloody fantasy RPG. I miss JRPGs being on top more and more with each new Western RPG.

- Overstrike. I am so sold on this game.

- Battlefield 3... Modern Warfare 3... what's the difference? Really? They look and play the same. Don't like FPS games where I kill people very much if at all.

All that was interesting was Overstrike from Insomniac. Sure Mass Effect 3 looks good but it's not my type of game.

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iamnsuperman2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

I am not sure how anyone can compare BF3 and MW3. MW3 is console footage while BF3 is high end (so high end it is probably unaffordable to most) PC footage. Gameplay looks good for Battlefield 3 but it seems it is trying to hard to be real but failing at one key step. Its an arcade type shooter not a battle sim. A big overhall would be needed for it to be a battlefield sim (see ARMA)

ABizzel12661d ago

So far EA has been the best. Almost everything shown was top notch, and I'm really looking forward to Overstrike, Battlefield, and Mass Effect 3.

N4S was nice as well. EA has really changed for the better and come a long way.

iamnsuperman2661d ago

What let down EA was the sports part. More celebrities. BF3 looked food and nice to see Overstrike and ME3 but the sport section ruined it for me. My favourite so far has to be Ubisoft.

Kon2660d ago

What a bad blog. After calling MW3 and BF3 the same i think i'll never go back here.

ultimablackmage2660d ago

All modern warfare style games are the same, just different developers. Sure it's different locations but they're still military gun wanks. I am sick of them myself and being Australian I just can't get into them since Australia isn't so gungho militarised.

Besides if people can say all JRPGs are the same I can do the same for military shooters. I deserve the same courtesy. Also I didn't mean to offend with the statement, it's just they all look and play the same. Also yes I played MW2 and BF2 and they played the same on PS3 to me.