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The Future Dosen't Rest In Your Hands

Whether you were lucky enough to attend this year's E3, watched it from the comfort of your house or even just read the write ups about the show on the web, you were introduced to code name: Project Natal. It's a "controller-free gaming and entertainment experience" says Microsoft at their E3 press conference. After that statement, you'd think that the traditional video gaming controller that has literally evolved into our hands since Pong, is about to gain a one- way ticket to a museum! So, I don't know  about you, but I'm not completely ready to ditch my handy-dandy controller thats served me faithfully and leave it for dead! 

 Lets get this straight, i'm not anti-Natal or anything. In fact, i think the tech is amazing and i'm very eager to get my hands on it. I also believe that if Natal is a success, it will open the door to a wide array of new games and gamers alike. But, and there is a serious "but" to consider. That is, is it right for everyone, especially the hardcore gamers? Do you want all of your favorite games and game franchises to suddenly feature motion control? Ready to rip apart Drones in Gears of war 2 with your air chainsaw, or "leap into the air to jack a brute chopper" in Halo 3? Wow, just imagine playing Mirror's Edge! Honestly, not me.  

The point being, the gaming industry will now have us believe that motion control like Natal is the way forward, the future of gaming, if thats true, are we truly ready? Are we, as gamers ready for the changes and challenges that we will face into the next generation of gaming? So, are you on board with motion control like Natal, or do you feel that your trusty pal the controller is clearly still the best tool to handel the job? Whatever the case, you tell me, sound off.

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RockmanII73020d ago

I'm not a fan of what people think Natal will be, but I like what I think it will be. Reading the comment sections here on N4G, I feel like people think that Natal will completely remove controllers from the 360, but thats not how I feel. I think that Natal will not be as big as people think (Probably 1 in 10-15 games uses Natal). I also feel that Natal games will be more XBLA games rather than full-retail games.

Trevorthenerd3019d ago

ever play eyetoy? well yea thats what eyetoy is :)

Vinegar Whistle3015d ago

im with you on this, i suggest a compromise in a pending blog