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Adam Sessler " I pay for Xbox Live... you don't end you with the PSN debacle"

My excitement for E3 has me going back to visit some of the old podcast that I used to listen to for E3 predictions before I finally had enough BS from the people on them. G4 Feedback and IGN Beyond are the most notable but I refuse to go back to IGN so I checked out Feedback.

Now I am listing and the topic of COD Elite service comes up and as if the gods were trying to tell me to stay away, it happens again someone says something so off the wall stupid that I just want to turn it off and never come back.

What was said at about fourteen minutes was "I pay for Xbox Live and that's why you don't end you with the PSN debacle". I sat in my chair amazed at the level of stupidity of the comment a highly regarded figure in the gaming industry could make. See this is why I stopped listing to certain podcast in the first place. He has ZERO evidence to back his claim and no one calls him out on it.

The funny part is Adam catches himself after using "I" and then uses "you".

Sony made major mistake in security but it had nothing to do with money but more the simple bad coding of the system's security.

So how stupid is this comment you ask. Well G4 probably recorded that episode the same day the news broke that Michael Pachter Live account was hacked. Remember this headline Larry Hryb, Director of Programming for Microsoft's Xbox LIVE online gaming network, has had his Xbox LIVE profile hacked.

So what does this mean besides Adam is out of touch with how things actually work. It means that people can say anything they want and get away with it. Accountability is gone in the gaming industry and I am not sure it will return.

Just because you pay money for a service doesn't mean you get more or less security. Anything that is digital or electronic can be hacked not matter what measures are in place, ask you government they know. Google how many company get hacked and lose info in a weekly bases...GO ON I"LL WAIT.

You see companies get hacked all the time.
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What do you make of this and what do you think causes such mindless dribble.
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Listen to him yourself link below

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iamnsuperman2728d ago

I think he hopes that. The problem with the PSN hack was they had to get outside help. You hope if you pay for Live that these investigations are done quicker because you pay for it (dedicated teams). I agree with you. Everything is hackable. Just look at the Pentagon (regarded as the highest level of security) and one autistic person from the UK got in. If this does happen to live I anticipate a much larger backlash because you pay for it. You assume you get more security for what you pay for and I think this is what Sessler is on about. But what he actually said is wrong. The reason for the PSN hack has nothing to do with money and Live is still likely to be hacked.

Bear in mind that G4TV did an interview with Geohot and were pretty much putting him up on a peddle stool instead of drilling him which what good journalist would do

zootang2728d ago

extremely bad that sony got hacked but...

i think it is a bit foolish to assume that any other computer network is safer than sony (now that the breach is apparently fixed)..

recent hacking episodes (notice most of these events happened this year):


chinese hacking aus government (2011)

mark zuckenberg, head of facebook having his facebook account hacked this year (2011)

itunes hacked by rogue apps - be careful what app you install (2011)

amazon new cloud service easily hacked (2011)

french government hacked (2011)


android phones security risk (2011)

chinese hacking google networks. (In today's news 2011)

sophisticated hacking of lockheed martin (bypassing rsa securid codes).. if lockheed martin securid system isn't safe then pretty much every online system isn't safe.. (happened last weekend 2011)

microsoft servers hacked..

ibm developers website hacked (2011)

ebay hacked

and so forth...

jadenkorri2727d ago

everyone loves to shaft Sony no matter what and always shoves it in really good, all the while they shine Microsoft's to a shiny sparkle.

Active Reload2728d ago

I don't even know why it's news but you guys keep posting sh*t about it.

trounbyfire2728d ago

What do you mean? explain

Godmars2902728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

Because as much as people want to focus on how PSN's security was widely and generally breached to an extent hackers got information you can get from a phonebook, its ignored that on a daily basis XBL accounts are compromised right down to credit card numbers. That the act of paying for XBL does not automatically make it secure.

Don't get me wrong, Sony has taken a bothersome and worrisome amount of time fixing the issue and maybe even alerting people, but XBL is far from invulnerable. Its not likely its going to have as big a debacle, but its not perfect either.

Captain Tuttle2728d ago

I agree that there's no reason to believe that Live is more secure because it's a paid subscription but equating randomly hacked accounts on Live with the massive security failure of PSN is silly. There's just no comparison that a reasonable person could make.

Statix2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

@Captain Tuttle:

Wasn't Microsoft's Hotmail hacked into a couple weeks ago? I didn't see much news or hullabaloo about it, but I noticed that I was forced to change my Hotmail password recently. I would think having a ton of email accounts with all your private messages and information compromised should be a much bigger debacle than a little bit of personal information on your PS3 (bearing in mind that credit card info was never confirmed to have been compromised).

Redgehammer2728d ago

Well, until MS experiences an intrusion on the same scale, and magnitude, as the one that Sony, unfortunately, had to deal with; MS can keep breathing a sigh of relief that it was not the victim. Most of the accounts, on XBL, I have heard of being hacked invariably boiled down to a failure of someone not doing their job. I hope I do not have to experience my precious XBL being hacked, it sounded miserable, and I am glad it is back up for all of you PSN users.

KingME2728d ago

"hackers got information you can get from a phonebook, its ignored that on a daily basis XBL accounts are compromised right down to credit card numbers"

Loss of objectivity detected, reading terminated.

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NeverEnding19892728d ago

Of course Xbox Live is more secure. Being a huge source of revenue for Microsoft means they can put a lot of resources into Xbox Live. Even if Xbox Live was hacked, the issue would be dealt with extremely swiftly. Not because Microsoft wants people to be able to play online, but because that's how they make money.

And people need to stop comparing a network hack to an account hack. Yes, ANY service that requires people making a username and password can be hacked. Live, PSN, Amazon, Ebay, w/e. A network wide hack is a much larger problem and one that, thankfully, hasn't disabled Xbox Live (yet).

Captain Tuttle2728d ago

Personally I think Live is more secure because MS has more experience with security issues than anyone, not because of the fee. They're used to dealing with Windows being a relatively open platform and all of those backwards compatible legacy issues. Live is a closed, uniform system.

Statix2728d ago

Well, Steam is free. I guess I should avoid using that service from this point forward, seeing as how everyone thinks it's non-secure because it's not a pay service.

FredEffinChopin2728d ago

Just because you don't have to pay to use the PSN doesn't mean that PSN isn't a huge source of revenue for Sony. They may even be more reliant on that revenue just because of that fact that every user isn't guaranteed subscription revenue.

There is no reason to believe that "Of course Xbox Live is more secure." It just wasn't the target this time.

NeverEnding19892727d ago

Fred it looks like you missed a bunch of the points we've made, giv'r another read would ya?

FredEffinChopin2727d ago

Who is we? You tried to make one point, and it was based on flawed logic. If you want to debate a topic that's great, but don't just say "you don't get it" and walk away. It looks childish, and also makes you look like you don't really have anything to say, and are trying to get a parting shot in to save face. Your logic was:

If a company whose bread and butter is their online service, they would have a more secure network and handle difficulties better than one whose isn't reliant on online sales. I pointed out that Sony's bread and butter is game sales, of which online is a significant portion. They don't make money on consoles like the rest.

Did I miss something? Or was that really just you going for the last word?

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dinkeldinkse2728d ago

But Sessler and the rest of G4 has been irrelevent to me since 2008(except for Layla Kaleigh when she was still working there)because of the stupid shit that is said daily.

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