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How I think Sony should upgrade XMB and PSN

I love the XMB but many are complaining that it boring and just bare. I always ask if they want the 360 OS with "flashcards system" you know how it looks. Anyway theses are some things I think should be added or changed.

1.Upgrade the XMB sound

I think each category (the horizontal menus ie. setting, video)should make a sound as you scroll offer them that is not the usually click. When you press left to exit an item there should also be a different sound than the click. Triangle to bring up a menu should make a sound as well.

2. Upgrade PSN visually
I think that when ever you select a category it should highlight so if you go over music the entire music section should be highlighted. When you press triangle the menu should come rise up or come out from the side not just appear. Make the category bigger so they stick out.

3.Update PSN features
I am not one that wants X-game chat or party system but Sony did use those features in PS Home so they have it working already. Group chat and Groups should be Sony's X-game chat and party system. There are more features.

4. revamp the PSN store
I hate the current PS store lay out. just change it

5.Changed the in-game XMB
If we can't use the setting, video, or Internet category's we don't need them taking up ram slowing down the in-game XMB. I think the PS button should go straight to you message list or Friends list.

6.Make PSN feel more like a social network.
Make profiles more like actually profiles with more information, dress the profiles up.

Get rid of the current friends list and make the profiles the friends list. right now you get this little thing that shows name,trophies level, and game playing and it feels bare so get rid of them and use the actually profiles card.

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Raendom2729d ago

Great points, agree with them all. Especially the in-game XMB. Really, I only need Quit game and Friends. Don't even need that huge list of games I've got from PSN because you have to quit to re-launch them anyway.

Good blog.

trounbyfire2729d ago

yeah but thats there so you can jump from game to game without having to exit back to the regular XMB. I do agree that it would be great not to have that taking up space and memory.

maybe just the last three PSN games you played instead of all of them

outwar60102728d ago

i just want it to be fast in game so i can send people annoying messages lol

MrBeatdown2728d ago

I'd like to see a graphical overhaul. I like the way it works, but it's very bland.

I'd also like to have the option to hide/disable menu items during the game to speed up loading. I never start a game from within another game, and I'm sure loading up a 100 different game/demo icons doesn't help.

Something like this would be pretty sweet...

Kee2728d ago

Man, that'd be nice!!!!!!

--------2728d ago

I just pray that Sony are smart enough to look at and purchase/take inspiration from those amazing concept designs.

THAT is how the XMB should have been all along.

Kee2728d ago

I turned the sound off on the xmb, it was annoying me.

Parapraxis2728d ago

Yeah, I have no sounds on my PC.
Makes it a lot nicer when you are watching shows on the other screen haha.

Poopee2728d ago

Steamworks on Portal 2 has chat. All you do is press select. It appears instantly (unlike the PS3 chat). I'd like to see Sony use this and have a news tab so we can see the Playstation Blog updates easily.

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