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Fanboy meaning is up for debate.

I am seemingly the the only person that believes fanboy isn't a negative term. I said the media turned the word negative but we fan did as well by making it an insult. I am a proud Playstation fanboy and you might think I hate the 360 but I don't, I have zero problem with X box, PC, Apple, or any other fanboy. I simply don't care for the the other systems, check my comments I hardly go into 360 or Wii articles because they don't apply to me.

Now I typed in fanboy in Google and urban dictionary is the first site to pop up. I don't know if fanboy is in Webster if it is feel free to post the definition. So here is definition one and what I always thought it was. These are editing down.

1.A passionate fan of various elements of geek culture but who lets his passion override social graces.

3. An arrogant person who goes into an outburst every time something he likes is questioned. Fanboys usually acuse others of being fanboys. Fanboys caused a lot of fallouts between people when they started arguing about consoles. If you insult something that a fanboy likes, he will spam your computer up and try to insult something that you like

Now this is what I mean. The third one is a troll not a fanboy. This is what the media and us fans have turned this word into. I do blame the media way more though. I want to take this word back and bring it back to the first meaning. I know its urban dictionary but it's true.

HELP me take this word back. Come out and stop using the terms like "fan" or "pro" and say you are a fanboy. There is nothing wrong with it. I remember wanted to talk about the anime or manga and my friends would pretty much whisper to me becasue they were ashamed of it. WHY its normal and safe.

That is what the gaming world has turned into and I hate it. trollz are not fanboys trollz are trolls.

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PhoenixDevil2560d ago

well said, I have really only gotten serious about gaming this generation (when i could finally by my own console and games) and ever since i've been on this site fanboy has been used as a derogatory term, I considered myself as one of those fanboys, as in i have a favourite console, and then respects the other consoles but that seems to be an oxymoron to a lot of people so i separated myself from the term

Agree that this term should be taken back by the fanboys and that the trolls should be shamed as they seem to get away with what they do under the 'fanboy' title. Good post

theonlylolking2560d ago

Fanboy means(in the dictionary I used): A male fan, esp. one who is obsessive about movies, comic books, science fiction, etc...

The word fanboy is over used. I think people just dislike what someone thinks and calls them fanboy.

ZombieAssassin2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

Being a fanboy isn't really a bad thing, it's just when you get those Trollish/Fanboy hybrids things start to get messy. Choosing something or supporting a certian console is no different than choosing your favorite football team...yea sometimes you'll talk bad about the competition but most will still watch them play because they love the game.

I don't know if id consider myself a fanboy but I do prefer the Ps3 over the Wii/X360 it's just personal preference on a lot of things like controller/free online/blu-ray/1stPartyStudioG ames, not only that but the Ps brand has always seemed to offer more to ME personally. I've owned all the current gen consoles and have owned all the previous 2 gen consoles as well and I've gotten a lot of enjoyment out of all of them.

The one thing I hate most on this site is you have to always be pro MS or Sony, you can't ever call either one of them out even if it's the one you prefer because you'll be called a fanboy or troll by the fanatic fanboy troll hybrids who are so blind that they can't expect that not everything is perfect and sometimes to improve things you have to call them out.

Bathyj2559d ago

Sorry, maybe at one point Fanboy meant someone who stuck by what he loved, whatever that might be, and wasnt too interested about much else, but words change. They only reflect the meaning people put behind them.

Now Fanboy seems to mean obnoxious troll. Someone who constantly dictates whats good and what isnt, but doesnt or wont listen to other opinions or arguments.

I actually like a good argument, and I will readily admit when I'm wrong, but you have to convince me to do it, not abuse me.

A Fanboy, wont even contemplate that he might not be right. His word is law. Reason and logic are no match for emotion and denial.

And I blame the internet for the abusiveness. It seems to bring out the worst in people knowing they can get away with everything. They remind me of little dogs behind tall fences. Yap yap yap. Open the gate and watch them chill the f*(k out. Me, I've never said anything here I wouldnt be willing to say to someones face.

And the sad thing is, we're all gamers. I go to LAN parties which are all mainly PC gamers but everyone gets on well and theres never a problem. If we were all in the same room, we'd likely get along well, because we have gaming in common, and I love PS3, I love Xbox wouldnt come into it.

Goodluck taking back that word but I fear its gone. Too tarnished. Better to just try to be a fan, and not a fanboy.

Personaly I'm upset everyones overuse of the word "Epic" has rendered it meaningless. Epic is no longer epic. From now on, when something really is Uber Epic, I say UBIC.

But dont overuse it.
I dont know where to go after UBIC.

blackburn52559d ago

It is used way to much on this site if you ask me. If you like a game, your a fanboy. If you say something negative about one system you are automatically labelled a fanboy of the opposing console. If you argue against a score, your a fanboy. If you claim your system doesn't have the same problems everyone else is having with theirs your a liar and a fanboy. And it goes on and on. I mean what is wrong with being a fan of something? Do you think tennis fanboys, golf fanboys and football fanboys make blogs about how lame each others sports are and go to each others sites and tell each other that their sports are crap and to stop being a fanboy? No. If I have one gaming system and you have another, that is my and your preferance. Why must you go out of your way to try and convince me otherwise? What do you get if you prove my PS3 is not as great as I think it is? Money? Fame? Friends? Nope. Not a single thing.

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The story is too old to be commented.