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Yes I said "we" in reference Sony

I have caught a lot of heat for my use of the word we when referring to a producer and us the consumer. Now I wan to be clear I am not saying that I am apart of the company but rater we need each other. I am not going to give you a lesson in economics but they provide entertainment and we buy it. Thus "WE" as in the company and the consumer are dependent on each other. If one hurts the other feels it.

The analogy I use is on football and sports we say things like "my team". Why is it taboo to say it in another form of entertainment. I mean why do people act as if gaming is not another form of entertainment. It is just like music, movies,TV, sports and so on but in gaming you can't have a favorite because your a fanboys yet people pay hundreds of dollars and stand in the snow for a football team.

I am trying to change the culture and I am being fought the whole way. First I tried to take back the word fanboy from the media and bring it back to meaning you just really like some form of entertainment. Now fanboy means troll or something negative but it was turned in to that and I want it back the way it was.
I want people to treat gaming like any other form of entertainment but it seem some would rather keep this bubble over it. Do you hear people saying you need to like all 31 NFL teams if you like football, no you don't so why do we need own all console.

This is the thinking that I am trying to change and I know some are like minded but many more are not. Lets try to change.

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trounbyfire2833d ago

wow I need to spell check next time.

Captain Tuttle2831d ago

The media didn't ruin the word "fanboy". Fanboy's did.

LightofDarkness2831d ago

Buddy, fanboy has never in the history of fanboys been a positive label. Wherever you guys are getting this ridiculous notion from is beyond me. In the music world, fanboys have always been known as the creepily enthusiastic guys who follow a band around on tour, showing up at every concert with every piece of memorabilia that will stay attached to their bodies, arguing with other fanboys and immediately attacking the notion that any band or music is comparable. They can often be found trolling message boards, attempting to logically demonstrate to other members (often in some nonsensical point by point run-down) how this band is better than everyone else, and it is FACT. They are often depicted as lonely fat slobs who live at home in their mother's basement, their room being a shrine to their musical gods.

It is ALWAYS a bad thing to be utterly obsessed to the point of delusion.

kane_13712830d ago

somebody that understands what I feel!!!

trounbyfire2830d ago


if your for real thanks

kane_13712829d ago

i'm for real.
I am proud of being a Fanboy.
I understand where your feelings are coming from.

meeples9992830d ago

"I love Sony more than any other company, that said i think each company has it's own good and bad points."

That's Brand Loyalty right there if i'm not mistaken, but i guess many would call it fanboyism and that's a general term given to anyone who expresses an opinion on which console or whatever they prefer. Unfortunately that includes the type who believe their favourite console is better than the other.