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A Recap of E3, and Why I Think Sony Won.

E3 was decent this year, across the board. Not one of the big three had a fiasco of a presentation, and even though the jury's still out on whether a Nintendo Direct counts as a conference, it's really about the games. So, let's get down to why I think Sony won. This piece is more or less of a recap of my previous articles, but with some perspective. You can find them here:

Let's start with Microsoft. They showed games from most of their key franchises(only Gears was absent this year), and wowed us with Project Sparks and Sunset Overdrive. They even secured a few indie games. My problem with their presentation, however, is that most of their big stuff was leaked early, and most of it does nothing for me, as someone who isn't a fan of Microsoft's main IPs, and the remainder just isn't sufficient to convince me to want an Xbox One.

Now, Nintendo. They also fired off games from at least a few of their key franchises. A new Zelda is sure to move Wii Us, but I think it's a little late to be the game changer the company was looking for. Super Smash Bros. is unlikely to reach far outside of its existing niche, and it's coming to the 3DS too. Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire is great for 3DS owners, and will likely help the system further bury her console sister in sales. Yoshi's Island and Kirby fans have something to celebrate though, and a Captain Toad spinoff, and a Mario level editor are cool ideas.

Neither company had a bad presentation, and they were both solid on all counts. However, I just don't see the positions changing in the near future. That said, both companies at least proved why they should stick around, and that's good enough for me.

Now, Sony. Out of the three, much less of their hand was revealed prior to the event, and they also had more to show, in terms of original IPs. Uncharted 4 intrigues me, but based on the footage shown, I couldn't tell you if it's going to be any good or not. I can, however, say with confidence, that No Man's Sky looks great. Sony also talked about the right multiplats, and Arkham Knight is set to have extra content, exclusive to the PS4. In short, Sony won for me, by a landslide, regardless of what anyone says.

However, we have to remember, that the "winner" of E3 is a purely subjective notion. I once compared the event to a spectator sport, but it's not one with a clear, indisputable point system. Points are based on games, and what excites me, may not excite you, and vice versa. I maintain that all of the big three did good this year, and I look forward to next year.

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DonDon1443d ago

I'm a shameless Sony fanboy, but I gotta give it to Nintendo this year. Mario Maker, Splatoon, X, Smash Bros, etc etc were too much for me. I actually am starting to think that Wii U might be able to gain some momentum again if they play their cards right.

thorstein1442d ago

I honestly agree with you. I am pro Sony as well. I would say their presentation was at least on par with Sony's and I love how they took shots at the bloated "critic" that complains about everything by setting him on fire. Lulz.

Since their presentation was well done, I think that there will be a boost in Wii U sales this year. Granted, I won't be getting one for my kids until Christmas, I will be getting one. Zelda is the game I am looking forward too, but with Mario Kart, Starfox, and other games coming (especially the Mario Maker and Smash Bros. this looks to be the our third console (PS3 is still going strong.)

ABizzel11441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

I like all consoles, PC, and occasionally Mobile . There was no real winner this E3 IMO.

MS had a good show with great pacing, but no megatons.

Sony had mixed pacing, but had the most games and biggest announcements/surprises (although biggest announcement is a stretch)

Nintendo for once had a good show, but it was the shortest and they showed only a fraction of the games MS and Sony did (which allowed them focus specifically on each game).

How do you pick a winner from that? MS and their good show with great pacing, Sony with the most to show and the biggest announcements, or Nintendo with their good, short, and surprising show. The "winners" don't become obvious until you look at how things went on the show floor.

MS: Had pretty much what was shown in their conference plus their 25 indie games.

Sony: Announced the +40 games coming to Vita (many are Indie and coming to PS4). Had gameplay of Deep Down, Planetside 2, Everybody's gone to rapture, DriveClub, and Bloodborne. Had Morpheus open to the public and 2 new demos with it (many of which are saying it's better than Rift's 2nd dev kit). PlayStation TV was on the floor, and that's all I can remember off the top of my head of things that weren't demoed in the conference.

Nintendo: Nintendo announced a few more games like Devil's Third, Star Fox, Project Robot, Project Guard, Mario Party 10, and showed a list of 3ds games and Wii U eShop titles for the year.


The Robot Chicken fan was the saddest part of Nintendo's show, because he was exactly right, and saying everything Nintendo needs to do to really ramp the Wii U up by bring out more franchises from their stable and more genres than the overabundance of platformers already on the console. And they think it's funny to burn him for speaking the truth.

thorstein1441d ago

They weren't burning him for speaking the truth.

They were blasting a douche nozzle with fireballs.

We all know and have seen this d-nozzle before. Nothing is ever good enough for him. He is overweight and self important, but is nothing more than a non contributing zero.

A non contributing zero that complains about things he can't even fathom. I'm sick of their ilk ruining my hobby. All they do is complain, complain, complain... and when that doesn't garner enough attention, they flat out lie about something. These attention whores think themselves intelligent and knowledgeable... but make no mistake, there is a reason that fat ton of lard looked like Jim Sterling.

darthv721440d ago

Thorstein, you can buy MK8 and register it with club nintendo and still get the dl code for the free game even if you dont have the system.

If you were planning on waiting till would not be getting the free game with the purchase of MK8. Its best to get the game now even without the console.

Tross1442d ago

Yeah, I'm not denying that Nintendo did good this year. No Man's Sky is still my game of the show though. No one pulled any punches this year, so it was good all around. If you were to ask a bunch of different gamers directly, who they thought won, each of the big three are bound to come up at least once. They all justified their place in this industry. I will say that Nintendo did what they needed to do this year, and that was to come out swinging.

Software_Lover1442d ago

I can understand people have preferences. We're human. Each of us has our reasons as to why they feel a certain manufacturer 'won' E3. You don't like Microsoft's games, probably because they are on their platform. That is your choice. Some people don't like Sony games simply because they are on playstation. It's all subjective.

Having said that.......... No one won by a landslide. I'm sorry. All opinions included, that is just a fact. All 3 did something different and all 3 did well.

I will agree No Man's Sky looks intriguing and Nintendo is bringing in a lot of fun.

Tross1442d ago

I agree. It was pretty close this year, and now that I heard about the Ace Attorney Trilogy, and Fantasy Life, it's even closer, IMHO.

I don't like most MS exclusives, because from my standpoint, they're mostly either cookie cutter fps, sequels to franchises that were better before MS acquired them(Rare), sequels to franchises that are past their prime(Fable), or are just timed exclusives. There are a few select MS exclusives that intrigue me from time to time, Sunset Overdrive being one of them, but I have never invested in a system for one or two games. That said, I think they had a really great E3 this year. Last year's conference would have been better IMHO, if it wasn't overshadowed by that DRM nonsense, and other such problems.

DonDon1442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

I hope they show more Jrpgs this Tokyo Game Show. Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts 3, FF Type 0 HD, Bloodborne gameplay, Persona 5, SMT x Fire Emblem, Freedom Wars, New "Tales" game, Dragon Warrior Next (can't remember next number in series atm), etc are all indicative of a STRONG comeback for Japan and their staple of JRPG franchises. It's sad that just because MS dominated for the first few years of the last generation, that it caused Japanese developers to assume that Americans and Europeans were only interested in COD, Halo, Big Muscles, storyless plots. Time for the East to make its comeback.

Picnic1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

Nintendo finally learnt a lesson.

The Wii sold like hot cakes because of casual players.

The WiiU didn't sell like hot cakes because the casual player had moved elsewhere or were so non-gamer beforehand that they are happy to keep on playing their original Wii- if they play it- forever until it gets cobwebs.

The 'Nintendo is written through me like I'm stick of rock' frankly sometimes rather permanently infantile buyer will buy a Nintendo console regardless . So there's no point even relying on their excitement for Super Smash Bros and Starfox. They're partly to blame for why Nintendo have been so conservative sometimes.

What Nintendo has now done is to appeal to a long unspoken of kind of previous Nintendo fan. The type who look for subtle forms of gaming innovation (as opposed to control innovation) from Nintendo but who like kind of cutesy games. The type who might have loved Banjo Kazooie on the N64. But who like fresh IPS or entirely one-off games.

Toad's Treasure Trackers
Yoshi's Woolly World
Mario Maker
Zelda in an art style that isn't so childish that it isn't dated or uncool and yet isn't so 'grown up' that it would become generic.

It's a lovely line up. Bayonetta 2 for the hardcore Sega fan too.

0P-Tigrex1440d ago

Sony DID win. With the White PS4 destiny bundle, including access to the alpha, they've made it clear the PS4 is the lead platform for the game coming in September. announcing GTA5 for PS4(I'm well aware it's also on Xbox and PC), but mentioning you can take your 360 saves and transfer over?! brilliant. Sony had many more surprises than Microsoft to make their console more relevant. Hell, People still think Uncharted 4 is CGI. Playstation is that good. Xbox can't compete.

60FramesPerSecond1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

i gotta disagree. i think if somebody is a sony fan, they will think sony won. the exclusives sill appeal to them more. i enjoy both companies, but i like xbox excluisves more, so i thought they won. nobody won, its just a matter of opinion.