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Backlogs Part 1.

When you become a serious enough gamer, you're likely to encounter one big problem. You just don't have enough time to finish every game in your collection before the next wave of games hits. It may be because you just love collecting games, and your collection has gotten out of hand, or it could be that you have more responsibilities than you used to.

Of course, long games like rpgs, and collections, don't help at all in this respect. So, you begin to develop what, in gaming terms, is known as a backlog.

A backlog is the part of a collection that isn't played right away, or is only partially played, and set aside for a time. On its own, one game is not that intimidating, and there's no reason to believe it won't be played at one point.

However, as collections grow, so do backlogs. It can get to the point where climbing Mt. Everest sounds like a less daunting task than completing every game in your backlog. But, even though it would take forever just to complete the games you have, you can't miss out on the latest releases can you? Don't panic. You're among friends.

I for one, sympathize with your plight. Mine has been going since the tail end of the 6th gen, and about a year or two after the start of the last handheld gen. I still have ps2 games to get through. Yet, somehow, people still manage to amaze me with the magnitude of their backlogs. Mine is large enough, however, that I'm able to reassure those who are new to the backlog problem. Stay tuned for part 2, where I will list all the stages of backlogs.

In the meantime, what are your thoughts? Are you a part of the backlog club? Leave your comments below. Also, feel free to drop by my blog:

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longcat1519d ago

This blog is a bit on the short side but i'll give you the benefit of the doubt as its a first attempt.

There is a lot more you can say on this topic. Try to add a paragraph or two before it gets approved.

Tross1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

Yeah, I agree. It's a little shorter than what I've normally been posting. It looks like it already got approved. I will be submitting part 2 soon though, which has an average of two paragraphs for each backlog stage. I personally like the second part more, but I'll let you be the judge of that. Actually, you can check it out right now if you visit my blog @

@memots: I think you'll enjoy my second post too. It may or may not describe where you are at, backlog wise.

Since this post was pretty well received, I think I'll cue up today's post for approval. I was planning on submitting stuff a day later, so that my blog can always be the place to find the latest posts, but at least for tonight, I think I'll start the approval process sooner. Edit: It's up for approval now.

memots1519d ago

My backlog is absolutely ridiculous ... Seriously its depressing. Not sure how ill ever get around to play most of them .... :(

tanookisuit1518d ago

Me: "Some day I'll play such and such".

*months to years later*

Me: "Oh Yeah! I forgot I need to play such and such. Some day..."

*repeat ad finite*

Septic1519d ago

My backlog goes back to the PS One! I still haven't completed Vagrant Story p_p

caseh1519d ago

PSN+ is basically what ruined me. Before that, games would be dealt with in a timely manner then assigned to the collection.

It goes something like...

PS+: here's XCOM and Tomb Raider
Me: Thanks PS+, i'll give those a go as soon as they download.
PS+: here's Dead or Alive 5 and Bioshock: Infinity
Me: Hang on, I've only just started on XCOM and I have just bought Last of US so I want to play that
PS+: but you haven't played Sleeping Dogs or Demon's Souls yet...
Me: Wait, slow dow..
PS+: or Dragon's Dogma and Uncharted 3
Me: wtf...
Me: *faint*

memots1518d ago

lol ...

I am with you , i played about 30 minutes of Xcom ( pc ) , about 1 or 2 hours of Tomb raider ( pc ).

Still finishing Last of us , Bioshock Infinite ( pc ),

Demon soul i played a couple hours way back ( got the disc copy ) , Havent touch dragon dogma ( ps3 ) or Uncharted 3 ..

DefenderOfDoom21518d ago

Good timing for this article ! This is the best time to play your backlog games due to the fact that there is not too many big games coming out on all platforms!

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