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VGA 2010 (Video Game Awards 2010) - Resume

Trevor122 | 1814d ago
User blog

Hey guys! What's up? I am going to resume in this blog all the news and all the media related with the VGA 2010 (Video Game Awards 2010). So, first of all, when starts the VGA? It starts this 11th December, and what hour? 5PM. Remember the date and the hour!
At the moment, this is what we know and what we have seen:

Uncharted 3 Teaser! ->

Resistance 3 Teaser! ->

Batman: Arkham City Teaser! ->

Mortal Kombat 9 Teaser! ->

Thor Teaser! ->

***(You can see all this videos just clicking the link, I tried to embed all the videos but I can't, sorry guys!)***

That is all for now, I will be updating with any news.


BlmThug  +   1812d ago
I Want To See Saints Row 3

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