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3DS not doomed...Just has competition.

Its no secret that 3DS has had the best start but that does not mean it can't finish off great. Don't believe me? Why look at the PS3, but that's another topic. Articles flying left and right claiming Nintendo's downfall is near. No, no its not folks. Nintendo just saw its mistakes and decided it needs corrections.
Its not doomed. This holiday will be big for it, Mario, Starfox, Mario:And friends Game(Idk Sonic or somebody). Only thing is this time around there's a strong competitor. Yes Vita. The PS Vita is set to take the gaming industry by storm. Its going to have the games(oh the games...), features that will connect social networking and handheld gaming properly. Don't kid yourself folks, Nintendo has noticed this. Will all the announcements recently for Vita, its easy for people to say that "3DS is doomed! All hail Vita!" For the first time in years, Nintendo's handheld division has serious competition. Their rival's device has capabilities close to that of a console. Another topic brought up is the new circle pad for the 3DS. Lots of people claiming Nintendo is scared of Sony for this move. They're aren't scared, they just realized that with another circle pad, it will have better controls for games. Developers have been praising this for vita. I'm sure Capcom told Nintendo their experience with two sticks from Vita's development kit and saw the benefits from having two.

Now the games. Lets be honest here, Vita may just have the best Playstation launch just like Sony promised it would. You got Uncharted, U:MvC3, Ridge Racer(Don't you dare!), LBP, MGS HD & Rising, FFX etc.(BTW i know some aren't launch but you get my point) Sony has fixed their mistakes. They went back to making a developer friendly device, they're adding features gamers want. It's handheld heaven.

Like I said before, 3DS isn't going anywhere, its just has to actually fight its way to victory this time, no cheap shots *coughMayweathercough*. But I'm sure both devices can co-exist. If you ask me, I'd have to pass up a 3DS for Vita. Knowing i can share DLC between PS3 and it and all the games coming for them both is just a gamer's wet dream.

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