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E3 2011 Top 10: What I want to see/hear (Sony related)

This blog will be about things I want to see that are related to Sony (PS3/NGP)

1. Price cut. Down to 199$/199e. In some stores you can already find it at around 260 euro's but there hasn't been official price cut for two years now. It is time for a new price cut, a big one! Hundred dollars is a minimum when console is over 200 bucks. I know some fanboys will disagree and selfishly say that 50$ is enough. Of course they have it and think it is still worth 600$, but to motivate new consumers and those that are not interested in PS3 you have to give them good offer, and I think 199$ with incredible line up will do wonders for Sony. We might see return of PS2 numbers. I have PS3 just to make that clear, so I couldn't care less when it comes to me, but I want to see more people get this great console.

2. Slimmer model. This is a bit unrealistic, since they will probably announce it at Gamecom like last time. Price cut at E3, then 2 months to clear the channel, and then release new model. Smaller model means cheaper manufacturing cost, that combined with price cut would make sense.

3. NGP price 250$/e and release date. I know this is far fetched, for NGP to have same price as 3DS. But I hope that there is at least one model with that price. I just hope Sony sees poor performance of 3DS as indicator for how much gamers are ready to pay for a handheld console. Let's not forget that PSP became huge in Japan once it reached 150$.

4. Removing XMB. Ugly unfriendly and slow PSN xmb needs to go. I hope there is an update that makes it more like steam or XBL.

5.NEW first party IP's. This is always the most exciting to me when it comes to the games. We heard that a new IP from a French developer DONTNOD is going to be shown at E3. I want to see more, especially something from Japanese developers would be nice. Team Siren hasn't done anything in years. SCEJ has been passive.

6.Top 3 PS3 exclusive (2011):
1.Uncharted 3 - Need I say more? Uncharted 2 was one of the best games ever made in my opinion. Sequel to than, day 1.
2.Resistance 3 - I played first two games. I wouldn't call them AAA games, definitely not the second one, but I am interested in the universe, and I am glad they took 3 years for this one. It seems like it payed off. Is 3rd game AAA one? I want to believe that.
3.Sorcery - I need something for my MOVE, otherwise it will continue to collect dust. This game seems like the perfect game for the MOVE.Santa Monica is assisting on development. At least it will be solid, I hope.

7.Top 3 multiplatform titles I want to know more about (2011):
1.Batman Arkham city - First game took me by surprise. I had no desire or interest but by accident my brother borrowed it from his friend. I was blown away by how good it was. I can't wait to see more on this game.
2.Metal Gear Rising - after more then 3 years, new Metal Gear game with Raiden looking bad ass?! Sign me in.
3.Assassins Creed:Revelations - Never played first one, but loved second and the Brotherhood. One of the best IP's of this gen.

8.Acquiring of second party studios - It would be nice to hear Sony say that they finally acquire Sucker Punch, and maybe Quantic Dream.

9.Japanese developers making a come back - Japanese devs have been sucking big time this gen. There are still gems from Japan like the Demon Souls, but considering that they dominated console market for over a decade it is really painful to see them where they are now. Let's hope Kojima comes out on Sony stage and blows us away with some amazing announcement. You know old style 8 minute trailer!

10.Considering that it has been moved for 2012, I had to put it here. The Last Guardian! I really want to play this game, but it getting delayed is a let down. But it was probably for good reasons, it will pay off in the end, I am sure of it. I also want to see more on Bioshock Infinite, Devils Third and other games that are for 2012. Although I am mostly focused on 2011, as I pointed out above. There are just too many games for 2011, and I won't be able to play them all anyways.

What are your most anticipated games / news you want to see / hear at this years E3?

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theunleashed642536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

well there is rumor that heavenly sword 2 is to be revealed at e3 according to UK gaming magazine playgamer. hope it's true man i would love to see a sequel but i'm not giving my hopes up.

FredEffinChopin2536d ago

Same here, I'm afraid to get too optimistic... But dam, I really hope HS2 is in the works.

Iamback2536d ago

I didn't like combat in HS1. True I only played the demo but still.
If that description is correct, about HS2 being open world, etc. I am there day 1. It sounds like my kind of game. I think HS had interesting story, I did watch many videos of it, and even the ending. So story is there, the universe is there. If HS2 gets announced I will buy first game and play it.

Danielmccue2536d ago

I want to see timesplitters 4, GTA 5 and battlefront 3

FredEffinChopin2536d ago

The only one I strongly disagree with is removal of the XMB, I think it's a great interface. Maybe some tweaking, certainly better XMB performance from in-game, but removal? No way.

I'd like to watch Sony's press conference live on the PSN this year. That's my small hope for E3.

TOO PAWNED2536d ago

Since I don't have many bubbles I can't reply on every comment, but I will say this. I don't think XMB is worst thing ever, but it is one of the reasons why many guys I know and I am sure you know prefer XBOX over PS3. I like how steam looks. Why not make it something along those lines? Or at least give us a choice to choose between "new" one and current one. I know that is probably impossible task because it would be different software/ code. XMB seems slow and outdated to me. Even if they don't change it I will survive.

sdtarm2536d ago

do you really think xbox interface is better than PS3's? haha

the ps3 xmb is so simple, youll never get lost on it i wouldnt change just optimize it as

DigitalRaptor2536d ago

That's true. XMB is so much easier to navigate. Everything is where it needs to be. There's no bullshit.

Don't get me wrong, the Xbox dashboard is nice, and it looks MUCH slicker than XMB, but it's so much more cluttered. The graphics on each section take up more room than the text, so you have to take time to work out what each "blurb" is for.

The old Dashboard was so much better. Now it's all Avatar/kid-friendly. Style over substance, basically!

DelbertGrady2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

If you know anything about User Experience and Usability design you'd prefer the Xbox interface.

"The old Dashboard was so much better. Now it's all Avatar/kid-friendly." Press the guide button and up comes the old menu.

trounbyfire2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

Agree XMB is king
NXE a menu with a bunch more hidden menus and more menus. They turned the dashboard into a vertical XMB spo anyone that says they don't like th eXMb is a JOKE. Say you don't like the no flash card look but he say you don't like the XMB when Microsoft adopted it is BS of the highest

the NXE is flash with it flash card look thats all. XMB is super fast not in game, and everything is easy to access.

play a sony on NXE and you have to give an arm and a leg but XMB its a button press

that is why i like it XMB all day

colonel1792536d ago

I like number 4.
The XMB worked with the PSP and with TVs, but for the PS3 that has been getting more content, and you can actually have up to 50 games or more, and music, pictures, etc is really annoying that you have to scroll down.

They really should consider changing it, but not do something like the NGP, although obviously is really far fetched.

They also should change the PS Store. The layout sucks. They should do it like they do or something more streamlined.

CaptainSheep2536d ago

Agreed. I get lost in my collection of demos & betas sometimes... .___.

Vojkan2535d ago

Glad to hear that I am not the only one having issues with PSN xmb.

trounbyfire2533d ago

right well you have to scroll across on XB 360 so don't even go there

WitWolfy2536d ago

The XMB MUST GO, cant understand why the PSP version is so smooth but the PS3 version feels like a lagy ported version. Plus lets face it , its an outdated interface.

I love my PS3 just as much as the next ouk, but seriously when are gonna see something new? The Xbox has updated their Dash 3 times already since launch. Why cant Sony do the same???