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Ryu vs Scorpion in Street Fighter Vs Mortal Kombat 2

I just wanted to share great video about Street Fighter VS Mortal Kombat. This thing just forces a smile on your face. I hope you enjoy It.

The great fight between Ryu and Scorpion taken from Street fighter Vs Mortal Kombat 2. The story line is missing and you can watch the original flash animation at Newgrounds here. This is probably the best animated fighting sequence ever created with great choreography, music and amazing fight scenes. Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat fans would definitely love this.

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AseBoogie41324041d ago

yo that sh!t was hard as hell!!! who ever made that is TALENTED. made me wanna play some sega genesis..

icechai4007d ago

thanks for pointing me to one of the most awesome animation shorts I've seen in recent memory!!!