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What I'd like to see out of Fallout 4

thunderlove | 1082d ago
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As most may have already heard, word through the grapevine is that Fallout 4 is likely to be taking place in Boston. Boston MA, home of Fenway Park, JFK library, and Oh yeah... The Commonwealth. Which means only one thing children; tech. We're talking about more robobrains, plasma pistols, and gauss rifles than you can shake a chrome-plated stick at. And let's not forget our loveable cyborg friend Harkness from Rivet City, Lord knows there was alot of grey area in that quest and possibly only more cotroversy to come if there's more where he came from.
But listen to me drone on, you all already know this crap. What your probably wanting is some creative new ideas for the next generation of Fallout and possibly to voice your own. So with out delay here are a few ideas for ya.
1. Gun Mods; the new gun mod system was a fun little treat to toy around with but I'm not satified. Gun Modifications should be taken to a completely different level in the up comming game. I'm talking about skill and perk based modding along with a moding system that forces players to choose one or the other. IE: ligther stock for faster draw verses heavier stock for more stable aim, night vision verse higher opticle zoom (possibly both with higher levels), supresors and elongated barrels, extended clips or casing catchers. But that's not all toss in a limit to the number of mods and we're in buissness for a much more diverse and realistic gameplay.
2. Personalized charachter classes; why should all you Skyrim junkies get all the fun? I say move it on over bring the party to Fallout.
3. Bring back Perks new and improved; the perk sytem in FONV was made light by the fact that you got one every other level, scrap that Bethesda and take us back to the good ole days where we got something to look forewared to at every level up. Not only that we want choice based perks similar to the ones gained in FO3 when you self irradiate or when you kill the tree in the Oasis.
4. Armor: Weapons aren't the only thing you should mod, let's put active camo back on stealth suits. Maybe add a dash of predator heat vision on that combat helmet. Hell how about a drop sheild on that power armor this is the future damn it.
-Well children those are my ideas so far I'd like to get creative ideas from other so do your thing

Godmars290  +   1082d ago
Third person perspective so climbing abilities can be introduced.
caseh  +   1081d ago
FO3 had 3rd person if I remember correctly.
bwazy  +   1081d ago
As did New Vegas... What are you getting on about Godmars?
Godmars290  +   1081d ago
It had climbing? Environments you climbed? Figure third person would have to be default.
caseh  +   1081d ago
No climbing but it had 3rd person which wasn't the best to be honest. You could still have climbing in first person though i.e. Mirror's Edge.
thunderlove  +   1081d ago
It's definately an interesting proposal but I'm afraid it could take the 1st person shooter element out of the game, then again a climbing system could be implemented in 1st person I mean they roughly have one in COD
Godmars290  +   1081d ago
The point is to introduce a climbing mechanic to an open world game would likely cause issues in first-person, whereas in third you could still go into first for targeting. Have the option.

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