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MW3 Cheating Has Ruined the Game

Now I am not one to complain when I lose a match or get pwned fair and square be it against run and gun styles, team tactics, or campers. However, MW3 for the PS3 has many of the PC hacks. I have watched kill cams with dismay as players who were running across the map suddenly stop, turn and aim right at me, fire off one shot and kill me. I have even been on a team where the radar was obviously hacked so I could see the enemy (throughout) as if Advanced UAV was on. The hacks I noticed include:

Aimbot – Locks on to any enemy that enters your field of vision. It can be configured to lock on to a specific body part as well. It includes movement prediction and bullet patch correction, so you can shoot as soon as you see an enemy, and watch as the Aimbot does its work.

Instant Kill – Instantly kills an enemy that comes into contact with your bullets!

Automatic Knifing Hack – Never be taken by surprise. This hack
automatically attacks an enemy that strays too close to you.

Radar Hack – Adds a radar to your HUD, which shows the location of nearby enemies and friendly players. Also displays vehicles. Use it to enter the fray with all guns blazing or for a tactical assault.

Warning Hack – This hack notifies you if an enemy is targeting you, or has locked on to you. The enemy’s health, weapon and damage are also displayed, so you always have a fair chance of fighting back with the aimbot and insta-kill.

Is it the developers responsibility to protect its property and its users from hackers and cheaters when said hackers and cheaters prevent the game from functioning as advertised?

Valve has (VAC) Valve Anti Cheat System which will "will ban the user from playing on VAC-Secured servers in the future." I like this idea most of all, the cheaters have a piece of software that is unusable because they chose to cheat.

From Software punished early players of Dark Souls by creating Black Phantoms that were maxed out at every level and could crush the early "adopters" at a whim.

Rockstar has punished Max Payne 3 Multiplayer cheaters by forcing them all to use the same server. So, they allow these cheaters to use the cheats against one another. How ludicrous would that be? One user, here on N4G, postulated that the "highest k/d ratio would be 0.0. lol." And I thought, brilliant! '

Treyarch claims to have written some anti-cheating code for the upcoming Black Ops 2, "This method is secure, cannot be spoofed, and doesn’t rely on the cat and mouse game of identifying cheat signatures... The original Black Ops engine was not designed for this." I think this is great and it will apparently run side by side with the VAC system from Valve on the PC. Sounds like a good solution.

The interesting thing here is that COD: MW3 actually allows you to record your matches and make little clips of each. I have uploaded some funny ones but one has evidence of someone using a lag switch (still killed him, lulz). I would think this would be the best way to find cheaters and ultimately punish them. It doesn't appear to be happening since the latest patch, many of these people have continued unabated.

This, of course, ruins the game. There have been instances on Xbox wherein innocent gamers have faced the Banhammer mistakenly which would make the game unplayable for someone that is following the rules. So what is the solution?

Infinity Ward has recording built into the game. Reporting cheaters is quite easily accessible. Perhaps a MW3 Youtube page for clips of cheaters, which then could be viewed, reviewed and bans for those that are cheating. Implementing a Youtube upload shouldn't be difficult, but then IW would have to pay someone to look at cheating all day, every day.

Cheating ruins the game for everyone. What do people get out of cheating? Every achievement made has an asterisk next to it because they haven't earned it. Until IW comes up with a solution, this game is ruined.

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Kratoscar20082135d ago

The exact same thing that made MW 2 a shit ruined MW 3.

jadenkorri2134d ago

i play mw3 a lot, 14th prestige, lvl 65 approx, i don't think Ive come across anyone cheating. I get called a cheater alot and i just laugh at it, cause sometimes i do the same, but we got replays, althou i wish i could see fps view from them rather than just my character. but i don't think ive seen someone cheat yet. I stopped playing mw2 cause my profile got hacked, lost all titles and emblems and gun levels and all the headshots/kills reset too. I am level 10 80 prestige still but with everything gone, i stopped playing.

Tachyon_Nova2132d ago

Yeah agreed, I've put a long time into MW3 and since launch on PS3 I can't say I've ever seen someone hacking. Have been accused of aimbot, auto knife and some other things but guess what, its called skill, oh and some sloppy coding as well.

If you think that the kill-cam shows exactly what happened then you are an idiot, it doesn't counter lag properly at all which can make it look you only get 1 hit but in reality it was just that the kill-cam wasn't synced with the hit detection properly...

Anyway, I really think people are beating up the amount of hacking in MW3 something chronic, it may well be happening but the fact that I've never seen it makes me wonder how common it actually is.

Spydiggity2134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )

not just MW2...every cod is ruined by cheating. i read this same idiot article year after year. and yet, you people are still buying it. so who's fault is it? the developer? or the moron consumer who keeps shelling out 60 dollars for the same faulty product?

time for gamers to grow up as consumers.

jadenkorri2134d ago

because its a damn fun game to play... I like bf3 too, but even people who openly hate cod and have bf3, still seem to play mw3.

princejb1342132d ago

is not a hack, is this shitty game and the way it runs
for example when you say they shot you with one bullet, they were actually shooting you before you even got to see them, WHY? its lag, for example the host will have connection advantage so his frame will always be a few seconds ahead of yours causing him to see you before you can even see him

automatic knifing? nope the call of duty community call this panic knifing(the name says it all)

aimbot?nope some people are just better at aiming than others
i get blamed a lot for aimbot, some people think turning your aiming sensitivity all the way up makes you a better player, my sensitivity is at 3 cause its easier for me to shoot in compact locations without my gun going to far away from the enemy

radar hack? havent seen it yet

warning hack? never heard of it

BiggCMan2135d ago (Edited 2135d ago )

I don't even understand how people can play MW3. Regardless of the hacks, glitches, cheaters etc.. Even having the same engine and gameplay is not a huge issue (it's expected now). MW3 is a disgrace to gaming for 1 reason.

The amount of content that was taken from each and every previous title, shoved into this new game, and sold AS a new game. When MW2 came out, you heard a lot of people say, "oh it's just MW1.5" etc.. Well, yea I mean everyone knows it was just a new game, with added features and what not, but it was at least NEW stuff like the revamped kill streak system, a bunch of new weapons and levels that actually felt different from MW1.

I played MW3 multiplayer for all of 3 or 4 hours (spanned across a few days), and immediately took notice of how many weapons were from the previous games, how the levels were basically just redesigned messes of levels from MW2. Clusterf***s every match. The game is an abomination, STRICTLY for those reasons. They sunk to a new low with MW3 by having 85% or even 90% of content from the previous games, and what's left is just a VERY small amount of new guns and barely any new kill streaks.

HammadTheBeast2134d ago

Not fun. Addicting. Giving people awards and points after every match like 4 year olds makes them feel special. And never listen to the bullsh*t the devs say, about all the changes. Same old clusterf*ck every time.

Neko_Mega2135d ago

Sorry but this is pretty much most online games, COD isn't the only one but is mostly the biggest one.

I can stand playing COD if no one is cheating, how can I tell? Well if four people shooting at one person and they don't die....... I think its a hint they are cheating if, the or those people that use the hack to make you knife.

But in the same time the hacks can screw them over, anytime this person got close to people. They would knife, he end up trying to sneak up on me and fail because I was looking that way an I knife him. :) All thanks to his hack, after that he left the game.

caseh2135d ago (Edited 2135d ago )

Can you provide any evidence of these hacks on the consoles? Videos would be ideal.

The reason I ask is that all of this seems plausible on the PC, i've seen all sorts of shit on the PC with Counter Strike and Quake. It makes sense in these cases, it's on the PC and the game files can be modified if you have the technical ability.

But with the consoles, its NEVER the case. In the most extreme cases its lag-switching which is usually patched out shortly after it appears (MAG on ps3 is a good example of this).

The problem is that someone dies and immediately assumes the person who killed them is using an aimbot (again, something i've NEVER seen on the consoles) and starts squealing into their mic 'OMG <insertnamehere> is hacking, AIMBOT/WALLHACK/INSTAKILL/LAG- SWITCH etc' Past this point, anyone else who gets killed by this player follows suit and also squeals the same sh*t and before you know it everyone is convinced that player is a cheat. In the majority of cases, that person is just better than them.

Just my 2 cents worth, but without video evidence your argument (in relation to the console side of things)is null.

ian722135d ago (Edited 2135d ago )

I have been in many games on COD4, WAW and MW2, where the multi-player is hacked, on PS3. (WAW seems the worst for hackers). Not had a hacked MW3 game, but not played for 3 months or so, could be bad now for all I know.

When you watch the killcam you can see all the writing on the screen and see what hack they're using.

I really hate it when I get put in a hacked lobby, and leave as soon as I notice. It just spoils the game for everyone.

thorstein2135d ago

I thought of that and I included it in the post. I do have a video of someone using a lag switch, and I agree. But I know the difference between just getting pwned vs someone hacking. I usually just quit the game and find a new one. It is just that it is so prevalent (like my example of being on a team that had a constant Advanced UAV) now that it isn't any fun.

There just isn't anywhere to upload them to from my PS3 which would be ideal.

ZoyosJD2135d ago

Well, I've been playing COD for some time (on my PS3/ a friends 360). I've hit 2th prestige in MW2, 4th in BLOPS, and am 1/2 way in MW3. I have only seen 1 hacked game on PS3 and only twice on 360...I mean obviously hacked, back in MW2...everyone on my team died instantly after spawning, respawing was nearly instantly forced, the killcam showed the guy firing an endless clip into the ground.


I wish I had proof, but it does happen. But, I would have to say that this game is so poorly networked (lag), so unbalanced, and so glitchy that I don't really blame the average player for calling hacks.

@OP While I don't know how aimbot it implemented, I know how to set up the always on radar, super speed, extra (2x) health, faster regeneration, lag switch, set the map, etc. and it's just too easy, and I am really suprised hacking is not more rampant.

thorstein2135d ago

Here is a video which contains links to the .rar files that help you hack the game on PS3 and Xbox360:

caseh2134d ago Show
Fil1012134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )

In caseh's defence he has a very gd point, I play cod every week and have done since cod 3 and the only cod i've seen hacked is MW2 and you know how I handled that game simply go find another lobby, I love playin cod and aint gonna let some cheating little shit ruin my game time.

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TopDudeMan2135d ago

To be honest, the noob-friendly perks and deathstreaks ruined MW3. Why should you be rewarded for dying?

Tachyon_Nova2132d ago

Just get some skill and death-streaks wont affect you.

TopDudeMan2132d ago

No amount of skill can protect you from dead man's hand, martyrdom and final stand w/sniper. They will get you killed and ruin killstreaks.

Tachyon_Nova2132d ago

I agree they shouldn't be in the game by the way, just don't think they are that much of an issue. Almost never been killed by martyrdom and only a few times by dmh, the most annoying is definitely final stand.

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